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Showing posts from February 14, 2010

Esquire Finally Finds Old Man Equivalent of High School Period Chat [Internal Memos]

Remember freshman year when the girls had to talk to the school nurse about menstruation? Well, Esquire Editor-in-Chief David Granger is doing that but for Hearst's male employees. It's called "Your Pump, Your Plumbing, and a Cocktail." Gross! It's a "Men's Wellness Panel Discussion" that is being advertised to all the swinging dicks that still have a job working in the magazine industry. And the design is black with big letters in white and bold. It says man. It says macho. It says "We're trying to keep our health care premiums down, you sick motherfuckers." If you show up, you get to hear from a cardiologist and a urologist. Finally, the two people who can answer your Viagra questions at the same time! Oh, and drinks will be served, because when you're sitting next to your boss listening about aging penises, you're going to need a cocktail. Seriously. Published by Original source :

John Birch Society Chats with Rachel Maddow at CPAC [What A World]

And what are the crazed antisemitic conspriacists of the John Birch Society up to at CPAC? Oh, just hanging out with Rachel Maddow , chatting about fluoridation of our water supply. No biggie. Click for video. Published by Original source :

Fun Things to See in DC [Tourism]

Need vacation ideas? Take the kids to DC. See the monuments, the Smithsonian, and then Ted Bundy 's serial killer VW Beetle of Doom in which multiple women's lifeless bodies were transported to their grisly fate. Then Ben's Chili Bowl. [ WP ] Published by Original source :

News Haiku (Beta) [News Haiku]

Oh, right: news haiku . Jim Behrle 's started you off. Now less talk, more poetry! And apologies for not getting yesterday's winner posted yesterday. The lucky victor is unclevanya and you can read his tribute to James Cameron after the jump. Published by Original source :

Goth Is Dead [The End]

Disney is marketing Alice in Wonderland to Goths with a soundtrack featuring The Cure and "an extensive line of clothing and accessories" at Hot Topic, including a "black shackle bracelet for $10." So much for that. [WSJ] Published by Original source :

Minor Saudi Royalty in Manservant Manslaughter Scandal [Foreign Affairs]

A Saudi prince is on trial in London for strangling his manservent. Published by Original source :