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Showing posts from January 3, 2010

Gay Marriage Defeated In New Jersey [Gay Marriage]

The New Jersey Senate tonight voted 20-14 against a bill that would legalize gay marriage . Gays: Think of this as a good excuse to get the hell out of New Jersey. (Whoops, double-posted . How embarrassing! -ED) [ NYT ] Published by Original source :

Live Blogging Jersey Shore , Week Five with Special Guests Sammi and Ronnie [Jersey Shore]

It's always nerve-wracking having company over. Is the house clean enough? Will we have enough food? When will they get here? Will they show at all ? Like a good party, it's going to be a blast watching Jersey Shore together. As you might have heard the king and queen of Seaside Heights, Sammi and Ronnie, are scheduled to be joining us tonight. I've set up commenter accounts, so they should be all ready to go. Now we just have to wait for them to get here. Ho hum...what's taking you guys so long? While we wait, I'll explain what this whole shindig is all about. We're all going to watch Jersey Shore , the most important sociological study of our time, together on MTV. The show starts at 10pm, but in the hour before, we'll just be hanging out in the room sharing tanning tips and trading ham recipes. If you'd like to join in or make a comment about the show, type your message in the box below and press the share button. Then everyone can see it and

Mashable Hunk Not Ready for Heavy Petting with AOL [Blogging For Dollars]

Responding to rumors he might sell his tech blog to AOL, Mashable CEO/babe magnet Pete Cashmore says he's gone to first or second base with some company, and flirted with others, but isn't about to close a deal. Here are Cashmore's exact, carefully chosen words, via Business Insider : We're very open to partnerships and always talk with those that get in touch. We've certainly spoken to lots of potential partners, some of those conversations more significant than others. But I don't feel that any of those conversations reached a point at which Mashable is likely to cease being independent. Translation: "You probably can't afford me." Playing distant and unobtainable with the suitors? No wonder this one drives the ladies crazy . (Pic: Cashmore, by Brian Solis .) Published by Original source :

Yay! We're getting White House pool reports ... [Pool Reports]

Yay! We're getting White House pool reports again. Boo! "Nothing on Orszag's love child." Published by Original source :

Hall of Monitors [Pic Of The Day]

[ Samsung puts on quite a display of displays for their booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas , which opened today. Image via Getty ] Published by Original source :

Giving Birth to an ATM [Save The Children]

Most troubling line from the New York Times ' article about child-prodigy gameshow Our Little Genius : " is the parents of the contestant who decide whether to advance to the next question or to stick with the money they have already won." Published by Original source :