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Indian Slumber [Pic Of The Day]

[ A New Yorker counts sheep in Sheep's Meadow in Central Park today during a rather warm fall afternoon. Image via Getty ] Published by Original source :

George W. Bush Presents, 'Get Confident, Stupid!' [Presidents]

Next Monday, George W. Bush will begin his career as a motivational speaker , because he is obviously a very motivational man who is quite good a public speaking. If you have $5 bucks and you are in Fort Worth next week , you may get the chance to INCREASE Your Productivity and Income at this once-in-a-lifetime Get Motivated! Seminar. In addition to the former President of the United States, who will be talking about 9/11, you will also hear from Rudy Giuliani, who will be talking about 9/11! And Terry Bradshaw, who will be talking about Super Bowl XIV. CBS's Brian Montopoli reached Tamara Lowe , a seminar organizer and professional motivational speaker, for comment: Lowe said the event is designed to "give the average American the opportunity to be able to experience the really amazing story of being face to face with the greatest leaders and achievers on the planet." She added that it allows attendees to "kind of get the download" on "how they

Unlike Crack, Which Is Totally Back! [Drugs]

Matt Harvey reminds hysterical trend story writers: Heroin has always been, and always shall be. Published by Original source :

The Press Is Gonna Have a Field Day [Open Caption]

[ Michelle Obama competes in Jack Rabbit Slim's hula contest during a photo op on the White House lawn today to show kids that it's cool to exercise. Image via Getty ] Published by Original source :

A World without the Internet [The Internet] has imagined a terrifying post-internet hellscape : Twitter via carrier pigeon, LOLcats on Broadway and the resurgence of porn shops. OK, so it's not all bad. Via Anna Jane Grossman . Published by Original source :

Melrose Place : The No Point of Return [Crystal Balls]

Jo Reynolds came back last night as a celebrity photographer and her ego was as big as Annie Liebovitz's debt. And the future isn't much brighter for her or any of the denizens of this famous zip code. Really, Jo's return was pretty lame. When are they going to start realizing this is the old folk's home, and that they should give them a good housewarming! Using the info from last night's episode and a glimpse into our Melrose Place Crystal Ball (patent pending) we were able to determine how all the story lines were going to pan out in the future. Jonah bones Kendra, the sharpened pencil face "development executive" who works at Paramount and grew up in the same town as him and loves his movie just the way it is. She wants to shield him from Hollywood and let him be a real artist, just like her ex-boyfriend Hippity Hipster who is the hippest director in all of hipland. Well, Kendra takes Jonah to a snazzy party where Hippity finds him and says, &