Sep 21, 2009

James Franco Still the Queerest Actor in Gay, Gay Hollywood [Queer Theory]

We have no clue what he does in his personal life, but James Franco's professional life just got even pinker, if you can imagine. Now he's taking a Queer Cinema class at NYU!

Franco is currently on the pineapple express to Homotown while studying writing at Columbia and taking some at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Word is that he enrolled in an undergrad queer film class, but missed his first session. Considering his penchant for napping during lectures that's not much of a surprise. If he manages to show up in future week's he'll be treated to learning about things like "'Bottom Values: Anal Economics in History of Black Neighborhoods' and 'When are Dirty Details and Scenes Compelling? Tucked in the Cuts of Interracial Anal Rape.'" Sounds just like a class from an all-boys Catholic high school!

Back in the day, actors wouldn't touch gay roles for fear of being labeled as gay or typecast in only homo parts. Franco's last project was playing a big ol' Mary in Milk and his next gig lets his limp wrists wiggle as gay poet Allen Ginsberg in Howl. And if his turn in gay indie film Blind Spot and as probably bi actor James Dean in the made-for-TV biopic weren't enough, he's even directed some hardcore man-on-man action. His last student film for Tisch was a dirty gay fantasia that featured a boy dreaming in graphic detail about the jocks on the basketball court.

With all this hardcore action, can his next big deal be signing a an exclusive contract with Colt Studios? Or maybe he'll cast future pornstar and gay icon Levi Johnston in his next film. That would be more priceless than a million Spider-Man sequels!

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