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Chinese mysterious aircraft appeared field

[ ] global network reported recently , the network on a plane is developing the mysterious Chinese New anti-submarine patrol aircraft are dragging on his way to test field photos . Surprisingly , the picture of the background field , the fields and farmers in cattle holding in the work , the whole picture looks like a harmonious . 原文配图:一架神秘反潜机从田间地头驶过,有分析称这是我国最新研制的以运-9运输机为平台的反潜巡逻机。 The original picture: a mysterious anti-submarine aircraft passing from the fields, some analysts said this is our newly developed for -9 transport platform anti-submarine patrol aircraft . 原文配图:网络上曝光的被认为是以运-9运输机为平台研制的反潜机。 The original picture: the network exposure is considered anti-submarine platform developed by -9 transport .

Japanese professor Book confirmed: Fishing Island belongs to China

Murata Tada professor emeritus of Yokohama National University of Japan recently in an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency said , Diaoyu Island is not inherent territory of japan . The Japanese side in order to strengthen the Diaoyu Islands " nonexistent territorial dispute " view , fabricating false records , and was published in related historical materials .   今年6月,村田出版了新书《日中领土问题的起源》,书中根据日方公布的资料,得出了钓鱼岛不属于冲绳或历史上的琉球、不是日本固有领土的结论。"根据现有资料,任何人都无法对我的观点进行反驳,"村田说。 This year in June , Murata published the book " territorial issues origin " , the book according to the Japanese released data, the Diaoyu Island does not belong to Okinawa or the history of the Ryukyu Islands , Japan's inherent territory of the conclusion is not . " According to available information , no one can for me to refute the view , " said Murata .   村田说,日方说冲绳县"尖阁诸岛"(即我钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿)是日本固有领土,但冲绳本来就不是

China again exposed the new special fighter can shield the enemy signal

Moderator: Recently, the Chinese Air Force's first psychological warfare aircraft No. 7 raised concerns about high exposure, psychological warfare is considered to be the main information war of the style, in the past the Libya war and the war on terrorism and war, the American Psychological Warfare aircraft EC130J, have played a huge effect, then this developed in China new psychological warfare aircraft, and whether we can achieve not battle and flooding the soldiers of the effect? Explanation: the latest exposure of various psychological warfare aircraft No. 7, was developed by China's shape, the 8 transporter converted to one of the psychological warfare aircraft, the task is to perform psychological operations and civil affairs in the standard AM FM frequency TV and military communication band broadcast task, during execution this task must be to expect, aircraft group as the target, the aircraft altitude control signal propagation in most suitable height. At the sa