Apr 2, 2011

Official Google T-shirts Giveaways: Winners Announced

Official Google T-shirts Giveaways: Winners Announced  阅读原文»

This is not April’s Fool joke and we are really giving this cool Google T-shirts away to 10 random lucky winners who has participated on our Official Google T-shirts Giveaways contest since 21th March 2011.

Now here are list of 10 lucky random winners what was picked by Random.org's List Randomizer together with their tweets of participations. Congratulations and don’t feel back if you are not on the list.

  1. Matt -http://twitter.com/#!/matthancocknz/status/50391495806693376
  2. Randy -http://twitter.com/DesignByRandy/status/50308745338699776
  3. Ashfame -https://twitter.com/#!/ashfame/status/50648037873303553
  4. Brian Yang -http://twitter.com/yangbrian/status/51447627207802880
  5. Japaul -http://twitter.com/#!/japaulvergonia/status/51653623482023936
  6. Hoàng Nguyn -http://twitter.com/#!/binhminhmua/status/52266636543143936
  7. Kat -http://twitter.com/#!/saberkite/status/53282275848232960
  8. Shivam Nayyar -http://twitter.com/shivamnyr/status/50940543252963328
  9. Kurniawaty Hidayat -http://twitter.com/chubby_SC/status/53301340453076992#
  10. Tomas -http://twitter.com/#!/tomaslau/status/50220978390835200

To all the winners, you will be reached by us via email shortly for getting the details for delivery of the cool official Google’s T-shirt.

To those that are “less fortunate”, please stay tuned for more giveaways and it will be right up the very soon. Instead,please be thankful if you have not been pranked on April’s Fool.

P/S: Have you pranked anyone on April’s Fool? Or you are the one being pranked?

Why you shouldn't have only ONE domain for your website?  阅读原文»

Most of us usually purchase one domain name with .COM extension when first setting up a blog or website.

Due to .com popularity, many webmasters and bloggers like you think only in terms of .com. when create websites. And this, could lead to some devastating effects to your websites which you might not be aware of.

  • Your traffic is stolen. Say your website is yoursite.com, your competitor can register yoursite.net or yoursite.org to steal your visitors who happen to browse .net/.org. Also when people google your site, they might accidentally click on other sites such as yoursite.net or yoursite.org.
  • Your brand/image gets damaged. Imagine you have a healthy living blog mylongerlifeblog.com. Your visitors accidentally visit mylongerlifeblog.net, and it turns out to be a porn site! The visitor will be truly amazed by your "healthy way of living".
  • You might spend more money. There are squatters who identify and register other domain name extensions of popular sites with the intent of selling them later for a profit. If you have a website yoursite.com, you will need to spend much more money in order to acquire yoursite.net domain if it has been registered by someone else.

YOUR DOMAIN NAME IS YOUR BRAND. Don't let it become vulnerable to opportunists and competitors.

WPWebHost offers domain registration for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info for only $9.99/year. To save even more, register for 5 years now and it only costs you $7.99/year! This promotion is valid before 31 March 2011.


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Twitter Blackbird Pie Just Got Even Sweeter

Twitter Blackbird Pie Just Got Even Sweeter  阅读原文»

Last November we launched Twitter Blackbird Pie, a quick and easy way to reproduce beautiful, full-fledged tweets ― not just static screenshots of tweets ― in your posts, pages, and even comments.

Today we are happy to announce that we’ve made it even easier for you to interact with tweets on WordPress.com. Thanks to the new set of tools that Twitter just announced, you can now reply to, retweet, or favorite content without ever leaving the page you’re on.

Try it out on the tweet below!

Twitter Blackbird Pie Just Got Even Sweeter http://wp.me/pf2B5-1JQ

This improvement takes effect immediately for all tweets on WordPress.com, so there’s no action necessary on your part. Enjoy!

Bonus Tip: Drive Traffic to Your Twitter Account

To gain additional exposure on Twitter, add your account as a verified external service in your public profile under Users -> My Profile in your dashboard. Anytime someone replies to, retweets, or favorites one of your tweets on WordPress.com, they’ll be prompted to follow you on Twitter.

Additional Ways to Integrate Twitter with WordPress.com

  • Display your latest tweets in your blog's sidebar using the Twitter Widget
  • Add a Twitter sharing button to the bottom of your posts or pages with the Sharing feature
  • Tweet new blog posts automatically to your Twitter account with Publicize

New Theme: Basic Maths  阅读原文»

Reminiscent of primordialgrid designs used in different print mediums, Basic Maths isone of the most elegant, and smartly-designed themes we’ve ever seen. We are thrilled to have it now available for WordPress.com sites as a Premium Theme. One particular thing of note about Basic Maths, is that it comes withcustom support direct from us, the Theme Team at Automattic, for the one-time price of $75.

Basic Maths, a grid based theme.

Apart from a thoughtful design, Basic Maths also offers some cool features, including the possibility to choose custom colors for links and other visual elements, helping you make this theme feel more personal to your site.If you want to make a statement about how important your content is,Basic Maths could be the answer.

You can check more about the theme, designed and developed byKhoi Vinh andAllan Cole, on the Theme Showcase. We hope you like it.


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WordPress.com: now iPad Optimized

WordPress.com: now iPad Optimized  阅读原文»

All WordPress.com users, including all VIP Hosting clients, just got a boost up when their site is being viewed with an iPad thanks to the Onswipe theme.

More details on how WordPress.com users can customize the Onswipe experience on the WordPress.com blog.

Astralwerks Relaunches on WordPress  阅读原文»

Astralwerks Records―home of recording artists Brian Eno, The B-52s, Air, and more―has relaunched their website on WordPress.

The site is richly designed and features news, tour dates, biographies, and videos for their artists.


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WordPress Summer of Code 2011

WordPress Summer of Code 2011  阅读原文»

For the past several years, WordPress has been a proud participant in the Google Summer of Code program (aka GSoC). We’ve been accepted as a mentoring organization again this year, and are looking forward to working with a select handful of talented college students who are interested in developing for WordPress. Student applications are currently being accepted, and the deadline to apply is April 8. Are you a college student/developer looking for a summer challenge (or do you know one)? If so, read on to find out how you (or your friend) can make $5,000 developing for WordPress this summer. (Best. Summer. Job. Ever.)

GSoC Logistics:

  • 175 mentoring organizations (including WordPress)
  • Highly competitive and prestigious program (in 2010,5539 proposals were submitted by 3464 students, and 1026 were accepted)
  • You must be enrolled in an accredited college/university
  • Coding period is May-August
  • Successful completion of project = $5,000
  • GSoC FAQ answers all your questions

WordPress logistics:

  • Mentors include WordPress core developers, plugin authors (including BuddyPress and bbPress), mobile app developers, and WordPress professionals.
  • Projects are limited only by your imagination and ability.
  • Previous GSoC students have gained responsible roles in WordPress core development, like Dion Hulse and Andrew Nacin (core committers), and Daryl Koopersmith (wrote the internal linking feature in 3.1 and much of the custom menus feature in 3.0).
  • This year, in addition to accepting project proposals for the main WordPress web app, we’re also encouraging applications for projects with the WordPress mobile apps (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone 7), for community-developed plugins like BuddyPress and bbPress, and even standalone plugins that could become community projects. Check out our Codex page on GSoC 2011 for some ideas to get you thinking.
  • Last year we mentored 15 students, and hope to take on about the same number this year.

If you’re a college student/developer, we encourage you to apply. If you’re a professor or a teacher of graduating high school seniors, encourage your students! If you just want to help us spread the word, download the WordPress GSoC flyer and post it on campus bulletin boards in your town. Remember, April 8 is the deadline to apply!

Live from South by Southwest 2011  阅读原文»

If you’ve ever heard Matt Mullenweg talk about the early days of WordPress, the South by Southwest (SxSW) Interactive festival that takes place each spring in Austin, TX usually crops up in the story. South by Southwest is in full swing right now, and WordPress has been all over the place.

On Friday the 11th, Matt was interviewed by John Battelle of Federated Media in front of a packed ballroom, talking about the future of WordPress. That night, the annual SxSW WordPress BBQ party played host to hundreds of WordPress users, developers, and businesspeople, and attendees got an extra treat this year in the form of a t-shirt made especially to commemorate WordPress and its Texas roots.

On Saturday the 12th, a second party co-hosted by the Austin WordPress Meetup Group and GeekAustin (and co-sponsored by the WordPress Foundation and WPEngine) brought together a similar crowd but with the addition of local WordPress community members who were not registered for the SxSW conference.

Starting today, the South by Southwest trade show opens, and this year for the first time it will feature an official WordPress Genius Bar. Staffed by professional WordPress support staff, developers, advanced users, theme designers, and even some of the core contributors and project leaders, the booth will be open from 11am-6pm each day to answer questions and help people with any WordPress problems they might have. If you are at South by Southwest this year, consider stopping by to say hello and pick up a WordPress button or sticker. We’ll also have a limited supply of the special WordPress/Texas shirts that we’ll be giving away at the booth, so if you’re at SxSW between now and Thursday, stop by. Hope to see you there!

Location: The WordPress booth will be in trade show stand numbers829, 831, 928, and 930 (it’s an endcap booth that combines those four spaces). You can find us in those spaces by following the numbered banners hanging from the ceiling.


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