Sep 23, 2009

ABC Presents Probably Fake Russian "Sex Tape" Of American Diplomat [Espionage]

So much honey trap news this week! A Russian "news website" with no known reporters that most believe is a front for the modern KGB (basically Russia's Politico) posted a curious "sex tape" involving a US diplomat.

This American diplomat, who is 34 and married, is shown in a hotel room, in his underpants, and then we cut to the what is probably the same room but suddenly it is quite dark and someone is having sex with some lady, maybe, who knows. Blackmail! Oh and before all this the guy is maybe on the phone talking to a lady about something in Russian.

Scandal-mongering ABC investigative reporter Brian "One Source" Ross would like you to watch this wonderful video. Seriously, it is pretty great. We don't know if the FSB added the wonderful musical accompaniment themselves or if it should be credited to Brian Ross/Jane Birkin.

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