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WordCamp SF Livestream!

WordCamp SF Livestream!    阅读原文» The annual WordPress conference, WordCamp San Francisco , starts in fewer than 8 hours. The sold out event — three full days of programming for bloggers, developers, theme designers, and professional WordPress users — will be shared with more than 1,000 ticket holders from near and far. If you are one of the many people who wanted to come but couldn’t swing the time off or travel expenses, you should check out the livestream tickets that are for sale . You can even get a conference t-shirt tocommemorateyour “virtual” participation. Speakers include members of the WordPress core development team, leaders of WordPress-based businesses, hobbyists, and everything in between. Take a look at the schedules for Friday , Saturday , and Sunday , and if you see something that sounds interesting (how could you not?), buy a livestream ticket. The stream will start at 16:00 UTC on Friday, August 12. Viewing Parties Celebrate your own local WordPress community by

Partnership with Rocket Themes

Partnership with Rocket Themes    阅读原文» Today we got a brand new partner joining in as our premium WordPress theme provider. RocketTheme are among the first and the longest running template company who operates under the subscription model. The RocketTheme founder, Andy Miller who used to work as core developer for Mambo CMS back to 2004. Soon evolved into a template club based site and was relaunched under the name RocketTheme . During Andy’s time as a Joomla core developer, RocketTheme quickly grew into the number one template club for Joomla.Today, with more than dozens of developers and contributers. RocketTheme has grown to reach the WordPress audiences by providing premium theme designs for WordPress. To reach out to WordPress audiences, they have established the RocketTheme WordPress Theme Club . They provide over 30 astonishingly different theme design to enable you as WordPress user to stand out from the crowd. They also have this extensive community forums th

Making your posts more beautiful

Making your posts more beautiful    阅读原文» Here at we care about making things look good. Automattic, Inc ., our parent company, invests heavily in design: every engineering team has a full-time designer. We know making things look and feel great is important and we love making things people love to use. Over the last few weeks we’ve studied the most popular features people add to their blogs. Things like Sharing , Likes and Ratings . Previously when you turned them on it made your blog look cluttered, defeating the purpose of the features themselves. This made us sad. After much research, prototyping and testing by Beau and Hugo , we’ve released a simplified, more attractive design. These features now appear as friends, lining up in orderly columns, sharing attractive styles and working together to get you the activity from your visitors you want to have. You may notice the designs for individual buttons have changed. One specific difference is now the ‘smart butt


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New Theme: Quintus

New Theme: Quintus    阅读原文» We have created a brand new theme meant to carry on the spirit of an old timer with kindness, and we are launching it today. The theme has an air of old-style appeal, semi-academic graciousness with elegant typography, while also offering an overall fresh look with room for customization and the power of the latest WordPress features under the hood. It’s called Quintus . The Quintus Theme Above all, whether you are creating a blog with plenty of pictures or a more text-centric blog, Quintus should suit you with elegance. It goes without saying, but it also comes with much of the newer functionality you are accustomed to, including custom backgrounds, custom menus, header images, and the option to publish short aside posts, among others. If you like the focus to be on the content, you can even turn the blog design into a one column layout by removing all widgets from the sidebar in Appearance → Widgets . To learn more about Quintus go to its page on th

New Theme: Pink Touch 2

New Theme: Pink Touch 2    阅读原文» Today we're excited to introduce the latest addition to our themes ― Pink Touch 2 , a nicely designed theme that has a stellar mix of color, texture, and typography. The Pink Touch 2 theme Originally designed by Kcmr , Pink Touch 2 pays close attention to detail. The individual design effects are simple and subtle but together they make your blog look very attractive. Pink Touch 2 was designed with Post Formats in mind. The theme supports nine post formats ― standard, quote, aside, image, gallery, chat, audio, link, and video. Read all about Pink Touch 2's features on the Theme Showcase . 阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

Now Publicize to Facebook Pages

Now Publicize to Facebook Pages    阅读原文» Since we launched Publicize for Facebook, which automatically shares a link to new posts to your Facebook account, one of the top requested features has been the ability to Publicize to Facebook Pages. We’ve been listening and working hard, and are happy to announce support for this today. If you already have Publicize active ( which you should if you like traffic) , you’ll now see a link to set options for Facebook, inside the Facebook block on the Sharing Settings page. If you click on it, you’ll see a simple dialog box that lists all your available pages to pick from. If you are new to Publicize , you’ll see a sequence of screens confirming permission to post to your Facebook account, before you see the screens above. Also note, currently you can only Publicize to one target: either a page or your wall. This should be more than sufficient to get your great posts out to a wide audience of your choosing. We hope you enjoy this added fl

Migrating from Posterous to WordPress

Migrating from Posterous to WordPress    阅读原文» Posterous to WordPress As I have tried on the the current 0.7 version of Posterous importer is not compatible with the latest WordPress 3.2.1 version. Hence, I have to use tools from and use it as a medium of bridge to import and export to Posterous. But you will need to register yourself on and get a blog if you do not have any. Once you are in the Dashboard page, select Tools > Import > Posterous Enter your hostname and also the username which in this case is the email that you registered for your Posterous and enter the password. Click Submit , it will then validate whether it’s correct or not. If all the data entered are correct, the importer status will be out and it will show the amount of posts and other information being transfered. After using as a medium of bridge to export Posterous XML file , follow the export and import steps like how it was shown in Word