Oct 9, 2009

The Week We Lost Elegant Bride [Week In Review]

This week, there was lots of scandalous kissing. Also a magazine died. And a guy won a prize!

They Say It's Your Birthday [Pic Of The Day]

[A solitary note left on the "Imagine" marker in Central Park's Strawberry Fields section today, what would have been John Lennon's 69th birthday. Image via alan(ator)'s Flickr]

Maurice Sendak —  [Quote Of The Day]

when asked whether Spike Jonze's movie based on his book Where the Wild Things Are is too scary for kids in a Newsweek interview.

Baby on Bored [Open Caption]

[Expecting mother Padma Lakshmi looks positively pregnant in purple while leaving Live with Regis and Kelly this morning. Image via INF]

Rush Limbaugh To Judge Beauty Pageant [Miss America]

Great. Wonderful. Rush Limbaugh is going to be a celebrity judge at next year's Miss America pageant.

Congrats to the Miss America organizers for finding a celebrity judge precisely as revolting as Miss USA's Perez Hilton! Now you just need a stupid contestant to become a political martyr and your 2010 media strategy will be basically mapped out.

And, black contestants, don't get your hopes up.

He Is Weird [The Olds]

Tucker Max repeatedly calls interviewer "sweetie." Is he 87 years old? Only possible explanation.