Apr 18, 2009

The Million Twitter Matrix: Starring Oprah and Ashton Kutcher [Matrices]

Well in the midst of all the hubbub in Williamsburg another huge internet sensation, Twitter, took some major steps this week: Twitaholic Ashton Kutcher hit a million followers. And now, Oprah's on board. Matrix time!

Last weekend's Morality Matrix was premised around the David Brook Philosophy 101 column about re-assessing moral value. This week we look at trendy micro-blogging platform, Twitter. Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher will serve as our polarizing avatars of highbrow and lowbrow. And we know within the democratized media-masses there's a thin line between the brilliance of sharing and the nausea of TMI-overshare. With those ground rules established we scatter-graphed some of this week's news to see what tweets and what twats.

Matrix design expertise provided by: Jeff Meininger

Fire and Gemstone [Image File]

[Reverend Billy, an anti-shopping spiritual leader, performs or whatever in New York last night; image via Brennan Cavanaugh's Flickr]

Welcome to WTAN On the Weekend: Bathing the Grifter Story Like a Baby In the Sink [The Weekend]

By my cursory count the story of The Hipster Grifter, has generated over 250,000 page views, and well over 1000 comments. But, there's more!

But I want to make this weekend spot a place of sanctuary from the normal rigorous cut-throat business that goes on, as it must, during the week. So we're digging into this story more, but with a sympathetic edge that ultimately, I hope, brings a smile to Kari's face (we know you're watching!).

So coming up we have a panel that will feature Vice mag co-founder Gavin McInnes weighing in on the saga. Along with Doree(!!), and a book editor discussing the potential merits of a book deal. Also my video report from Williamsburg, where we met people who interacted with Kari!

I'm behind schedule though, gotta run. Stay tuned!!!



yasir mehmood

Apr 17, 2009

Spring Is Here! [Pic Of The Day]

[The Coachella music and try-not-to-die-of-heat-stroke-in-the-middle-of-the-desert festival started today. Back in New York City, the weather is damn near perfect. Pic via Getty]

Kreepie Kats Klassik: "The BEST Thing About the New Yankee Stadium? Komplimentary Jeter Reech-Arounds During the 7th Inning Stretch!!" [Kreepie Kats]

Hey, it's an old-timey "still" Kreepy Kats for your Spring Friday enjoyment. Don't forget to pay your internet bill, kids. Or don't, whatever.