Sep 22, 2009

Are All the Kids In Danger of Doing Nasty Mouth Tobacco? [Marketing]

America's biggest tobacco companies voluntarily stopped advertising cigarettes in magazines, because they care about you, the tobacco consumer. But hey, have you tried this new "Snus?" Try it, in your mouth! Check out the magazine ad for it!

They're advertising this "Snus" all over magazines, the NYT reports, because, hey: it's not a cigarette, it's a pouch filled with nasty tobacco that you put in your gums and you don't even have to spit, like a redneck! Does Big Tobacco have any more flavorful additions to our national tobacco consumption repertoire in the pipeline? They're happy you asked!

R. J. Reynolds is also now test-marketing "dissolvables," which include Camel Orbs, finely ground tobacco in the form of small mint pellets like Tic Tacs, and Camel Strips, which resemble Listerine breath-freshening strips and melt on the tongue.

Nasty tobacco mouth pouches and tobacco-flavored breath strips: taste the flavor. Of tobacco.

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