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Growth of WordPress

Growth of WordPress    阅读原文» Over on the blog, there’s an interesting story about the growth of WordPress, the software that powers here, and the ecosystem around it . is different from every other social platform out there because in addition to giving you ownership of your data you get ownership of the code running your data as well , you could run the same Open source software yourself,and in fact we’ll even help you do it . Open Source is like a Bill of Rights for software that protects your essential freedoms. When you bring a friend to WordPress you can do it without worry because we’re building something to be around ten, twenty, thirty years from now. If you’d like to learn more about what’s happening and coming in the wider world of WordPress, check out this presentation I made: Happy blogging. 阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

State of the Word

State of the Word    阅读原文» This has been an exciting year for WordPress. We’ve grown to power 14.7% of the top million websites in the world , up from 8.5%, and the latest data show 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running WordPress . We also conducted our first ever user and developer survey, which got over 18,000 responses from all over the world: We found a few interesting tidbits from the survey responses already, including that 6,800 self-employed respondents were responsible for over 170,000 sites personally , and charged a median hourly rate of $50. In tough economic times, it’s heartening to see Open Source creating so many jobs. (If each site took only 3 hours to make, that’s $29.5M of work at the average hourly rate.) I talk about this data, and much more, in my State of the Word address which you can watch here : We know there’s more good stuff hidden in there and we’re open sourcing and releasing the raw information behind it. If you’re a researche

Watch your traffic grow with Sparklines

Watch your traffic grow with Sparklines    阅读原文» We have two quick announcements about new Stats features. The first one affects everyone with a blog. The second is just for those who have marked their blogs Private. The Admin Bar (visible at the top of your screen if you are logged into now shows a tiny stats chart called a sparkline. You will only see the sparkline on your own blogs. Here’s a screenshot of my admin bar: The chart consists of 48 upright bars representing the last 48 hours of page views for the current blog. Darker lines indicate nighttime according to the blog’s time zone setting. This is just to give you a rough overview of recent activity. The chart is also a link to the Site Stats page so you’re that much closer to the full picture.The sparkline has been available to self-hosted users through Jetpack for several months. Private blogs, which can be viewed only by users chosen by the administrator, now tra

beta620 from the New York Times launches

beta620 from the New York Times launches    阅读原文» The New York Times recently unveiled their experimental project platform, beta620 , running on WordPress. The New York Times has been on the cutting edge of using WordPress to publish and we can’t wait to see where their new experiments take them. Ready to become a VIP Services Client ? Some of the world's biggest brands rely on VIP Services. 阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

Tweet and Win RocketTheme Premium WordPress Themes

Tweet and Win RocketTheme Premium WordPress Themes    阅读原文»   It’s been sometime since our last giveaway and I know you all want the goodies so here it comes again. We’re going to giveaway 3 limited premium WordPress themes membership from RocketTheme and it is worth $50 and the validity of the membership will last for 90 days and you stand the chance to download all the themes if you win the contest for 90 days !!!   How to win? Follow @WPWebHost Twitter Tweet/Retweet the following message: WPWebHost is going Gaga again and retweet this to win Free RocketThemeonly at @WPWebHost Submit the URL of your tweet at comment section below. You may enter this giveaway multiple times by tweeting the message once a day until giveaway closes. Each tweet is counted as one entry, which will be put into the list of entries. Contest starts as soon as this post is published and ends on 22 August, 2011. Winners will be chosen using's List Randomizer after the contest ends. Notes * You