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The iPhone security guidelines

Abstract: the iPhone security strategy is to enable "find my iPhone" function in advance, best to set a password lock screen (Settings - general - password lock). Loss after the iPhone, login iColud immediately, in the "find my iPhone" enable "lost model", and then set a unlock password, and a piece of information, please leave your contact number, remote lock the phone, in this way, the thief in addition to dialing setting number, the other can't do anything, into DFU flash also need to enter the Apple ID activation. IPhone is a higher price on the market a mobile phone, so it become the first target of a lot of the thief's eyes, then the iPhone after lost or stolen, what should I do? As iPhone users, we should pay attention to in our daily life to prevent mobile phone stolen at the same time, also want to learn some skills to get the iPhone, or after the iPhone lost to prevent leakage of personal information. More and more application of the inte

Kobe Bryant: 35 confusion

Until the age of 35, kobe Bryant to real life problems. In his 34 years and eight months, he seems to be in serious trouble: it was on April 12, 2013, the Los Angeles lakers VS golden state warriors with three minutes left, kobe Bryant took the body leaning against the opposite Barnes, break through the limits before, Michael left leg, right pedal. Movement range is big, he clearly wants to have a cleaner. Before then, left foot landing, his right foot is soft, then fell down. No collision, limped off where is no. That way, more like his right foot to the limit, to keep the balance and fell down, left the soles of your feet to the ground, to be pulled to, so his Achilles tendon. After that, a whole week, the world in doubt whether his great career to this end, he in the face of adverse factors as follows: He's 35 years old, called the 17th season. In many theories, experts believe that the professional basketball player will hit forty thousand minutes, while Bryant has played fifty

Into the mysterious Google X laboratory

In recent years, Google Google X laboratory by the outside world for a series of avant-garde technology projects. So Google this laboratory is stem what of? It is all in r&d which projects? Technology site Pocket - lint recently on Google X laboratory in detail: Google last week announced that they are developing a smart contact lenses, can test a person with diabetes tears of blood sugar levels. And this is just one among many strange project in Google X laboratory. In recent years under the name of Google X with Google glasses, self-driving cars these names, but there are still many people do not know what on earth is the laboratory, in this article, we carried out a thorough for Google X laboratory analysis. What is Google X? Google X is an institution affiliated with Google, many years ago has been known by the outside world. Collection of the laboratory with Google many unusual ideas and creativity, some of which may never be known by people outside the laboratory. Google X is