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Showing posts from October 4, 2009

The Week We Lost Elegant Bride [Week In Review]

This week, there was lots of scandalous kissing. Also a magazine died. And a guy won a prize! Seth Green threw a big fit because he got mugged, and we thought it was fake , but then we thought it was real. Those terms mean nothing anymore, though, so who knows. TV comedian David Letterman continued to be mired in controversy and scandal because he apologized and was nearly extorted for sleeping with a staffer at some point in the past. Shock: they liked each other! He did not get along with her new boyfriend! There were letters involved! And kissing! The extorter, meanwhile, is a mystery. He might've gotten the idea from one of his stories . And he didn't breathe a word of his scheme to his cop friends. (Though maybe they came up with it!) Conde closed Gourmet. It was sad. And some people blamed the internet. Then everyone at Forbes got fired, too. There was kissing on Mad Men and on Gossip Girl. There was singing on Glee. There was despair on Project Ru

They Say It's Your Birthday [Pic Of The Day]

[ A solitary note left on the "Imagine" marker in Central Park 's Strawberry Fields section today, what would have been John Lennon 's 69th birthday. Image via alan(ator) 's Flickr ] Published by Original source :

Maurice Sendak —  [Quote Of The Day]

when asked whether Spike Jonze 's movie based on his book Where the Wild Things Are is too scary for kids in a Newsweek interview . Published by Original source :

Baby on Bored [Open Caption]

[ Expecting mother Padma Lakshmi looks positively pregnant in purple while leaving Live with Regis and Kelly this morning. Image via INF ] Published by Original source :

Rush Limbaugh To Judge Beauty Pageant [Miss America]

Great. Wonderful. Rush Limbaugh is going to be a celebrity judge at next year's Miss America pageant . Congrats to the Miss America organizers for finding a celebrity judge precisely as revolting as Miss USA's Perez Hilton! Now you just need a stupid contestant to become a political martyr and your 2010 media strategy will be basically mapped out. And, black contestants, don't get your hopes up. Published by Original source :

He Is Weird [The Olds]

Tucker Max repeatedly calls interviewer "sweetie." Is he 87 years old? Only possible explanation. Published by Original source :