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BBS is dead?

BBS, the word is not all strange to many people in the Internet, for the sake of taking care of readers of young people, I make a brief introduction: is English BBS (Bulletin Board System (electronic Bulletin Board) or Bulletin Board Service (Bulletin Board Service), in fact, we usually say "BBS" is. I've always thought, the history of China's Internet, in fact is from BBS. , after I graduated from university, began a net when on site is often shuimu tsinghua, had an impact in college students. Know later, there were reporters often on the web site, call already; There is a sports fans on the website, often called richwin, later developed into the now sina, are BBS. BBS until five years ago, of course, is a fire, for example, tianya, often because of a little hot fact and can become a hotspot of current politics news source; Mop once very fire, and is considered to be synonymous with BT; Tiexue BBS, meeting places, are thought to be military enthusiasts, baidu post ba

Kevin durant and lebron: history of the NBA small forward

2009-13 in the four seasons, lost three MVP lebron package, and Kevin durant is three times the regular season MVP vote the second; If given the durant bag off three leading scorer in four seasons, another belongs to the melon. Unless some miracle, this season MVP is not escape from Kevin durant and lebron palm, he combined with melon, the league also monopoly score the top three. Although Paul George recently state anymore, but if the end of the season now, he can still 2 array. On a small forward so prominent s is what time? Well, the "Slam Dunk" era... You see, xiangbei rukawa, ling nan sendoh, FengYu is fierce, south mountain Wang Youze north, are all small forward as a trump card. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay, seriously. A small forward on such a prominent when s is? Well, in 1981. That season's MVP ballot qualifying: first, Dr J Byrd (they are very close to) 2, marquis - Johnson 6 (don't throw a person, in front of him is day Moses and ice hook, personality, and

Upload the iPhone panoramic photos to Google maps

Google maps Street View service (Street View) can be a very interesting feature, users can through the streets of Street View to see the world, free to travel around the world, while Google has recently opened its Street View photo upload service, users can use their mobile phone or digital camera will be captured by the panoramic photos uploaded to Google maps, Internet users around the world are likely to see your photos, it makes the already popular service, there will be more popular trend in the future. Official Google introduced how to use the Android 4.2 Nexus uploading street view photos to Google maps, but for a lot of iPhone users how to operate, Google doesn't specify, today, I will introduce the iPhone users upload panoramic photos to Google maps. IPhone camera while bringing the function of shooting panoramas, but not a 360 - degree Panorama, so we need to use a third party's 360 - degree panoramic photos application, here I chose 360 Panorama of the application, M

Professional sports and gay: false tolerance and true bias

Old Mr Michael Sam, on February 4, 2014, received a huge birthday present. He is Dallas, early days is bitter: he has eight children, three early death, two sons went to prison. But until 2014 the day which some, mainly in seven son Michael's blessing. Little Sam Michael, is the pride of their family: the child was born in 1990, now has grown into a kind of 188 cm, 116 kg of the big fellow; Has read a senior at the university of Missouri, is the name of the school football team, in fact, in 2013, the little Michael was the sports news in the first team, as the school's defensive ace, four years down he accumulated 123 times grappling capture kill opponents quarterback, 21 times, by the early summer this year, he will take part in the NFL draft, big be NFL player may, start earning millions of dollars annual salary. Even as his birthday, son sent him this message: "Dad, I'm gay." The old man choked the on the spot, "I couldn't eat, I go to an apple bees fi

Kevin Durant:The history of the evolution of from leading scorer to rulers

In 2006, durant graduated from oak hills high school, university of Texas. Height 206 cm, weight 206 kilograms, sage like type. scout reports said he was good at long shots, critical moment score, potential, shorter than low, midrange singles, strength attack. He can play two forward position, but not for power, prefer noodles basket attack. Combined with spidery hands long feet, all over the sky net on rebounding ability, as well as the name "Kevin", scout reports cautious said: "As so high, so a good shot is a rare... his playing style, have a bit of Kevin garnett in." That season, he is a can run can jump to shoot spider-man. A year later, in 2007, before the draft draft website NBADRAFT by his unique besotted, finally had to move out of dirk + McGrady - of course, to be fair, durant is not particularly like Tracy McGrady at that time. A freshman he played a famous single-game 37 points and 23 rebounds. A freshman he, reflect fast, keen consciou