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Showing posts from December 13, 2009

Why, Thank You Ad Age [Self-referential]

Let's make a list of this decade's ten most important web sites: Got to have Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Youtube on there. Add in Wikipedia, Amazon, Hulu, the Drudge Report, Oh, and definitely Gawker. Yep, that seems about right . Published by Original source :

New York Snow Storms Throughout the Ages [Winter Wonderland]

Snow is coming! Snow is coming! In New York City, this is either the best or the worst thing that can happen. Let's reminisce on what the city looks like when it's buried in ice crystals. Public works uniforms were so much classier in 1896. [ Image via NY Public Library Digital Gallery ] We weren't sure if this Harper's Weekly print from 1899 was showing cops engaged in random acts of torture or some forgotten form of public service. Google says both: rubbing snow on your frozen ears is a horrible way to prevent frostbite. [ Image via NY Public Library Digital Gallery ] The sign offers free straw hats for sweltering weather. We're sure no one in 1905 took advantage of those on this day, when the snow was piled up on Broadway. [ Image via NY Public Library Digital Gallery ] Female workers at the 1939 World's Fair have some fun playing in the white stuff. [ Image via NY Public Library Digital Gallery ] A man takes a very New York approach to shelter wh

There Is No Job That Would Not Make a Great Reality Show [Death]

People liked Mad Men , so of course there will be an MTV reality show about getting hired at a Brooklyn digital ad agency . That show will then be featured on the meta-reality show, "America's Most Boring Career-Based Reality Shows." [ Adfreak ] Published by Original source :

Congressional Ethics Office Closes Dicks Investigation [Immature]

First we thought, "when did we get a job writing headlines for venerable old Roll Call ? " but then we were like "oh, there is a sorta sleazy congressman named Dicks. Norman Dicks." Anyways him and Murtha are (mostly) ethical! Published by Original source :

Interns Wanted to Help Keep Gawker Media Comments in Order [Announcements]

Kalia Hale-Stern, who oversees the Gawker Media comments, is looking for a few interns to assist her quiet but firm rule over the commentariat: Gawker Media seeks a few brave interns to work in comments and serve our beloved communities. The interns will work on behind-the-scenes administrative tasks and quality oversight. Applicants should have several days per week to devote to these duties. Strong communication skills, familiarity with Gawker Media blogs and commenting communities, and excellent decision-making abilities a must. New York City-based is preferred, but remote applicants will be considered. College internship credit available to those who qualify. Send email with bio, resume, commenter username and subject line 'Community Internship' to communityintern (at) gawker dot com. Published by Original source :