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The Million Twitter Matrix: Starring Oprah and Ashton Kutcher [Matrices]

Well in the midst of all the hubbub in Williamsburg another huge internet sensation, Twitter, took some major steps this week: Twitaholic Ashton Kutcher hit a million followers . And now, Oprah's on board . Matrix time! Last weekend's Morality Matrix was premised around the David Brook Philosophy 101 column about re-assessing moral value . This week we look at trendy micro-blogging platform, Twitter. Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher will serve as our polarizing avatars of highbrow and lowbrow. And we know within the democratized media-masses there's a thin line between the brilliance of sharing and the nausea of TMI-overshare. With those ground rules established we scatter-graphed some of this week's news to see what tweets and what twats. Matrix design expertise provided by: Jeff Meininger Published by Original source :

Fire and Gemstone [Image File]

[ Reverend Billy , an anti-shopping spiritual leader, performs or whatever in New York last night; image via Brennan Cavanaugh's Flickr ] Published by Original source :

Welcome to WTAN On the Weekend: Bathing the Grifter Story Like a Baby In the Sink [The Weekend]

By my cursory count the story of The Hipster Grifter , has generated over 250,000 page views, and well over 1000 comments. But, there's more! But I want to make this weekend spot a place of sanctuary from the normal rigorous cut-throat business that goes on, as it must, during the week. So we're digging into this story more, but with a sympathetic edge that ultimately, I hope, brings a smile to Kari's face (we know you're watching!). So coming up we have a panel that will feature Vice mag co-founder Gavin McInnes weighing in on the saga. Along with Doree (!!), and a book editor discussing the potential merits of a book deal. Also my video report from Williamsburg, where we met people who interacted with Kari! I'm behind schedule though, gotta run. Stay tuned!!! Published by Original source :
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yasir mehmood

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Spring Is Here! [Pic Of The Day]

[ The Coachella music and try-not-to-die-of-heat-stroke-in-the-middle-of-the-desert festival started today. Back in New York City, the weather is damn near perfect. Pic via Getty ] Published by Original source :

Kreepie Kats Klassik: "The BEST Thing About the New Yankee Stadium? Komplimentary Jeter Reech-Arounds During the 7th Inning Stretch!!" [Kreepie Kats]

Hey, it's an old-timey "still" Kreepy Kats for your Spring Friday enjoyment. Don't forget to pay your internet bill, kids. Or don't, whatever. Published by Original source :