Jan 18, 2012

Crazy Promotion: Buy Elegant Themes and get FREE 1 Year WordPress Hosting by WPWebHost

Crazy Promotion: Buy Elegant Themes and get FREE 1 Year WordPress Hosting by WPWebHost  阅读原文»

ElegantThemes banner by WPWebHost


It’s the beginning of the year 2012 and we have decided to throw in all the goodies for all you WordPress enthusiast out there to kickstart your WordPress sites. Nothing can be more perfect than to have a good and reliable hosting provider and what’s more if you can have a great premium WordPress Themes from one of our esteemed partner Elegant Themes.

We have decided to give one of the craziest promotion where it’s a BUY 1 FREE 1 DEAL. All you have to do is to sign up Elegant Themes from WPWebHost and you will get a free 1 year shared hosting account which is our Freedom Plan worth $143.40 a year for FREE!!!


Here’s why you want to sign up our Elegant Themes:

  • You will get the cheapest Elegant Themes for $29.00 instead of normal price $39.00
  • New client/new signups will get FREE Shared Hosting (Freedom Plan) for 1 Year worth $143.40
    (Coupon codes will be given upon paying for the Elegant Themes)
  • Existing client who wish to enhance their sites with Elegant Themes will get a free extend of 3 months hosting deals (add-on to your current hosting package) *Applicable for shared hosting only. Eg: Rookie, Freedom, Buddy

This Crazy BUY 1 FREE 1 WordPress Hosting Promotion by WPWebHost is valid till 31st January 2012.

Get your Elegant Themes Now and also your FREE Shared Hosting (Freedom Plan) from WPWebHost by clicking here.

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Jan 17, 2012

Internet Blackout Day on January 18

Internet Blackout Day on January 18  阅读原文»

WordPress.org is officially joining the protest against Senate Bill 968: the Protect IP Act that is coming before the U.S. Senate next week. As I wrote in my post a week ago, if this bill is passed it will jeopardize internet freedom and shift the power of the independent web into the hands of corporations. We must stop it.

On January 18, 2012 many sites around the web — from small personal blogs tointernet institutions like Mozilla, Wikipedia, reddit, and I Can Has Cheezburger?– will be going dark in protest and to drive their visitors to sites like americancensorship.org to take action and help fight the passage of the Protect IP Act. So will WordPress.org.

If you want to join the protest by blacking out your WordPress site or applying a ribbon, there is now a variety of blackout plugins in the WordPress.org plugins directory. While joining the protest in this manner is laudable, please don’t forget to also make those phone calls to U.S. Senators — they’re the ones with the voting power.


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