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Showing posts from August 30, 2009

Hipster Brooklyn Doomed To "Waterworld" Existence In Sea Rise Sinking Future [Sunken Treasures]

Here's a prediction of how land is going to change as oceans rise over the years. A tipster helpfully points out a submerged Greenpoint, thus relegating serious contingencies of Brooklyn's hipsters to a Waterworld -like existence. The big difference: water. [ BoingBoing ] Published by Original source :

Page Six Discovers Facebook, Celebrity Hate Groups [Late]

Talk about A-Yo Technology. Page Six recently discovered people on Facebook! Being mean to celebrities! Meaner than them , even. Unfortunately, the people hating celebrities on Facebook aren't funny. Also, they've clearly never read comments on D-Listed . Next: Twitter! [ Page Six ] Published by Original source :

More Online Talent Departs the L.A. Times [Memos]

The Los Angeles Times is losing its online managing editor to, editor Russ Stanton confirmed in a staff email, reprinted below. The departure marks the further dismantling of a team that relaunched the site starting about five years ago. As the New York Observer notes , Artley follows in the footsteps of our own Richard Rushfield, who was entertainment editor up through July, and in the wake of the head of the Times ' online advertising, Juliana Jaoudi, and the head of online entertainment advertising, Jennifer Van Hook, both let go in the past week. Formerly editor of, Artley was part of a team of outsiders general manager Rob Barrett brought in after he was hired in 2005 to remake the site. Her departure, then, could lead to greater control by the newspaper's print side of the heretofore relatively independent website. Published by Original source :

Save Ferris [Pic Of The Day]

[ A ferris wheel swirls in the sky last night at a state fair in Timonium, Maryland. Image via Getty ] Published by Original source :

Have Björk and Matthew Barney Split Up? [Rumormonger]

Oh, the art world ! Like any insular set of people, it's always swirling with the best rumors. The mystery that arty people are exploring: has Matthew Barney has left his hipster elf wife Björk for sometimes-lesbian painter Elizabeth Peyton ? When we first heard the tale, the first thing we thought of was, of course, real estate. Mr. and Mrs. Barney just purchased a house in Brooklyn Heights. However, they still haven't gotten rid of their West Houston Street apartment or their house in Snedens Landing, N.Y. Either they bought the Brooklyn house so that one of them could live their with their daughter, or they just wanted more room and can't get rid of either property in the shitty real estate market. Maybe Barney's relationship with Peyton holds the key. The two worked together in June at the Diest Foundation for Contemporary Art on the Greek island of Hydra. Peyton, who is well known for painting and photographing her friends and lovers, displayed images of

Poverty Spawn Returning to Pauper School [Recesssionomics]

The Way We Live Now: Falling through the safety net. Instead of "doctors," we have EMTs. Instead of "vacations," we have the park. Instead of "new Trapper Keepers," we have your new Trapper Keeper, that we stole. From you. While the employed "politicians" in Washington DC are talking about the issue of " health care " and whether you should be able to "keep your doctor," the real citizens of Washington DC cannot afford real doctors, so they just call the fire department every time they have heart attacks. The real citizens of Washington DC would not object so much to finding a new doctor. In New York City, we have Central Park. Go enjoy it. It's free! And it's your vacation this year . Camping allowed if you can evade the Kreepie Kats! Maybe you could have taken a proper vacation if greedy poors did not fail to stimulate the economy by failing to go out and spend the big buxxx on back to school sales. But th