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Year of the Meetup

Year of the Meetup    阅读原文» We hereby declare 2012 as the Year of the WordPress Meetup. You’ll want to get in on this action. meet・up \ mēt -p\ noun Ameeting,especiallyaregularmeetingofpeoplewhosharea particularinterestandhaveconnectedwitheachotherthrougha social-networkingWebsite: ameetupfornewmomsinthe neighborhood;ameetuptoplanthetrip; a meetup for WordPress users. 1 So what is a WordPress Meetup ? Basically, it’s people in a community getting together — meeting up — who share an interest in WordPress, whether they be bloggers, business users, developers, consultants, or any other category of person able to say, “I use WordPress in some way and I like it, and I want to meet other people who can say the same.” Meetups come in different shapes and sizes, but they all carry the benefit of connecting you with potential collaborators and friends, and helping you learn more about what you can do with WordPress. Here are some of the common types of WordPress meetups: Hang out and wor