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ColorLabs WordPress Themes Giveaway : Winner Announced

ColorLabs WordPress Themes Giveaway : Winner Announced    阅读原文»     Our latest Tweet and Win Giveaway which we collaborated with ColorLabs that was held on last December has ended. It’s time to announce the lucky winners for this game. We, WPWebHost team would like to congratulate the lucky 3 winners and they are: @iAMZuperJei @tip4pc @herinxi   Congratulations to this 3 lucky winners again and you will receive our email shortly for further details. To those who did not manage to win this giveaway, stay tuned as there will be next giveaway in a few days time and also there will be more surprises from WPWebHost. Thanks to all who participated this contest.   Follow us on Twitter or Like our Facebook page for more surprises and also exclusive giveaways.     阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

Simple guidelines for WordPress 3.3 updates

Simple guidelines for WordPress 3.3 updates    阅读原文»   If you have not yet updated your blog to WordPress 3.3, try using the auto-updating feature first. But make sure you have performed a back-up of your blog. If time is limited, pay attention to backup these important elements: a.) root directory .htaccess b.) wp-config.php c.) wp-content directory d.) other important scripts in your blog (custom-made and not part of the WordPress core files). e.) WordPress database f.) robots.txt � if you are using this. g.) wp-includes/languages �if your blog uses a language file. The auto-updating feature in WordPress would safely bring your site to maintenance mode and update the core files to WordPress 3.3 quickly and easily. Case#1: Auto-updating Fails If auto-updating encounters an issue; then you can safely revert back to the previous version by following the procedures below: 1.) Login to your server root directory using FTP/SSH or your hosting control panel. 2.) Find the file n


Help Stop SOPA/PIPA    阅读原文» You are an agent of change. Has anyone ever told you that? Well, I just did, and I meant it. Normally we stay away from from politics here at the official WordPress project — having users from all over the globe that span the political spectrum is evidence that we are doing our job and democratizing publishing, and we don’t want to alienate any of our users no matter how much some of us may disagree with some of them personally. Today, I’m breaking our no-politics rule, because there’s something going on in U.S. politics right now that we need to make sure you know about and understand, because it affects us all. Using WordPress to blog, to publish, to communicate things online that once upon a time would have been relegated to an unread private journal (or simply remained unspoken, uncreated, unshared) makes you a part of one of the biggest changes in modern history: the democratization of publishing and the independent web. Every time you click Publis