Mar 28, 2014

The iPhone security guidelines

Abstract: the iPhone security strategy is to enable "find my iPhone" function in advance, best to set a password lock screen (Settings - general - password lock). Loss after the iPhone, login iColud immediately, in the "find my iPhone" enable "lost model", and then set a unlock password, and a piece of information, please leave your contact number, remote lock the phone, in this way, the thief in addition to dialing setting number, the other can't do anything, into DFU flash also need to enter the Apple ID activation.
IPhone is a higher price on the market a mobile phone, so it become the first target of a lot of the thief's eyes, then the iPhone after lost or stolen, what should I do? As iPhone users, we should pay attention to in our daily life to prevent mobile phone stolen at the same time, also want to learn some skills to get the iPhone, or after the iPhone lost to prevent leakage of personal information.
More and more application of the intelligent mobile phone, there are a lot of and the relevant financial and business critical applications, for example alipay, online banking, dynamic token, E-mail, etc., once the iPhone was stolen, the user of the net silver, E-mail and pay treasure will face a huge risk, such as the user is likely to be so lost more property, therefore, even if they can't find phone, minimum should be also prevent others to view the contents of the cell phone.
The most basic method of retrieving lost iPhone, in fact, apple has given, apple launched the "find my iPhone" function is specifically for the iPhone was stolen, this app is very practical, can the satellite location on the map the location of the iPhone, you can also send messages, remote remote locking or remote erasing the iPhone inside information, and will also be able to send the voice to iPhone, even if can't find back the missing iPhone, also can remove the privacy information in the iPhone, minimize losses.
"Find my iPhone," the use of specific methods, in the "privacy Settings - - location-based services", open the location services, then select the last "find my iPhone", open it. In the "set - up to" open "find my iPhone".
Set up is completed, if the user's mobile phone is lost, can use the computer or on another website of ripped open the "find my iPhone" on a mobile device application, click on the "find my iPhone", then you will find the iPhone location, and to display the location on the map, because the Chinese map policy issues, there is no offset only satellite maps, then click on "lost model", if your phone had not set password lock screen, click on the lost mode, it will prompt you to set the password, after input for a contact phone number, then enter the information send the missing iPhone, then click finish.
At that time, the lost iPhone will be locked, and show the owner set of information, in addition to dialing setting number, the other can't do anything, have to enter the Apple account, password lock screen to unlock. If others into DFU flash, reinstall the system, install after restart the iPhone, the equipment must be connected to the Apple server for activation, if flash before your iPhone to enable the function of "find my iPhone", Apple server requirements must be used before the Apple ID to activate the device, use the account can only be activated the device for the first time Apple ID account, other account can't use.
In this way, the thief not use, want to sell mobile phone, cannot use others, even if the thief teardown sell parts, main board is locked also won't someone to, is equivalent to the iPhone into a brick.
In the low version of the iOS, however, the thief as long as the "lost mode" shut down before the commissioning of the owner "find my iPhone" function, and then enable the flight mode, you can gain control of the iPhone, the owner in the "find my iPhone" will find that the equipment has been offline. Thus, in the latest version of the iOS system (iOS version 7.0.6 above), Apple upgrade to strengthen the function of "find my iPhone", the user closes the "find my iPhone" function must enter the Apple ID password, if you don't know your Apple ID password, will not be able to cancel the "find my iPhone" function, so even through flash cannot gain control of the iPhone.
Way, off the iPhone's own security policies, in fact, the most should consider setting up a shutdown password options, after opening requires a password to shutdown, ordinary people use iPhone can a few months to turn it off, usually only the thief would need to be immediately shut down, if there is no shutdown password, the thief didn't have the tools it is difficult to remove the iPhone's battery and SIM card, so will be in a long time can't turn it off, at that time, the owner can leisurely to quickly locate by "find my iPhone" mobile phones and enable "lost mode" lock.
The iPhone didn't, of course, this function, so, for the low version of the iPhone, set a password lock screen is necessary, though may cause some inconvenience to use it, for the iPhone 5 s, cell phone can be unlocked by fingerprint lock screen password, so it is more convenient, if the user set up after the thief couldn't open the cellular phone set, if possible, try to upgrade the iOS version 7.0.6 +.

Mar 26, 2014

Kobe Bryant: 35 confusion

Until the age of 35, kobe Bryant to real life problems.
In his 34 years and eight months, he seems to be in serious trouble: it was on April 12, 2013, the Los Angeles lakers VS golden state warriors with three minutes left, kobe Bryant took the body leaning against the opposite Barnes, break through the limits before, Michael left leg, right pedal. Movement range is big, he clearly wants to have a cleaner. Before then, left foot landing, his right foot is soft, then fell down.
No collision, limped off where is no. That way, more like his right foot to the limit, to keep the balance and fell down, left the soles of your feet to the ground, to be pulled to, so his Achilles tendon.
After that, a whole week, the world in doubt whether his great career to this end, he in the face of adverse factors as follows:
He's 35 years old, called the 17th season. In many theories, experts believe that the professional basketball player will hit forty thousand minutes, while Bryant has played fifty-three thousand minutes.
Unusual Achilles tendon recovery will take six to nine months, and, from 1998 to 2011, 18 players an Achilles tendon rupture, only eight after return, also continues to play the full a year in the NBA.
Dominique Wilkins, and Elton brand, after Achilles tendon rupture, for more than ten months.
The most important of all, in the last 15 years, the NBA players of all eighteen Achilles tendon rupture completely, did not have now a kobe Bryant - 35 - so big age.
While Bryant, active as usual. After the injury, he immediately on the personal home page talked:
"One day, the beginning of a new career will be present, but that's not today."
"' if you saw me and the bear rally, pray for the bear." I like this sentence. That is' spirit of mamba, we don't retreat, we don't retreat, we don't run away. We insist on, then conquer."
Injury after three and a half months, kobe has gloat, show their own efforts, he has to walk, to practice power. Encouraged, he shouted: take part in the training camp before the start of the season, regular season will start soon!
- but in the end, he is still waiting for a month, and then on December 9, on this day, his comeback: at the staples center in Los Angeles home, in this one night of the Los Angeles lakers VS the Toronto raptors.
Although played six games, after he was injured again, again want to rest for six weeks, but the injury, is not is heavier than the previous Achilles tendon rupture. You can believe in, to his tough, he was able to recover.
He is not in his own trouble,.
On December 9, before his return, the 2013-14 season the lakers 10-9: considering the Nash, kobe Bryant is his rehabilitation, gasol poor condition, this record is really good. But Bryant back later, what has changed?
On December 9, return to night, Bryant all five of his 28 minutes 2 for 9 nine points and eight rebounds and four assists 8 mistakes 2 steals. This evening, the defensive end, Bryant mobile actively and carefully; The opening soon in the right corner of oppression each other, causing a steals. He watch the ball, therefore missed at least two novak's bottom line without the ball, commonly known as harden type leakage, but better late than never, flapping out covering. Because attention to reinforcing side + mobile actively, so also caught pile backcourt rebound. The whole person too laboring to move, but the defensive end in addition to the two attempted to build an offensive foul and missed a three points, generally get by.
After a few games, his defense is roughly: very positive, very confident, as if know move fast enough, unable to put pressure on its own, so in the mobile terminal is very positive.
But on the offensive end, but he felt in step by step. Opening the ball, he in the left bottom line, transfer a jump ball, penetrate the defense and direct the basket, thackeray layup: this is the foundation of his offensive: organic would want the ball, not to create opportunity to also want to pass.
Since then, kobe Bryant and pau gasol around a few tries to cover cut out after passing the pick-and-roll artform. He has been trying to feed the ball to pau gasol; Really start to try to score, it is a diagonal cut out, catch hook shots - air balls.
He has been playing very tolerance very restrained. Had an opportunity to fast-break layups, to Blake, give with Wesley - Johnson dunk after; Couple singled out a fields, the breakthrough success, but the ball to pau gasol. Tried many times a wide range of transfer, there is success, there are errors, finally in the second quarter, one on the left side of the breakthrough. In a usual he should be stopped in the area, stop; Shooting feints, twice, was finally, through rapid left bank shots - after he put into the ball, the narrator rang: "kobe made his long-awaited comeback this is!"
After a few rounds, right back to the ball, stepping into the basket. First left breakthrough false action, then test step right, and then the strong pull of the sign jumper - full of joy, as he entered the finals victory over.
This is all his mobile warfare score. Also made a number of free throws in the second half, there are several turnovers. He shot two of eight nine points and eight rebounds and four assists eight turnovers.
The most important thing is: the lakers lost to the raptors. The raptors last win in Los Angeles? On December 28, 2001.
Because just back, Bryant's moving a bit slower, shooting jump is lack of power. That's subtle, this one night Bryant, from all aspects and different past Bryant. His defense is very careful, very positive; The offensive end, careful, was hesitant. He has been thinking about passing, is combined with the teams hope, but because this team has much transformed, so every time the ball, he is looking for pau gasol and roll - it was the one who is his only familiar.
Return to the first world war ii, on December 10, the lakers' home loss to the sun, Bryant 29 minutes 8 in 6 of 11 shots 20 points, three assists rebounds 2 turnovers.
That night, Bryant is not outside playing pick-and-roll. Before the game he said he would get 20 points, no sooner said than done: he moved into the inside, began to swing back body singles idiomatic after 2009. His mobile better explosive force also play in the recovery, incredibly still breakthrough to dunk a bottom line.
Compared to the first game, Bryant entered another pattern. If the first kobe Bryant ever cautious, and constantly trying to organize, that a kobe Bryant's can be called "2009 years later, Bryant:" little basket dribbles, a lot of back to a, stepping surface defect, + cic with concise test step to solve the problem. Efficient scoring model.
On December 13, return the third war, the lakers lost to the thunder road games, kobe 6 throw in 2 to 4 points in 23 minutes, send out 13 assists, 2 steals, 7 turnovers. Farmar and Blake are missing, so kobe Bryant as a point guard, as a result, he entered the kidd mode: didn't find scoring opportunities, blindly pass, three 13 assists.
The game is his the years, the most rare a, even demons against the raptors: is not the way in all his injuries or other reasons to leave game, shooting less than 6 times, it was the last century; 13 assists from his career-high single-game 15 assists to creep, and in fact, 15 assists the night he was 11 years ago, against the wizards when Jordan, took 43 minutes to play. More rare than data is his performance: he passes to share, as selfless as Jason kidd and rubio. Three games since his comeback, he changed three different mentality.
On December 14, the lakers beat the bobcats, Bryant 8 of 32 minutes 15 three points 3 of 5 2 of 3 21 points, seven rebounds 8 assists 7 turnovers - since this was his comeback, win for the first time.
Before the game, kobe Bryant as the mode of three games, all switch again.
The opening, as usual, he and gasol errenzhuan: getting the chance to shoot into the cic, cut inside also assists the gasol's pick-and-roll. In the second quarter, he still tireless search for gasol, middle also take care of the Wesley - Johnson; Wonderful in his in addition to play with gasol errenzhuan, can also be integrated into other teammates passing lanes, for example, he ran with Johnson has several beautiful fit.
The third quarter, Bryant again into passing, hence the bobcats also understand it. Henderson and Taylor to predict accurately, continuous breaking Bryant's passing, and Bryant and gasol not play a cut inside, to play and roll cut, you also don't often get inside to back a heads-up. The last half of the fourth quarter, Bryant saved game: although lack of ShaQi, but he's a cic, assists young 3-pointers, a layup and a fake action made free throws after successful, solved the game - especially the right driving layup and the two free throws, is a battle to secure for the lakers.
Four games, Bryant in four different forms: first, rusting, and tried to pass the ball to a teammate, but often hesitate, just like an old driver just drive a new car in a new city, the traffic rules, car condition is not sure, just trample accelerator and brake immediately, stop-go, glance left and right.
Second, he entered the back body I mode, all are in moderate speed.
Third, he played point guard, so uncharacteristically, crazy passing, opportunity, no chance manufacturing will pass, as the driver started racing, regardless of the appearance of the traffic lights.
In game 4, as well as the eagle after games 5 and 6 against Memphis, his basic is routine before packaging: trying to organize, try to move the ball, often into the waist position back body singles. In the sixth game against Memphis 18 shots 9 21 points 5 rebounds, 4 assists, he is injured again.
His problem is simple: kobe Bryant, a bit hesitant.
He is the black mamba, never sharp biting, even a bit arbitrary, from technology to momentum and to overwhelm the opponent; Even in the face of the pressure of the shark, the world, still palpable, I never hesitated. But over the past four games, until the fourth field at the end of that a moment, we just saw the "I really know how I play, and never add hesitation" black mamba. Many years ago, coach phil Jackson said Bryant fully know, how to play the so-called "right basketball", but he is not always as it goes, and will always just stubbornly, turned the game into his paranoia aggressive stage. Can say, this a few, kobe Bryant is a bit too rational. Of course you can explain this:
He played hesitate, be afraid of making mistakes, trying to beat selflessness, perhaps just because: he was uncertain about her body. And up to 100% before your confirmation, he did not confirm whether his usual style of existing the lakers.
But as mentioned: he is not the problem.
In the absence of kobe Bryant, the lakers' winning percentage is 50%; Kobe Bryant back six wars, the lakers only 2-4. Of course, you can say, this is because kobe just back, still looking for feeling; Bryant did for the team, to sacrifice some of their habits.
Question is: the lakers now, not his sacrifice oneself, can solve.
Kobe Bryant on the lakers team, the most familiar and only pau gasol, but gasol in the lakers' time, will not be too long.
Bryant has renewed two nearly 50 million years of the contract, and in his career, obviously can't accept the lakers long reconstruction, but the fact is that with the lakers, at the moment the whistle centaur is unable to be favourites.
Kobe Bryant can try to adapt to, and in his art, must be able to adapt to the lakers' system - but you have to admit, the team, not set up to play his specialty.
And in order not to annoy kobe Bryant, the lakers also absolutely can't bad reconstruction, they must maintain, as by meeks, Wesley - Johnson, Nick Yang, thackeray these players, trying to form a team to win the championship.
For a long time, the fate of the kobe Bryant, actually has not completely dominated by itself. The 2005-07 season, the peak age of his personal ability, but because the side around the smush parker and kwame brown, so can only be wandering in the first round; 2007-10 season he kill into the finals and win the champion for three consecutive years, not because of his personal, but because he had a good teammate. The current situation is that:
He is still the league skills the most pure and most stubborn personality players, but the time was long in his career, has caught up with the lakers as the background of the setting sun. Kobe Bryant can rely on our own efforts, overcome injuries and age, but form a good team, need to sign up, trading and draft, this is not he can control. Though his personal ability can reply, but has been difficult to alone and carried the lakers to the zenith.
"I like this sentence. That is" mamba spirit ", we don't retreat, we don't retreat, we don't run away. We insist on, then conquer."
In April 2013 when he injured the words, sounds, now still heroism dry cloud; We never doubt that he can insist on and conquer the injuries, but there are many things, is, indeed, even the most stubborn warriors, will be scratching his head.

Mar 23, 2014

Into the mysterious Google X laboratory

In recent years, Google Google X laboratory by the outside world for a series of avant-garde technology projects. So Google this laboratory is stem what of? It is all in r&d which projects? Technology site Pocket - lint recently on Google X laboratory in detail:
Google last week announced that they are developing a smart contact lenses, can test a person with diabetes tears of blood sugar levels. And this is just one among many strange project in Google X laboratory.
In recent years under the name of Google X with Google glasses, self-driving cars these names, but there are still many people do not know what on earth is the laboratory, in this article, we carried out a thorough for Google X laboratory analysis.
What is Google X?
Google X is an institution affiliated with Google, many years ago has been known by the outside world. Collection of the laboratory with Google many unusual ideas and creativity, some of which may never be known by people outside the laboratory.
Google X is a major goal: through the stunning research projects, and the companies such as AT&T and the bell laboratory used to take the lead to complete breakthrough and classic work similar - to disrupt complacency in the tech world.
You can use it as the "Manhattan project" in the technology industry. In other words, Google X to forever change the world as the Manhattan project inoculation of the atomic bomb - at least by bloomberg businessweek is described Google research laboratory.
Google X is to break the shackles of thinking and into the future. It wants to in the past 100 years of unprecedented way to product development and innovation. The New York times claims that Google is trying to achieve by 100 a grand idea of listing. Only a small part of them are released, which is why the outside world will see Google X as a "secret".
Google X in what place?
Google X research laboratory at the mountain view, calif., Google Googleplex headquarters of half a mile away a two-story red brick building.
As to there is what kind, according to businessweek, walking in the park you might see a fountain, company of bicycle, meeting rooms with frosted glass, automatic driving the car, there is a space elevator and graphic whiteboard.
Space elevator is not Google X ideas, but their internal a joke, the purpose is to let others guess what on earth are they doing.
What is "moonshot"?
"Moonshot," is a crazy idea or project is unlikely to achieve, it is likely to be only one over one million chance to science.
Google specifically described moonshot, as a radical solutions and breakthrough technologies are needed to solve the enormous problems. As a result, a moonshot, need a lot of money, even if the project may never have any results.
In addition to Google co-founder sergey brin, Google X also led by Eric "Astro" Teller. He is Google X "chief moonshot" - this is mainly because of his talent, and the gift from his grandfather Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb inherited.
SXSW conference in Texas, Teller says moonshot, is very important, because "when you're trying to be a very difficult thing, the way you deal with the problem and when you do something will gradually progress is not the same."
He added: "when you consider a problem can be resolved even if you don't know how to solve, you will be something you can think of. It will enhance the value of 100 times, but will not be difficult."
What are the main Google X project?
At present has been confirmed by Google and introduced the project include:
Project Glass
Project Glass in 2013, was aimed at developing augmented reality called Google glasses wearing a display.
Google glasses's goal is to replace the experience of smart phones, let users don't have to start work can make a phone call and take photos, browse the web, and obtain relevant information. It also hopes to open the ubiquitous computing, let people can out of from the bondage of desktop computer.
The Google Driverless Car
As the name implies, Driverless Car is developed by Google X automated driving technology. It debuted in 2011, by the Google street view joint inventor Sebestian Thrun led.
Although Google X has said in the summer of last year, they have made more than 300000 miles without automated driving accident, but the technology is still in for his approval and lobbying in the United States. Auto makers for Google X related technologies adopted seem to be very slow, some companies have even begun to develop their autonomous vehicles, including BMW, Tesla, Volvo and audi.
But Google has definitely. According to businessweek, sergey brin said at the beginning of last year, he wants to spend more time in the future on a Driverless Car project. Brin said Google glasses have "completed", this shows that the Driverless Car need his continued work and more attention.
What Google X there are other projects?
Google has confirmed that the project is as follows:
Project Loon
For those who are difficult to obtain network connectivity in rural areas, Google X has a unique solution. It is called the Project Loon, Internet signal transmission by the balloon to remote areas.
In particular, the system USES the balloon floating away with the wind, they height is double that of commercial aircraft in the air, can be transmitted to the ground and now the 3 g network speed similar or faster network signal.
Google said two-thirds of the world's population have no quick and reliable network connection, but the Project Loon wants to change that. In June 2013, therefore, Google X 30 balloon, released in New Zealand for a testing team is made up of fifty people experienced by the balloon brought about by the network.
Smart contact lenses
Google X announced this month, they are for people with diabetes develop a smart contact lenses. Due to a tiny electronic components (chip), sensors and antenna, it can measure the wearer tears of blood glucose levels, and will continue to send data to form a complete set of equipment.
Google X hope in his contact lenses embedded micro LED lights, can be too high or too low blood sugar through the flash to remind the wearer. In addition, they are still looking for partners, to their own product to market.
It is interesting to note that the concept of smart contact lenses are not fresh. As early as in 2011, Microsoft and teamed up to develop a similar project at the university of Washington.
The Internet of things
Google X and iot projects. According to the New York times reported that Google in May 2011 developers conference once described the Internet of things as a form of the object connected to the Internet.
Google is an Internet company, so they develop networked home accessories and wearable devices are logical. But we don't know whether Google X will be in the Project outside of Glass to explore the Internet of things.
Recently, Google bought smart home company Nest, it shows that they are still interested in networking household sector.
The neural network
This may be a Google X less attractive on a project, because it is too technical.
Google neural network project in 2012, it basically is to rely on a semi-supervised learning style to speech recognition and object extraction from video. The project application direction in the future including image search, speech recognition and machine translation.
According to the New York times reported that the neural network research projects have been transferred from Google X laboratory to a supervision and Google search business and related services sector, so it is no longer a Google X project.
Rumors of what Google X project?
Google did not identify project is as follows:
Is Google X is a new technology for construction industry development, called Genie.
According to Archdaily reports, Genie development team to sergey brin to submit a report to describe the Genie of into a cooperation platform based on the cloud. The platform has a "link in the design, especially on the design of skyscrapers and large construction help architects and engineers plan to apply for", and contains "planning tools for professional architects and engineers, and advanced analysis and the simulation tool".
Genie can save 30% - 50% of the cost of construction, as well as planning and marketing between 30% - 30% of the time, still can generate an income of $120 billion a year. In fact, the Genie team already send the prototype to architects and industry experts, and received good response. Therefore, the project is currently in development of -- but not Google X. A company called Vannevar Technology Inc, a subsidiary of reportedly developing Genie.
Google Barge is part of the Google X?
You can say that. In October 2013, three mysterious floating building in San Francisco and harbor, Maine, each related to Google, people guess is multifarious.
Reports SFGate in December last year, according to the three Google floating dock building will eventually be in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. They are called the Hangar 3 part of the project, the project worth $35 million, and each building will become the Google glasses retail stores.
The Calico is part of the Google X?
Isn't. Time magazine reported that Google released in the autumn of 2013 is a moonshot, life extension project, but is not affiliated with Google X. This also means that Google is not limited to the Google X moonshot project. For example, Google's commercial robot project is also considered moonshot, although it does not belong to Google X.
Solve For X is what?
Solve For X is described as a "think tank" project, it get money from Google X.
Solve For X project was originally as Solve For X website released in February 2012, Google hopes to partners can be considered a BBS to Solve international problems. Solve For X also aims to encourage technical moonshot, thinking and teamwork.
Eskimo authorized hardware invention released again