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Showing posts from September 20, 2009

The Local Color [Pic Of The Day]

[ This artful gentlemen attracts plenty of onlookers while parading around during the international London Tattoo Convention, which started today. Image via Getty ] Published by Original source :

A Dramatic Reading of Peggy Noonan's Harvard Syllabus [Performance]

A dramatic reading of Peggy Noonan's Harvard syllabus : Let us listen , and, in listening, laugh. Published by Original source :

Goldilocks and the Three Stares [Open Caption]

[ All eyes are on human Muppet Donatella Versace as she greets the crowd at her fashion show in Milan last night. Image via Getty ] Published by Original source :

Mahmoud Takes Manhattan [Street Scene]

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to Midtown this week to tell the United Nations General Assembly about Iran's "peaceful nuclear program" and how much he hates Zionists. His presence caused clashes between protesters and alleged Iranian agents on 48th Street. Ahmadinejad has been in hot water at home over his highly questionable victory in Iran's last Presidential election. A large group of his green garbed opposition gathered across the street from his room on the seventh floor of the Intercontinental hotel. The protesters taunted him with chants of "down with the dictator" in Farsi punctuated with shouts calling Ahmadinejad a liar, murderer, torturer, and fascist. One police officer standing in front of the hotel told us there were at least four law enforcement agencies on hand to make sure the Iranian delegation and their opposition played nice including the NYPD, the FBI, and Diplomatic Security officers from the Department of State.

Tinsley Mortimer Finally Gets in Touch with Reality TV [Answered Prayers]

Can you believe that it's taken Tinsley Mortimer this long to get a reality TV show? Well, the rumors are true, and she's headed to the home of all things glorious and sophisticated: The CW . We were holding out for her to star in a CBS procedural about a crime-solving socialite called Post Mortimer , but this will have to do. The network has ordered eight half-hour episodes of the "docusoap." No word yet on when they will air or a title. Can you imagine if this aired right after Gossip Girl ? What have we done to afford ourselves such joy? The show will focus on the life and times of New York's hottest socialite that isn't on Bravo. Expect lots of charity functions, fashion shows, and at least one tense sitting with recent ex-husband Topper. Oh and we will sacrifice Jill Zarin 's first born to the flesh-starved diety of reality television to see a showdown between her and Fabiolo Beracasa. [ Image via Getty ] Published by Original

My Own Private Idahobo [Open Caption]

[ Proving that paparazzi shots of guys looking dumb on bikes come in all shapes and sizes, Keanu Reeves sports the scruffy look in L.A. yesterday. Image via X17 ] Published by Original source :