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The Hipster Sensibility Matrix [Matrices]

The sensibility of all hipsters have two axes: 1. "irony" 2. "alternative". This weekend I got hipster-lit myspace-account broker Tao Lin to help me plot current events on The Hipster Matrix. Published by Original source :

[The Title Of Your Introduction Post Goes Here] [New Kid In School]

Hello there! I'm Foster, and I'll be your camp counselor for the weekend. I landed here via a long, strange linage representing Gawker of yore: one time Emily Gould banned me as a commenter on this very site. Sometime after, I started a blog parsing the exploits of Gawker mascot Andrew Krucoff , and his blog, Young Manhattanite . Krucoff soon adopted me as his son, and I started writing silly things for YM. Not long after that, former Gawker managing editor Chris Mohney - who got his gig with Gawker by starting the original Gawker-following blog, Gawkerist - hired me at BlackBook when I stopped bringing "daddy home the bacon" for AK. And after writing for founding Gawker editor Elizabeth Spiers at Flavorwire , onetime Gawker editor Alex Balk at Radar (3.0), and again for Balk and two-time Gawker editor Choire Sicha at The Awl , I'm here. Sometime between all that was some silly Vanity Fair article , a few entertainment industry gigs, and that one time I

Time to Dance [Pic Of The Day]

[ Clubs in Mexico City are returning to normal after they were emptied by the swine flu panic ; pic via AP . ] Published by Original source :

DABA Girls Find Exciting New Option for Romance [Craigslist]

We don't think this Craigslist ad from a supposed Goldman Sachs banker is real. For one thing, whoever heard of an employed investment banker? Still, his kink is a real kick! In case you were wondering, "ABR" is the love that dare not speak its name, because its mouth is too full of nipple. Published by Original source :

What Do Rich Kids Want to Do With Themselves, These Days? [Kids Today]

Vanity Fair asked that pressing question, and they all want to GIVE BACK and BE CREATIVE ARTISTS , even though artists are all leeches, obv. Basically every paragraph of this "story" in support of a slideshow has at least one sentence that makes you want to punch the world in the mouth. Whether it's expanding the family business or striking out independently, launching a career in the arts or plunging into philanthropy, the 38 heirs and heiresses to fabled names and consequential fortunes in this portfolio seem determined to make a contribution to society at large while carving out identities of their own. And Dasha Zhukova, who founded the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, in Moscow, and is editor in chief of Pop magazine. Why would the daughter of an oligarch who is dating an even bigger oligarch give up a life of leisure to work so hard? "I still have a life of leisure," she says. "I don't see it as sacrificing." She is at l

Gillibrand Wins the Schumer Primary [Politics]

This Kirsten Gillibrand lady, who became a Senator from New York because Paterson wanted upstate support? She is a wiley one. Chuck Schumer is terribly powerful, and he ran the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for two successful cycles. The DSCC decides where the money goes for Senate campaigns. If they don't think you're serious, you are on your own. So Gillibrand, the Conservative gun-lovin' new New York Senator, has spent all of her time in the Senate flattering the hell out of Schumer. And he is an easily-flattered man. Mr. Schumer has praised Ms. Gillibrand as a political "natural." But his intervention on her behalf appears to be driven by more than just admiration. Longtime advisers to Mr. Schumer said that he likes the fact that Ms. Gillibrand has been deferential to him and is open to his guidance, while Mrs. Clinton pursued her own path. So! This certainly sucks for the various Democrats who wanted to run against Kirsten in the pri