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Fight Club -Inspired Acts of Idiocy: Trendy [Trendwatch]

An employee at a Texas school for the developmentally disabled has been sentenced to four years in prison for making the school's poor students battle each other Fight Club style. Well, to be fair: he's a trendy guy! This guy, the Texas Terror : "The videos showed night staff instigating the fights at one of the facility's dorms, even kicking residents and telling them what to do." What a bunch of human cocks. The Teenage UES Starbucks Bomber : "Mr. Shaw had bragged to friends that he was responsible for the bombing, [NYPD head Ray] Kelly said, and had started an underground fight club modeled on the one in the 1999 film." The Republican Party's Tea Bagger Faction : "The coming revolution is akin to 'Fight Club,' the 1999 film that follows the struggles of day to day life for a regular guy who starts an underground fight club as radical and not terribly productive psychotherapy." Three's a trend. Not to mention the

Confessions of a Fashion Week Party Monster [Couture Crash]

Fashion Week just OD'd. But I'm comforted by the fact that its sexy corpse will rise again to do another skeleton dance on the catwalk, seduce the style-obsessed among us, and throw up at an after-party at Indochine. So, did everyone have a good time? I wondered about that as I embarked on my final night out as Gawker's Fashion Week Party Correspondent. I personally did not get into any of the A-list soirées: I was barred from the big Marc Jacobs/Lady Gaga blowout , told that "the list is closed" at Alexander Wang's gas station gala, and couldn't score an invite to the T Magazine drink-up at the Standard, just to name a few indignities. I must confess that at times I wished I could have shape-shifted into the form of Josh Hartnett. Or better yet, a baby unicorn. But I thoroughly enjoyed all the parties that would have me. You see, for me Fashion Week harkens back to a mythical era in New York nightlife when you could hit two or three decent events

Lost Her Kung Fu Grip [Open Caption]

[ Paula Abdul attacks New York with her crazy martial arts moves yesterday. Image via Flynet ] Published by Original source :

Which Actress Covers up the Smell of Pot with Microwave Popcorn? [Blind Items]

Too bad her Pop Secret can't conceal her pot secret. Also not covered are a naked, coke-snorting trio at fashion week, or a celeb who brushes off her baby for booger sugar. Pass the mirror and enjoy! 1. "This up and coming actress chills out in her trailer in between takes. She listens to some music, chats on her phone, and pops bag after bag of microwave popcorn. She doesn't actually eat the popcorn. Rather, she uses it to cover up the scent of another relaxing activity that involves herbal inhalation. If you'd like to join her, it's easy to discuss it in public, i.e. "Hey, do you have any microwave popcorn in your trailer?" Yes, sweetie, everyone on the set knows." [ Blind Gossip ] 2. "So, a reality star, a designer and an actress walk into a bar. No, not into a bar actually, but it sounds much better that way. They actually just walked backstage at a show. The female reality star who has a huge history of drug problems did some coke

Stop Your Whining, Americans. We're Rich! [Money Matters]

In the face of the recession, Americans saved more money and stopped borrowing. Meanwhile, stock prices started rising. All this gave households the highest amount of wealth they've had in two years. Let's go shopping! [ WSJ ] Published by Original source :

"Dad, I'm Late for Home Room" [Open Capiton]

[ Michael Cera exits a minivan at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday. Image via INF ] Published by Original source :