Sep 24, 2009

This Man Is a Terrorist (and He's Single!) [Crime]

This is Michael Finton, a.k.a. Talib Islam. He was arrested for allegedly planning to bomb a federal courthouse in Illinois. Also he's a Sagittarius and he wants children "someday."

The FBI set up a sting to catch Finton in the act of trying to blow up a courthouse, as that is basically the pattern of most of these terror stings: the Feds find some disaffected and incredibly idiotic Muslim youth and provide him with a target and make-believe bombs and then arrest him when he tries to detonate these make-believe bombs that they got him, outside the terror target they helped him pick out. It is usually more than a little bit ridiculous.

Federal officials allege that on Wednesday, Finton drove a van containing what he thought was explosive material and parked it directly in front of the northwest corner of the Paul Findley Federal Building at Sixth and Monroe streets.

He got out of the van, locked the door and got into another vehicle driven by an undercover FBI officer and drove away. Within a few blocks of the federal building, Finton made a cell phone call to remotely detonate the purported bomb," officials said.

He was arrested immediately after he attempted to detonate the "device."

Yes, indeed. Finton told the judge that he worked part-time in the kitchen of a local "fish and chicken restaurant." And look, here is his MySpace!

It is not actually all that interesting, except that he certainly seems to be friends with a lot of immodest ladies. I can see their necks! And hair!

Oh, and there are a bunch of kind of tragic MySpace comments from someone who seems to be Finton's niece. She does break the news that Finton's been to jail before, and that afterward he cared more for his Muslim brothers and sisters than his "really family."

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