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Black History Month: An Objective Manifesto [Negropedia]

In the long and storied history of the universe nothing has come so far, overcome so much, as Black. Some have theorized that in the beginning there was only Blackness. Here's the thinking on that. In the beginning Black wasn't a color. It was just a void. Nothingness. Then came the sun and the heavens and the earth, and for some reason people began to hate on Black. They sided with yellow, and green, and blue, and others. They relegated Black to nighttime and said hurtful things like "what are we going to do? it's friggin' pitch-black out here". Black would think, "What do you mean what are you going to do? Y'know, it's worth noting I was here first, you light-reflecting punks. But really, you can do whatever you want. Just 'cause I'm around doesn't mean you can't do anything. Just don't call me pitch." But Black never actually said anything. He was never one to speak up. Instead, Black just absorbed the abuse. A

Six Million Ways to Die [Classic Ads]

This, reportedly from a "European trade publication circa 1998," may be the single most unintentionally terrible ad ever produced. At least in the last 11 28 years. Click to enlarge. [via Fishbowl LA ] Actually, it's from 1981. Shoulda checked the archives . (Thanks, Greg) Published by Original source :


Check it out !! We've got reviewed by Your Shopping Kaki and also Fashionista in You thanks a bundle to Your Shopping Kaki and Fashionista In You for featuring us on their site. (: Cheers, ClosetCraze ♥


Check it out !! We've got reviewed by Your Shopping Kaki and also Fashionista in You thanks a bundle to Your Shopping Kaki and Fashionista In You for featuring us on their site. (: Cheers, ClosetCraze ♥

No One's Buying [Pic Of The Day]

[ English folks walk by an advertisement in London, as the British economy tanks and no one goes shopping anymore; image via AP ] Published by Original source :

The Week of Biblical Correctness [Week In Review]

Boy. It is going to be a really nice weekend, right? For a couple minutes until it's GROSS and HUMID as usual anyway. Hey, what happened this week? Meghan McCain has lots of gay friends (and lots of opposite friends !) and she is a "progressive Republican," which means a Republican willing to adopt the hot new Young People trend of words not meaning anything anymore. Like " torture. " And "bisexual." (America has so many bisexual friends!) Elliot Spitzer's media rehabilitation hit a snag when he accidentally wandered into The Least Sincere Pumpkin Patch in the world. Shep Smith says America does not FUCKING TORTURE and yet we did? Why doesn't anyone listen to Shep Smith? Yes, the Hipster Grifter's MySpace page was basically exactly what you thought it would be. SHE IS STILL AT LARGE! Salma Hayek's emails, though, were not at all what we expected. She knows Charo! Oh no, Thomas Friedman's wife is broke! All because

The Worst Picture Ever Taken Is Also Sort of the Best One [Moments]

Oh, hello. You wanted to see a picture of disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich standing in a fake forest with Heidi and Spencer from The Hills , right? Oh good, because we have one. Um, yeah. So... Blago was going to be on the upcoming season of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! , which I don't need to explain because the show is so beautifully described in L'Inferno , but a federal judge said , "Um, actually you're being indicted on 17 pretty serious charges right now, so no, you can't go to Costa Rica to film a fucking reality show." So, he's not doing it, but he is promoting it! He showed up at a junket to support his would-be costars, a roster of ghouls that ranges from the aforementioned Hills idiots to born-again Baldwin Stephen to Tail Spin character made flesh, American Idol 's Sanjaya. What did he have to say about the would-be experience? I had sold myself on this being a way for me to be a modern-day Teddy Rooseve

S.I.'s TV Terrorist Going to Jail [Never Forget]

So this guy in Staten Island is going to prison for six years because he sold a satellite TV package of Arab news stations that included Al Manar , which is Hezbollah's TERROR CHANNEL. The prosecutors call him "Hezbollah's man in New York City," because he offered this channel, which is apparently TERRORISM. He also sold porn, so you know he's basically an Islamic fundamentalist and an amoral big city commie. This America-hater's punishment won't end after his prison term, of course! Iqbal, who has lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years, will most likely be deported once he has completed his prison sentence, Dratel said. Iqbal, a former car mechanic, is married with five children and a sixth child due in July. You can screen al-Manar right here , in the comfort of your own home. And then you can GO TO JAIL FOR BEING A TERRORIST. (Make your own "and yet it's no crime to broadcast ___" jokes we are too depressed.) (Hint: Glenn B