Sep 24, 2009

Hasselhoffs Race to Jump on Celeb Incest Bandwagon [Trends]

We're still one father-daughter pairing short of a media-certified trend, but as of this morning celebrity incest is tracking on the Hollywood horrors power rankings chart with a big up arrow.

Hours after McKenzie Phillips' revelations of her "consensual" sexual relationship with her father swept media by storm, singer/talent judge/tabloid coverboy David Hasselhoff, a man who can't stand to sit on the sidelines of history, threw his 17-year-old daughter into the car and headed straight over to West Hollywood's noted sex shop Coco de Meraccording a TMZ report. Too soon?

So media, start cutting your special segments today, go ahead and order up your special edition covers, alert Barbara Walters to keep her beeper close to her head while she sleeps so she canleap out of the bed and slide down the breaking story fire pole and into the studio at a moment's notice. There is a humongous publicity tsunami hanging in the balance, waiting to be set off by a scientific confirmation that Celebrity Incest is in fact a trend. And it is very hard to imagine that with all the venerable show biz families who buried the last vestiges of their shame eons ago, that there won't be just one of them willing to step up to the mat and claim their share of this negative PR goldmine.

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