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How to find ideas to post new article in your blog

How to find ideas to post new article in your blog  阅读原文»



It is true that sometimes being a blogger may face situations where I would personally like to call it your brain juices got dried up as you have pretty much ran out of topic to blog and you are in crisis as your readers are anxiously waiting for your new posts but you are unable to give in.

That’s when you will probably come with excuses like I just posted last week although that post was more directly towards the newbies who stop themselves from making money but it’s still pretty much the same even though you consider yourself not a newbie.

The fact is that ideas are everywhere and I mean everywhere if you know where to find it and know how to leverage it. You may be surprised that sometimes these ideas are just right in front of you but you are not observant enough to convert these ideas and turn it into your blog post.

Today I will share some tips on where to get these ideas and most of it is part of your daily routine work.


1. Speak from your mind

Speak your mind

Do not be afraid to speak from your thoughts or your conscience because your readers would love to be connected with you and this is the simple fact. It may be slightly off from your niche but it will be great to speak out within yourself. The real definition of blog is to have a SAY or TWO in the industry. It’s all about taking risks at times.



2. Read


You will be able to compile related posts that you want to blog about if you read a lot. It can be from any source including books, newspapers, and even other people’s blog. As a matter of fact, by reading other people’s blog, you will be able to improve you own writing skills by seeing the flow of other blogger’s post. Of course I am not asking you to cut and paste other people’s material. Think of it as you are reading some sample essays as a preparation before you go for youressay exams.



3. Follow the news


Keep updated with the news will just give you the latest updates that is happening and this will definitely help you to generate ideas as well. The headlines of a news may help you in many way and if you are the first person to blog about the headline, just imagine if people around the world type that as keyword for example : “Hurricane Irene”, just imagine the amount of people that will stumble onto your blog and not forgetting all those unique visits.



4. Utilize the internet


There are so many helpful sites/tools to help you generate ideas. Tools like will help you list top 100 searches in the keyword you typed for example: WordPress and it will list top 100 searches within that niche. Other sites like enables you to view latest press releases of your search term and gives you the latest information in Technology, Design and Entertainment.



5. Look at your own stats


By using tools such as Google Analytics or AWStats, you can analyze what topic your readers/followers click the most. From there, you can actually have the idea to expand which topic they are fond of so that you can expand the corresponding topic or branch it out to sub-topics. That way, your readers will know even more detail about that topic and you will never run out of topic.



6. Teach


When you are able to teach your readers or provide some tutorials, they will ultimately have the faith and confidence in you. Besides that, if your teachings or tutorials are good, your readers might even recommend their friends to come to your blog for your tutorials so if you are good at something and you may provide tutorials, you may start one now.



7. Tweak your old post


It will be a waste if you don’t look back into your own old post and did not realize some of your old post has the potential to expand into some other sub-topics. This generally gives you the free idea instead of cracking your head to look for ideas so use it to your fullest advantage as it’s just right in front of you.



Some additional tips to the bloggers out there, all the ideas are actually around you. In fact every person is a walking idea. It comes and it goes and it’s always around us. You just have dig a little deeper and with all the essential tips that I just shared, I guess there’s no reason why you say No to your own blog. Before I virtually ink a full stop for this post, you may actually follow the first step that I mentioned and I urged you all to Speak Out From Your Mind.





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