Sep 22, 2009

Which Two Actresses Were Getting Touchy Feely in the Emmy Bathroom? [Blind Items]

We thought the action on the Emmy stage was juicy, but apparently two actresses had a meeting in the ladies room and two different stars paid for their dates. The award for the trashiest awards show goes to...

1. "Actress 1, an Emmy nominee/winner, is married to a man. We"ve never thought that the marriage was fake, or that Actress 1 was anything other than straight. That's why it was rather puzzling as to why she was in the bathroom at the awards show with her arms around Actress 2. Actress 2 was not nominated for anything at the Emmy's, is not married, and has dated some high-profile men. But there was something odd about Actress 1's behavior. It looked as if Actress 2 was upset about something, and Actress 1 was trying to comfort her. Actress 1 kept hugging Actress 2 and stroking her hair and rubbing her back and pulling her closer. Then she would whisper something in her ear, and kiss her on her cheek, her forehead… and her lips. It was a little too close for comfort. Who kisses their friend on the lips." [Blind Gossip]

2. "At least two of the celebrities on the red carpet at yesterday's Emmy Awards paid for their date. You would think that just being invited to the Awards would be payment enough, but nope, it turns out that both of these companions wanted more than just tickets. Contrary to what you might be thinking, there was one male and one female who did the hiring yesterday. This C list actress from one of those initial shows is actually quite attractive. Very attractive and if she needs a date somewhere in the future she should give me a call instead of having to pay for one of the crew from the show to go with her. Oh, he wasn't technically a pro, but she paid him $1000 and bought him a suit. I don't know if dinner or drinks were included." [CDaN]

3. "One person who was most definitely a pro was the woman that this A list television actor brought to the awards. You know I say he is A list, but he won't be for long. I would tell you why he won't be A list for long but then it would give away his identity. My favorite role of his was actually a fairly small role on a different television series." [CDaN]

4. "The two celebrity couples are fairly publicly known as friends. They've been snapped going out together before and been known to double up or hang out. We're told that the two couples are no longer such BFF's since one of the B list males made a VERY inappropriate drunken pass at the other female that is not his wife. Since the incident, which we can only describe as awkward, with a lot of grabby/grabby action going on, the couples refuse to see one another. Not Posh and Becks." [BuzzFoto]

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