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Retro Mac Theme

Retro Mac Theme    阅读原文» It’s impossible to overstate the influence of Steve Jobs on technologists, particularly his passion for beautiful, usable products. We work harder and have higher standards because of the bar set by Apple’s experiences, and I don’t know what WordPress would look like today if not for the inspiration he gave all of us. As the shock at his premature loss has given way to a celebration of his life it’s been amazing to read all of the personal anecdotes of those lucky enough to have known him . Yesterday one of the tributes I noticed was the website Boing Boing switched their theme to one reminiscent of the original Macintosh interface, one of the several times Jobs would make a ding in the universe through his work. It seemed fitting, and we wanted to make it available to all of you, so our theme team worked through the night and here it is: Dress up your blog with retro, chunky-grade pixellated graphics and evoke some serious computer nostalgia. This theme i

Oktoberfest with 50% off for Freedom Plan

Oktoberfest with 50% off for Freedom Plan    阅读原文»   It’s that crazy sales promotion again from WPWebHost and this time we are celebrating a global event which is the Oktoberfest . What is Oktoberfest? For those who doesn’t know what is Oktoberfest , it’s an annual beer festival held in Munich, Bavaria in Germany. The Oktoberfest is part of the Bavarian culture since the 19th century and today this event has spread across the globe and Oktoberfest has turned into a worldwide event and at times it is also claimed to be the world’s largest event where people all around the world cheers together and just share their joy together. So this October, I am not kidding and you are not drunk too as we are offering a 50% discount on our Freedom Plan in conjunction with one of the world’s longest fair. If you want a sip of this special promotion, sign up our Freedom Plan with this coupon code “OCTFEST2011″ . This promotion is valid from 4th October 2011 till 16th October 2011 only a - Contact needed

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