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Migration Blogspot to self-hosted WordPress

Migration Blogspot to self-hosted WordPress    阅读原文» Blogger to WordPress For those who has been blogging in Blogger or Blogspot and would like to switch to self-hosted WordPress(best of all blogging platform), these are the following steps you need to follow: Login to your self-hosted WordPress Dashboard . Go to Tools > Import . Select on Blogger . It will prompt you for the Blogger Importer plugins and just click Install . Or you can manually install it from After installing the Blogger Importer plugins, go back to the Tools > Import and click Blogger and you will see this page below. Click Authorize and you will have the authentication between WordPress and Google Blogger account that you have. After this, you will be prompted to grant access. Click Grant access to proceed. After clicking the Grant access , you will go to the import page that looks like a snapshot below where the import process will take place


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New Theme: Next Saturday

New Theme: Next Saturday    阅读原文» I’m pleased to announce our newest theme ― Next Saturday. That is, the theme called “Next Saturday” launches today (not next weekend). With its rich, bright colors, three-dimensional blocks, and subtle shadows, Ian Mintz’s Next Saturday brings a touch of childlike innocence to your blog. The Next Saturday Theme Next Saturday was designed especially with Post Formats in mind. The theme supports seven post formats — quote, aside, image, gallery, chat, audio and video. Many of these post formats receive special styling so that they “pop” out from the rest of your content. To read all about Next Saturday’s features, stop by the Theme Showcase . New Theme: Chapters    阅读原文» If you've wanted to promote a book, this unique design is a perfect match. It's called Chapters and it's the latest in a series of terrific themes from Woo Themes. The Chapters Theme Chapters was originally designed by uber-designer, Tim van Damme, and was u

WordCamp San Francisco August 12 – 14

WordCamp San Francisco August 12 � 14    阅读原文» The official annual WordPress conference, WordCamp San Francisco , is coming up next week, August 12 -14th! As of today there are still some tickets available (at $50 for the entire 3 days, it’s an incredible bargain) as well as there are some opportunities available to sponsor as well. Many members from the VIP Team at , Automattic , and the larger WordPress community will be present and speaking, too. We hope to see you there! Ready to become a VIP Services Client ? Some of the world's biggest brands rely on VIP Services. 阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

Timthumb Security Update

Timthumb Security Update    阅读原文» We have received an email from Nick Roach andtoday on the security update on all ElegantThemes premium themes caused by the Timthumb image re-sizing script . In case they might have miss out Nick’s email, here is the email Hello,     You are receiving this email because you are an active member of . In the past, our themes have used a popular image re-sizing script called Timthumb ( ). The script is used by millions of sites and is quite popular in the WordPress themeing community. That being said, it was noted yesterday that a vulnerability exists within certain versions of the script ( ), and therefore this vulnerability may also exist in your theme (depending on when you last updated it). While that author has provided a fix, it is highly recommended that you update all of your EelgantThemes themes to their latest versions. Th

New Theme: Esquire

New Theme: Esquire    阅读原文» The number of beautiful themes that let you publish with visually distinct Post Formats grows by one today with Mathew Buchanan’s elegant and bold, Esquire . I think you’re really going to like it. The screenshot above doesn’t really do justice to Esquire. You really need to check out the Esquire demo blog to get a good sense of how the design works in action. So, check it out. If you want to know more about blogging with Esquire we've made a page that describes all the Post Formats in more detail on the Theme Showcase . You can read up on Esquire there, check out that live demo, or just activate it on your blog and start experimenting! 阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

How To Add Style To Author Comment Box on WordPress

How To Add Style To Author Comment Box on WordPress    阅读原文» More and more bloggers are switching over to WordPress as their CMS or content management system when building their blogs. WordPress is famous among bloggers due to its highly customizable nature and thousands of plugins which are available for it. Plugins make our work easier and we don’t need to stretch ourselves in the coding part. What keeps us bloggers to keep on writing are the comments and responses we received in the comment boxafter posting it. We all know how boring it can get if your blog does not have a rather active comment box. After all, the comments are our first filter in getting the response from our audience. So, today I will be teaching you on how to add styling to your author comments box on WordPress. I have tried to search on the Internet for any suitable plugins which might be available for this task, but couldn’t find any satisfactory results. Chances are there are some plugins for this task, but t