Sep 24, 2009

Do "Goring Wounds" a Gay Icon Make? [The Gays]

It's a rare and beautiful thing when the world of sports and the world of gays converge. But when it does, it's often confusing, which brings us to Spanish matador Matado Joselito.

Like many athletes these days, Joselito's in the business of endorsing crappy products people probably don't need. In this case it's an energy drink called Gay Up.

Of course people who can't understand why Ortega, who plays in the manly, testosterone-laden realm of bullfighting, would want to shill for such a homosexual product. But he sees no disconnect. He's been pierced by horns, too:

I am a bullfighter. That is not going to change. I am going to go out into the ring as I have done until now, to risk my life, and the seven goring wounds on my body prove that... If the gay community welcomes me as an image or a symbol, that is fine.

Um, quite. But we're still trying to figure out what's so special about this energy drink, anyway. Gay Up. Is it like "power up?" Does that boosts one's gay index level? If so, how does it work? Can it turn straight people gay? If so, how long does it last? This whole thing is very confusing.

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