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Shanghai police detected "Maou Media" and other yellow APP manufacturers to spread obscene items, arrested 24 people

According to the "Shanghai Yellow Tap" WeChat public number, recently, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Fengxian Branch detected a production case of production, trafficking and spreading obsceneous goods. After investigation, since January 2021, the criminal suspect Sun, Luo et al. Used the overseas chat software Telegram and Potato to contact the staff of the Huang APP "Ninth Video" "Maou Media" staff, determine the script, compensation,Sports, editing, lighting, plays, men and women actors, makeup artists and other prostitutes, more than 50 obscene video, sold to "91 video" "Maou Media" to profit more than 5 million yuan, total hits a total of more than 400Ten thousand times. In January of this year, Fengxian police organized a police force to rush to Guangdong, Sichuan and other provinces, three shooting teams who were involved in the Huang Huang APP, and arres