Sep 21, 2009

Obama Wades Into New York Politics, Poorly [Parochial News]

So. Obama sent New York governor David Paterson a letter asking him to not run for governor. Dumb! Because David Paterson is sensitive! And New York needs a governor who does not think everyone is out to get him.

To be fair, everyone is out to get Paterson. He is not really that great at governing, but this state is currently ungovernable, as the dearly departed Eliot Spitzer could also attest to. And the mess in this state is actually the fault of Malcolm Smith, Pedro Espada, Dean Seklos, Ruben Diaz, and lady-slasher Hiram Monserrate. Everyone would like David to politely step aside but he is kind of justifiably angry at everyone in the world for treating him like shit and blaming him for all sorts of things that are not so much his fault, and as long as people continue yelling at him and calling him names he will continue to pretend that he is going to run for governor.

Also who wants to be told to step aside for Chris Andrew Cuomo? (Whatever they are ALL terrible.) Ugh!

One thing Karl Rove and his Bush Administration were really good at was meddling in local politics. Until his power evaporated in 2006, Karl basically ran various local Republican parties across the entire nation, telling them who to run for what offices and doing everything in his power to strengthen that permanent Republican majority that has guided us through these troubled times.

Rahm Emanuel, theoretically, should be playing this same part in the Obama administration. But if he is, he is not doing it so well! Like with poor Jon Corzine (who might pull this one out still!) and now with this Paterson mess. Obviously the White House doesn't think Paterson will win reelection, and they would prefer a Democrat to be the Governor of New York, but this is not how you handle this situation.

Fred Dicker thinks they panicked because Obama does not want to face Giuliani in 2012,? Or they think that Giuliani on the ballot in 2010 will be energize New York Republicans and then they will all vote against various Democratic congressmen or something. But that is ridiculous. Giuliani is unelectable. (He was polling double digits behind McCain in the 2008 New York Republican primary!) If Rudy ran against Paterson the embattled governor would suddenly be the most popular man in the state.

Hah, maybe Hillary does want to be governor?

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