Mar 21, 2014

BBS is dead?

BBS, the word is not all strange to many people in the Internet, for the sake of taking care of readers of young people, I make a brief introduction: is English BBS (Bulletin Board System (electronic Bulletin Board) or Bulletin Board Service (Bulletin Board Service), in fact, we usually say "BBS" is.
I've always thought, the history of China's Internet, in fact is from BBS. , after I graduated from university, began a net when on site is often shuimu tsinghua, had an impact in college students. Know later, there were reporters often on the web site, call already; There is a sports fans on the website, often called richwin, later developed into the now sina, are BBS. BBS until five years ago, of course, is a fire, for example, tianya, often because of a little hot fact and can become a hotspot of current politics news source; Mop once very fire, and is considered to be synonymous with BT; Tiexue BBS, meeting places, are thought to be military enthusiasts, baidu post bar, also can saying is the history of BBS on a representative product, although the product failed to sell in baidu, and even some BBS is very popular in every place. BBS, is, in fact, Chinese Internet companies have been the standard, many sites, all start from BBS, a lot of network language we used now, began popular BBS.
Later, the QQ group, appeared happy net, weibo, BBS gradually lost popularity. So many people say BBS is dead. This is a rather old netizens feel sad is one thing. As old Internet users surf the Internet every day and focus in the field of Internet entrepreneurs, I also thought, BBS dead as a doornail. Not long ago, the quick way online for a post by authorities warned that violate the rules, I just ask colleagues to stopped speed road network BBS section: no people interaction, to manage the BBS and need a lot of manpower, more major is, no customer care if you have a website BBS, keep BBS and what is the value?
This time, however, tencent launched micro communities on micro letter, again let I gradually began to change this view. Micro letter public account, although the micro letter, but has since the mainstream media wave form is there is no doubt, many people by micro letter public account access information has become a daily habit. Daily, however, a couple more one-way transmission, there is no doubt that restricted the public account of the interactive performance, in fact, each has a number of common interests public account to subscribe to the user interaction is a kind of natural demand, if there is a micro communities such products, and public account, can not make up for the problem of insufficient public account interaction function? If, micro letter public account since the media has been gradually replaced the traditional PC web page, the micro communities is the era of mobile Internet BBS? Micro communities might it cannot replace the once popular baidu post bar?
Heard that, the community of the helm is well-known entrepreneurs to Mr. Dai after 80, however, I did not communicate with him, whether he is envisioned. When Mr. Dai founded Discuzz once is more than 80% of Chinese BBS system technology providers, by tencent bought before two years, I believe, Mr. Dai must hope to be familiar with the BBS in China development, BBS put him back in the glorious era, continued into the era of mobile Internet.
Fann said disorderly yue: BBS low tide, there are a variety of reasons, but I believe that nature or desktop Internet to the mobile Internet era of change. If you have any suitable products and technology to form, BBS in the new era, perhaps really have the possibility of rebirth. Just don't know, at that time, whether there will be a variety of network marketing aimed at micro communities, haunted by various water army micro communities. Walk while see.(文/范锋)

Kevin durant and lebron: history of the NBA small forward

2009-13 in the four seasons, lost three MVP lebron package, and Kevin durant is three times the regular season MVP vote the second; If given the durant bag off three leading scorer in four seasons, another belongs to the melon.
Unless some miracle, this season MVP is not escape from Kevin durant and lebron palm, he combined with melon, the league also monopoly score the top three. Although Paul George recently state anymore, but if the end of the season now, he can still 2 array. On a small forward so prominent s is what time?
Well, the "Slam Dunk" era... You see, xiangbei rukawa, ling nan sendoh, FengYu is fierce, south mountain Wang Youze north, are all small forward as a trump card.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Okay, seriously.
A small forward on such a prominent when s is? Well, in 1981. That season's MVP ballot qualifying: first, Dr J Byrd (they are very close to) 2, marquis - Johnson 6 (don't throw a person, in front of him is day Moses and ice hook, personality, and the playoffs that year he come with Dr. J you I went to war) and the Wilkes, ten Dan trey (averaging 31 points 6 rebounds, 4 assists shooting efficiency 56%) 12, 14 Bernard - gold. I.e., the former MVP is two small forward, another 14, before six small forward.
As is known to all, Dr. J and eastern Byrd's supremacy STH over and over again until 1984, and then Dr. J old; Throughout the 80 s, the small forwards are very lively: 1983-84 listed JiBoDe first regular season MVP, second is that year Bernard - gold, the sixth, Dr. J, dent, 7 11 o our view. Byrd final MVP in 1986, second is the human essence. Jordan first MVP season in 1988, the NBA has to enter the second small forward prosperity:
Byrd is domineering (every 30 points, nine rebounds and six assists 53% 53% rate three free throw shooting rate 92%). Wilkins each 31 points 6 rebounds 3 assists; Eng leishmaniasis, view o, dent remained active, James worthy, given that the NBA finals MVP.
But this is the last evening. After Byrd, back in 1988, the NBA into brief era of piston, Jordan and magic (they share the four MVP of 1988-91), followed by Jordan, four center, Charles barkley and glider and Utah's second-oldest era, that time is the best small forward pippen and hill; Jordan retired, sharks and Tim Duncan was dominated, Shared the nine championship in eight, of course, Duncan have to weber, dirk and KG each and entangled in the power forward position, and the media love to "label" game, headlines basic to defenders: from kobe Bryant, carter to McGrady, even iverson and ray Allen was mentioned by the media from time to time requirements, even Pierce is playing point guard in 2004. Then is rushing to guard, from Nash VS kidd to Paul VS deron to master rose VS wei... Until 2010 years later, lebron and durant secure hill, the small forward to open another piece of rivers.
Distance between bird and Dr J free artificial league era, thirty years have passed.
Why is that? Because the small forward evolution.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
To talk a gossip outside first. I have a friend, "Slam Dunk" editor, interviewed 2011, durant once. When asked if durant: will develop playmaking ability like lebron James?
According to what he said, when Kevin durant is a: small forward main will score! Playmaking that is attached!
- I don't confirm the true and false, may he kidding me? But the assumption is true, this is a problem: small forward, what should do?
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Before talking about the evolution of the small forward, have to clear first one detail:
Larry bird what position?
Small forward? But he is 206 cm tall (and his chief partner Cedric - mas, 1981 win the finals MVP in the history of the grassroots, I bet even talk celtics fans tell his jersey number); Is often the team chief rebounder (Byrd career averages of 10 rebounds, pressed his partner McHale and mas, 15 rebounds per game in the 1981 finals); Often against the opponent's power forward; And it has the best right back in the history of the body's skills.
Power forward? But the offensive end, Byrd and actually wander in the periphery, let McHale and mas, in the activities of the area (mas, only the stability of the periphery attack is two points of cic), and more into old age, the bird like organizer: 1986-87 season he is averaging 28 points, nine rebounds and eight assists, you too hard to determine the goods attribute.
That, about the location of the bird, mas, in 1981, says: "when defending, I'm the 3, larry is 4; attack, I more activity in the basket, he fluttered in periphery."
While scoring 1983, alex - Bryan English too a pure pure small forward said:
"Bird, big or small forward, he is a striker."
Then, the latter hold the key.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Whatever you believe it or not, NBA early no size "forward" the classification. In fact, 30 to 60 s of the 20th century, to determine the position of our existing division: two guards, two forwards, single center. Basketball at that time, the basic setting is double guard couple, two strikers fall flanks, single center area. So you will not understand west and O is shooting guard or point guard, don't understand why the Elgin baylor - a 196 cm of small forward, is averaging 13.5 rebounds, don't understand why the '60 s defender is mostly about 188-193 cm, and forward 198-203 - cm - mostly because that moment, guard and forward, their functions are overlapping. So you remember back in the 60 s, it is hard to think of a real "pure point guard" or "pure power forward", tai O, west, greer look like dual-energy who, because they all this. Baylor ye in a 1986 interview words is:
"I don't care the opponent is power forward or small forward, opponents to I will prevent bai!"
So, early striker, attribute is relatively simple: defense, they can prevent to turn around and also can prevent surface defect, and also bring rebound; The offensive end, they would first have to back down, then walk is no ball; They need the cic, the basket ball, if will be passing, and dribbling breakthrough, it's an extra special. So the striker is in the 70 s, chuck and rick - Barry, just had dribble organization attributes. Of course, chuck is less also, in the main by walking to the waist to the ball; Barry is love, but that's because he's too cattle to coax, feel the earth in addition to the balding, didn't what he make uncertain.
UCLA wooden, grandpa, there is a significant reform. He started 1-4 setting, the location after differentiation:
Double guard + single forward + single center, start into a single couple + double wing + double post. So 2 increased the flanks attribute from the back, the 3 from the flanks increased the backcourt properties, fusion become swingman; Increased from 4 floor paint properties, into a big striker - in the NBA, wooden, grandpa's biggest believer is Sloan, so you remember: often put his team and 2, 3, 4, 5, mix, but point guard is unique. This is his routine.
In this revolution, the 3 gradually changed.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
1980-81 season, is the first in the NBA the 3 times: Dr. J and Byrd took MVP ballots before two, marquis - Johnson column 6 bucks. Can say, baylor started the prototype of the small forward, perfected his Dr J, like all point guard wants to learn how to Jordan after so many years. The small forward standard routines: quick, elegant, a moderate, can complete complex score action, can in the perimeter shooting, but mainly by the agile movement and attack the basket to play. Marquis - Johnson is a model of this kind of player, as for the bird, as mentioned earlier, too full.
So in the 80 s, the breath out of the large number of small forwards in the NBA, actually four years before Jordan began when scoring, scoring from four different small forward: eng leishmaniasis, dent, Wilkins, gold. Plus 1983 score second score second view, professorial vandeweghe, 1984 isn't high on Dr. J and Byrd, and busy with brush champion worthy, it is gorgeous and small forwards in the NBA.
In fact, say it is not afraid of you don't believe it: in 1988, "SI" when writing an article or even think, Philadelphia very dangerous monster Sir Charles barkley and cut inside the pace to turn around and not outstanding but fierce Karl Malone is small forward! - of course, the two goods later, respectively, to finalize the design became a classic power forward, not to mention.
Why small forward will come after the dilemma? In fact, in the late 80 s, the small forward has a little problem. View and dent, 1988 famous swaps, telling: the calf to off our view o be overjoyed, think he is a scum; Piston is the assassin for off dent, because he is a cancer.
In the late 80 s, star small forward is mostly an attribute:
Good at scoring, but that's about it, to defense and organizations are lack of contribution. Small forward gradually became a soldier creature, in the 90 s, though, considering the big dog Robinson can still score such as confidence, but small forward fall; Pippen and grant hill is a comprehensive type instead of small forward got seriously, but then, universal in Jordan, defenders are to control the ball. At the beginning of the 21st century, the NBA has a perimeter swing's eruption: kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, carter, ray Allen, and even jerry stackhouse, can brush good data; But they play, like a shooting guard than like small forward.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
After the trend, it is such a change.
2004 NBA rules after the reform, the breakthrough hands get preferential treatment; The successful example of the sun, and let the team found that "looking for a group of three split open space, accused of golfers ball breakthrough" is if only one keeps the color, so at that time, can score type double who, like gilbert arenas, Roy, Evans, and even young master, is popular. But lebron is unique, with small forward physique, the fact that a point guard. Then, the success of hedo turkoglu more presents a new formula:
If the organization focus, transfer to small forward, will be how?
So, we see the appearance of today.
Lebron play into the line, is referred to as "Jordan + magic", a grade playing point guard, playing point guard, grade 2, grade 3 secure forward, on the same. Since then, he from a breakthrough point, exercise skill unceasingly, added a jumper, surface defect, threat of three singles, back body organization, no ball go attributes, finally arrived today, one of the most comprehensive monsters have skill.
Kevin durant from one into the line, is a no ball type of natural scorer; Dacheng, grade 2, grade 3 to become a leading scorer, uniting the ball attack four grades, grade five after began to give oneself add tissue properties; To this season, durant every 5 assists, and already has all the scores from ball to ball skills. Master not in that moment, the thunder is to rely on his pick-and-roll survive - a actual height 210 centimeters tall guy a pick-and-roll support team?
They two people, once is the style of the poles - lebron good ball breakthrough and the ball, not a jumper and without the ball, Durant good walk and jump shot, not the ball and the ball - but now, increasingly close. They are small forward, but it is not purely a small forward. They just keep growing and become comprehensive, let oneself can influence the game from the Angle of which covers.
In fact, says Byrd can use Bryan English words to describe: Kevin durant and lebron is not small forward - they just forward.
Traditional small forward, that is, in the 80 s because of the small forward who is it? Is a melon. He has Dan's general one-to-one feeling at that time, a view that o damage and offensive rebounds to fill into the penalty area, cic as quickly with Bryan English, have the feel and Bernard - gold back.
And new small forward, is Paul George like this: he into the row, the humble striker + defender, a typical 3 d player (3 + defense), but always can practice ball attack, now is a comprehensive holding a sharp-shooter technology. He tried to do a bit of everything, from various aspects to influence the game. He may be in this life are not like a melon, continuous play 40 minutes or even brush 60 points to save the team, but he didn't even feel can also play.
So if a 18, melon 6 only on line 5 times, New York is big trouble; But George if so, is not afraid of: he has other work.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
So, the advent of the era of small forward, is not the victory of the traditional small forward. More, so to speak, is lebron James, Kevin durant and George, in the function of the small forward position of the widened. They follow not Dr J, but Byrd - top - hill the pulse of the tradition in an all-round way.
In fact, it s also good chance is, indeed, all the small forward: they happen to be on the field the most moderate, and also the most players of all kinds of possibilities. Think about: batum in practice skills, can brush three pairs; The elder brother of dara notoriously what can do; Parsons has increasingly become harden, the most active variety of rocket attack vectors; This is the new small forward to the star walk path: becomes more comprehensive, go back, go to the ball breakthrough, ACTS as a screen, go without the ball away, passing, from even more angles influence the game.
So when flow chuan maple to king mountain, finally tried one fall after passing, anxi the teacher will be excited to clench fist squats. Because from then on, the flow chuan maple list to pick from a one-on-one, became will pass, will use the three threat, will grasp the rhythm, can organize the team all-around striker - male inoue, the teacher not only lebron can model a priest anticipation out, even the small forward history to see very clear!

Mar 19, 2014

Upload the iPhone panoramic photos to Google maps

Google maps Street View service (Street View) can be a very interesting feature, users can through the streets of Street View to see the world, free to travel around the world, while Google has recently opened its Street View photo upload service, users can use their mobile phone or digital camera will be captured by the panoramic photos uploaded to Google maps, Internet users around the world are likely to see your photos, it makes the already popular service, there will be more popular trend in the future.
Official Google introduced how to use the Android 4.2 Nexus uploading street view photos to Google maps, but for a lot of iPhone users how to operate, Google doesn't specify, today, I will introduce the iPhone users upload panoramic photos to Google maps.
IPhone camera while bringing the function of shooting panoramas, but not a 360 - degree Panorama, so we need to use a third party's 360 - degree panoramic photos application, here I chose 360 Panorama of the application, Microsoft's Photosynth free application can also be used as an alternative.
360 Panorama shooting panoramas method is very simple, set up access to geographical location, with mobile phone, and then turn the body slowly, until they capture the whole area of photos, usually need to rotate shot several times to complete.
Shoot, in "panoramic photo library", open the already took photos of a panoramic view of point "sharing" - "import camera film", will be a panoramic photo is copied to the iPhone photo album inside, then connect the USB to panoramic photo copy out.
The next step of operation is added in the panoramic photo XMP metadata, the simplest method is through the site (visit) over the wall to upload photos, after conversion photo to download. It is important to note that this site is a conversion tool will not submit your photos to Google maps.
Download good photo, you can begin to upload photos to Google +, upload before, first confirm their own "Google + Settings", has been selected "to the full size to upload my photo", in addition, the "automatic enhanced the effect of the new photos and video" option is the best choice, too.
After access "Google + photos", click "upload photo", will be a panoramic photos uploaded to Google +, normal, central image displays a panoramic photos.

The final step is to submit your photos to Google maps, visit the Google map landscape site, click on the top right corner "add Google + photos", just upload panoramic photos inside chosen, pay attention to the format wrong pictures will not be able to be selected, choose the right pictures after submission.
After going to wait for Google to review the photo, usually after 2, 3 days later, Google map will be sent an email to inform your photo has been approved, at that time, the user to access the international version of Google maps, the yellow people drag to the specified location, you can see you with panoramic views of the iPhone to upload photos.
Google maps can be opened to the ordinary user upload street view service, is exciting and excited, the future will be more and more users to upload the high quality of the street photos to Google maps and share all over the world park, train stations and airports, such as street view content, now, just pick up your camera, to participate in Google's "national view" plan.

Mar 17, 2014

Professional sports and gay: false tolerance and true bias

Old Mr Michael Sam, on February 4, 2014, received a huge birthday present.
He is Dallas, early days is bitter: he has eight children, three early death, two sons went to prison. But until 2014 the day which some, mainly in seven son Michael's blessing. Little Sam Michael, is the pride of their family: the child was born in 1990, now has grown into a kind of 188 cm, 116 kg of the big fellow; Has read a senior at the university of Missouri, is the name of the school football team, in fact, in 2013, the little Michael was the sports news in the first team, as the school's defensive ace, four years down he accumulated 123 times grappling capture kill opponents quarterback, 21 times, by the early summer this year, he will take part in the NFL draft, big be NFL player may, start earning millions of dollars annual salary.
Even as his birthday, son sent him this message:
"Dad, I'm gay."
The old man choked the on the spot, "I couldn't eat, I go to an apple bees find wine to drink." He told the New York times said, "said the saying is incoherent:
"I don't want my grandchildren grow up in this environment! - I'm an old man! I'm a male and female that type of person!"
His old man's house is male and female. Another of his sons, to the old girlfriend yet, old son Michael himself with a trip to Mexico, found a coquettes, let son feelings about women. But have to admit that he has eight children, do more, much to his no care. When I was a child, little Michael Sam even often live in a friend's house. He himself admitted:
"Compared with family, closer to my relationship with my friends."
So, as early as two years ago, little Michael, Sam is a little bit of telling to the truth of his friends and teammates. In the summer of 2012, he and the university of Missouri football teammates and coaches make myself clear. My father was one of the last he told a group of people. After February 4 to say to my father, on February 9th, Michael Sam out formal team media:
"Yes, I'm gay!"
He further explanation:
"From childhood, I was attracted to a man. I don't know if it is step by step, I also don't want to admit that all the time, 'hey, I am a gay'... I've been trying to find my heart, find my most comfortable state, so I didn't tell anyone."
"I've seen a brother was shot to death; my sister baby died, I've never seen her, my second brother disappeared in 1998; I have two elder brothers began to prison from high school. Compared with these bad things, to tell the world I'm gay no what fantastic."
Don't ask, don't know, American media and exploded.
The first, is still a positive recognitions. Former NFL star iser, a figure the first arrow: this guy now 45 years old, retired from the NFL for twelve years; When he played for nine years in the NFL ball, who is the father of two children, doesn't look a bit; Until retirement announced their sexuality, and published "a man of war: I'm gay life in the NFL, and the establishment of the discrimination against gay websites. Jason Collins, last spring has just come out of the NBA's first gay player, went to met with him, back to praise: "mike is a good boy, very have the courage and leadership!" Was also last year out of football player robbie Rogers with Michael Sam on the phone, and said, "Michael's courage inspire millions of people face up to reality."
But since then the problem is the reality: on the eve of the draft, he come out, this will give the NFL team to give: elected him or not?
Michael Sam's former teammate, now in the effect of the New York jets Shelton Richardson think, this problem is: "I am proud for him. He told the university team after coming out, had his best season so far. I know he was nervous and scared, but he is brave to do yourself. He is a good teammate, a good man. I guarantee that he would not be affect his sexuality performance. On the pitch, he did not smile, is very serious, is a killer!"
He also specially chanting:
"Michael will be suitable for the NFL's dressing room, no problem. Don't accept him? That means your team thought not mature!"
Richardson's help, show extremely forbearance, the New York giants star John marla and Stephen tish also welcome Michael Sam, but not everyone thinks so. The New York giants Angle guard terrell Thomas view is:
"I don't agree with gay, I don't respect gay. If you want him to the team, okay. I can't speak for the NFL, and not on behalf of the team, I just know if a bunch of gay in the NFL, what's the problem."
Yes, is usually very cruel reality.
In January 2014, football out of the big topic: the 31-year-old former German international when he sperry lattice. "Realize that he is gay, it's a long, is also very difficult process. Only in the past few years, I began to realize that I prefer to live with the man." The media response, of course, is a voice of praise. German side, Mr Bush's international team-mate lukas podolski yell, "this is the right decision" brave, England old legend lineker highlighted the sentence "he announced out of the ark, is the first person to the premier league." Media after the shock, in succession to fill some politically correct speech, let a person to be in a good mood. And he is the only wrong the sperry, anyway after retirement, will be officially coming out.
The NBA had two players out of the ark: John - he is after leaving the NBA announced the coming out, Jason Collins is announced at the end of a career out of the ark. NFL star figure arrow as mentioned above, and only after retired dare to announce their sexuality. It is true that even in 2014, even if the players out, now already is a political right, can get widely praise - but these the brave, also had retired or near retirement, will dare to do so.
That year after march out of the ark, so the NBA attitude: some of the official, such like grant hill and better childe would say: "John to do so is conducive to encourage other players un-protected." Big mouth like shark will say: "if march in our team, I will protect him. I'm not a gay, I just don't like to judge others, I bless him!" But more people, such as former NBA super defender Tim HaDaWei said:
"First of all, I don't want him in our team; second, if he is in our team, I really can get away from him, because I don't think gay this thing, and I don't want to and he are in the same locker room; I have a bottom line, if you have 12 players don't want to communicate with each other on the team, you have to care about them in the locker room, do you want to win all difficult!" Such as Steve hunter says: "I can accept gay teammates, as long as he does not stretch out his hand to me." Pat - JiaLiDi keen point out: "gay guy sure people can accept, someone will resist, it is easy to make the team split."
Figure arrow admitted:
In the NFL players, there are a lot of gay. But they are not born well-off family, with sweat in return for a new life, will worry about gay rumors will make them lose their jobs, so they should be forced to associate with women.
Because of prejudice still exists. Although Richardson think discrimination against gays is a kind of immature, but was not so many liberals in the world. Old Michael Sam will scoff at gay, when the New York times asked him if the NFL is a gay players do, old man shout loudly: "the Dai Kang Jones football hall of fame superstar (late) from the grave to climb out!" He even so comment son: "we are black! We have many obstacles to cross! This is what he had to cross a!"
- the son's sexual orientation as a barrier, also forced son across. Sounds absurd funny, but this is the heart of most people.
Or go back to New York giants terrell Thomas's idea, he said some explicit, but very direct. He told the New York post player whom the gay teammate's question:
"The biggest problem is that in the locker room: everyone hanging naked at ordinary times, flirting joke."
"Probably, the team might disagree, but deliberately bully a heterogeneous players."
"The media is the biggest problem. A lot of up and down twenty children trendy, can accept homosexuality, but in the NFL's men heap, culture is different. It will affect the whole dressing room atmosphere, as well as media pressure, everyone will not great!"
"We have to be education, how don't you talk to the media to some political right, very trouble, old players don't like it."
"I'm sure he is not the first gay NFL players, but he is the first before they can come out in the NFL! I'm not saying he is selfish, I know what he did has a lot of courage, but I think the NFL's not ready to accept him!"
Words are very rough, but it is reality. This is Michael Sam going to face the fate of the:
The fact, cold and outsiders but insider knows all things. After the topic stabbed on the media, athletes will say to gay and lesbian issues some of politically correct speech; But privately, athletes circle with strong fortress bawcock breath, still they superstition with a classical temperament of masculinity, so professional circle can accept each other male hormones play banging other women over the head with a club, but raised eyebrows on homosexuality and apparent. In sports, as more players gay it not as a dark secret, all can clear up, to eliminate all stereotyped opinions. At the end of the day, professional sports need is not "support gay", but can accept insipid gay, don't take it very seriously.
As Michael Sam out after half a month, a good news: last spring out Jason Collins, was signed by the brooklyn nets so he became the first in the history of the NBA public after coming out, still continue to play the guy in the league. Although he is only ten days, who signed a contract, but in good condition: he may renew the second.
13 years. "this is my career the locker room of my life, and the previous twelve years makes no difference... it's so exciting, start living athletes, by public recognition and acceptance, it was a wonderful."
You see, they are really not much, they only want to accepted by the public recognition and. Although so far, Collins in the media focus on, but more or less, the stone was a little bit. Although the real cloud open on that day, also after many a Collins, many hope he sperry, o many marches, even though we have to get the 2014 NBA draft that day just know, Michael Sam would be another victim, or NFL created the first man, but every one example, for their situation, is a little progress.

Mar 16, 2014

Kevin Durant:The history of the evolution of from leading scorer to rulers

In 2006, durant graduated from oak hills high school, university of Texas. Height 206 cm, weight 206 kilograms, sage like type. scout reports said he was good at long shots, critical moment score, potential, shorter than low, midrange singles, strength attack. He can play two forward position, but not for power, prefer noodles basket attack. Combined with spidery hands long feet, all over the sky net on rebounding ability, as well as the name "Kevin", scout reports cautious said:

"As so high, so a good shot is a rare... his playing style, have a bit of Kevin garnett in."

That season, he is a can run can jump to shoot spider-man.

A year later, in 2007, before the draft draft website NBADRAFT by his unique besotted, finally had to move out of dirk + McGrady - of course, to be fair, durant is not particularly like Tracy McGrady at that time.

A freshman he played a famous single-game 37 points and 23 rebounds. A freshman he, reflect fast, keen consciousness, arm length. Only by height, arm length, and shooting, run and jump, is sufficient to sweeping college basketball. High shot release point, finger delicate such as instrument, moves fast, bold, there has been a great striker need movement skills. Speed, height, coordination, rhythm manner. He is accustomed to the night with a jumper to solve the problem: a 208 cm high, can run a good jump shooters. As 2005 years ago, the galloping with Nash helped dirk.

But he is too high. His breakthrough ShiYunQiu is too high, the ball is not good. He is too thin, not enter inside. So into the NBA in the first two months, he was like a big crane involved in "modern times" Chaplin face machine, hurry-scurry, can only face the obstacles to long shots over and over again. This situation continued to the end of 2008, and then...

As is known to all, the end of 2008 in early 2009, Brooks coach new, durant to small forward. From then on, durant started to take off. The 2009-10 season, he became the youngest NBA scoring champion.

The advantage - 206 cm tall, long before he was acting like octopus arm of the arm, shot release point almost flush basket, delicate fingers feeling, the big cuts like Clyde drexler, speed, coordination, rhythm, can be anywhere within 8 m away from the basket shooting - remain. When his opponent para small forward, his speed and dribbling out freely. After all, second-year point guard, he not sway opponents, open to try a jumper. And after he came to the small forward position, the NBA small forward all freaked out: he faster, higher, more nimble, and as long as you give him step in space, he would immediately jump over your head.

And, in addition to the shooting, he had another threat.

His ball and dribbling skills have improved, he has a pair of astonishing ostrich leg. So, the 2009-10 season, his signature routines is Hamilton type without the ball, light around many screen wall, catching and shooting. If you don't save, he will sell directly. If you tried to block, he will be like a glider in the 80 s, took his long legs, on a breakthrough. He stride length is too big, as long as two steps from the three-point line up to the basket, hair is flying a kite, dunk.

Imagine: a Hamilton can run made a guy like that, long dirk's height, and as the first step in two long legs + glider, how do you prevent?

But, when he is still a level of the regular season. In 2010 the first round of the playoffs, artest to accept "SI" interview, noses at durant heads-up ability, only emphasizes "their team is very good at setting up screen wall!" Indeed, the score, durant was built on his ball on the board. So, in 2010 first round against the lakers, scoring only 35% field goal percentage.

But it doesn't matter, he was still young. And, as Kevin durant mother says: this is a since middle school mountain training crazy run eight kilometers a day.

In 2010 world championships, durant hardware upgrades. He from a striker of shooting + breakthrough attack the basket and break through the hand, to a "pure scorer" evolution. His ball breakthrough + step back jumper stunts, his step distance test jumpers, he take the ball outside the three-point line, left hand dribbling long legs strong step process; He can catch turnaround jumper at waist. Key of the first world war in 2011 to the nuggets, he sprints, a half to the free throw line mass ejection oblique eight after a very difficult; Game 7 against Memphis, he lifted the wave section 3 consecutive 3-pointers, then is the bottom line of the two empty grafting, brock passing dunk finish.

His empty cut + + shooting the ball breakthrough already had a big framework, but the 2010-2011, he was gradually become delicate. The projectile more after his breakthrough, often cast of people outside the penalty area, long arm spin refers to a low hand projectile. He is no longer needed his teammates gave him to set up the screen wall, can solve problem yourself holding one-on-one.

But the 2010-11 season, we have no chance to see real durant. Brooke has grown because of that year, Wisconsin, mastered the thunder of the ball, starts to score. While durant began to go the other way:

He already has a scoring champion, not from 28 minutes or 30 minutes a game, up to 35 points... So, 2011-12 season, and he tried to brooke composition similar to wade + lebron type combination: ball, assault, attract double points. Durant can more freely one-on-one ball breakthrough, called screen, can be stopped moving urgent cast, mass ejection, perimeter back behind her back. His left hand dribbling breakthrough, changing hands to speed up, have great progress. And most importantly, he has been willing to pass the ball before, but this year he finally able to cut the empty out, move the ball and moving dribbling all together, to be a good passer. 2012-13 season, he improve his efficiency, he lost the leading scorer, but every 28 points and eight rebounds, 5 assists comprehensive degrees, catching up early bird - and, he and terrorist 51%, 42% rate of three points and shooting 51% rate of free throw. Considering his 81% of the attack by the jumper, it was 51% shooting some shock.

But it was not until the playoffs, we didn't see the real durant.

2013 playoffs, the rockets game 2, injury, brooke, Kevin durant. Involve took off, after nine games, he averaged 32 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists, including four after the rockets, averaging 36 points, nine rebounds and six assists.

On the one in the playoffs so do all-conquering person? Lebron James in 2009.

Came to 2013-14 season.

Wiese brooke were injured, really bad for the thunder, but for durant, it's like a reason, and an opportunity.

- before this, durant has been no opportunity, also do not have necessary, monopoly on offense. Weiss brooke organization, he can set his mind at to be a scorer. As he always humble attitude, he didn't, also have no reason, to become a big guy took data.

- but the 2013-14 season, he needs to face the following problems:

Wei young master, the thunder need him to take over.

Wei young master, the thunder didn't anyone come with him to power.

Master out, if at the end of the season the thunder could hit 60 wins, or so, the world will wonder: "wow, durant led alone two months, also can hit record so scary!"

Early - 2002-03 season, sharks out for four weeks. Bryant during the 40 + played three games, two games three pairs, the six 10 + rebounds, and has since become the team's chief ball holder 1 attack choice, never to the sharks - even in the return of the shark.

A step further:

Over the past four years, duran three unique is the second season MVP ballot, the first is lebron James.

So, even if he hasn't the MVP in hand, but the world recognized: he and lebron after the day of the first one.

And he is now, have a reason, also have the opportunity to, out of your cold and convergence, a shocked the world showed. Finally we want to see, since 2010 has been master covered, durant's true strength.

So, we saw so far this season, his performance.

Durant in real data, this year is his assists. Not passing skills progress - more strictly, his passing gimmick than melon super good, seen melon in 2009 as the natural understand - but from the side of the axis of the Denver nuggets reflects his true decisive progress:

In the past, his shot, move, attack the basket is perfect enough, but the lack of a chain, connect these; But this season, his dribbling true to the best level, a combination of his dribbling, shooting and passing, i.e. one ball, commonly known as the ball, the better. He is no longer a striker, an end, a scorer at quarterback, a passer, but these together with a complete, comprehensive, follow one's inclinations.

So, all follow.

Had the ball all understand, like Kevin durant now, press the center of gravity dribble dribble guarantee low enough, then pull the ball jump shots, center of gravity change, not only by hand, have to the body. In fact, durant now exercise capacity, than his rookie year. Listening to the strange: this is the younger the can jump, can have more long more?

That is the case.

University in 2007, durant is very thin, so play the whole, light, although when he shot accuracy, but from the ball to get up, is a force in the process of storage; Now, to see him play better:

Move along, stop, hurry up, my legs power there.

Wing cut out, a leapfrog, ball, hurry up, jumping height very surprising; For the warriors that war, Barnes several ball go to great lengths to jump, or seal durant's Angle.

Move travel, stop, curved legs, aloft, hold out a bosom, balance, adjust, arms in the air the ball out.

These things, rely on is no longer a handle, and the power of waist and abdomen, legs and whole body. As lewis that half DianEr type, many striker is fine; Ray Allen that whole body tense of bowstring, the world he alone one person.

The growth of the power, does not necessarily reflect on the stiff muscles. Durant progress so far this season, from his screen, he play with, to his speed, shooting aloft, explosive attack the basket, in addition to the skills, as well as his over the years, a little bit of the power of growth.

Complete a monster to temper, never not just happen overnight.