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Surface Book: Microsoft anachronistic ambitions

Win10 hardware product release, Microsoft product. Outside pleasantly surprised at the retreat is not only for six months out of the company's new flagship, nor is it represents the future science fiction world HoloLens virtual reality technology, but the Surface after Surface Pro to launch a new product line: the Surface of the Book. Surface restoring ancient ways of the Book is a "reactionary" products. According to the conference, which is home to the Microsoft laptops. This laptop computer is moving under the big trend, Microsoft confronted with confused looking for direction, purge Windows camp. When facing the Android mess it with the Google launched the Nexus approach. Windows camp OME manufacturers themselves into confusion Gartner and IDC figures released in July this year show that the second quarter of decline in PC sales suffered the biggest in two years. Gartner, points out that in the second quarter of this year, manufacturers shipments at 68400000 m, fell