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Official Google T-shirts Giveaways: Winners Announced

Official Google T-shirts Giveaways: Winners Announced    阅读原文» This is not April’s Fool joke and we are really giving this cool Google T-shirts away to 10 random lucky winners who has participated on our Official Google T-shirts Giveaways contest since 21th March 2011. Now here are list of 10 lucky random winners what was picked by's List Randomizer together with their tweets of participations. Congratulations and don’t feel back if you are not on the list. Matt -!/matthancocknz/status/50391495806693376 Randy - Ashfame -!/ashfame/status/50648037873303553 Brian Yang - Japaul -!/japaulvergonia/status/51653623482023936 Hoàng Nguyn -!/binhminhmua/status/52266636543143936 Kat -!/saberkite/status/53282275848232960 Shivam Nayyar -

Twitter Blackbird Pie Just Got Even Sweeter

Twitter Blackbird Pie Just Got Even Sweeter    阅读原文» Last November we launched Twitter Blackbird Pie , a quick and easy way to reproduce beautiful, full-fledged tweets ― not just static screenshots of tweets ― in your posts, pages, and even comments. Today we are happy to announce that we’ve made it even easier for you to interact with tweets on Thanks to the new set of tools that Twitter just announced, you can now reply to, retweet, or favorite content without ever leaving the page you’re on. Try it out on the tweet below! @wordpressdotcom Twitter Blackbird Pie Just Got Even Sweeter about 9 hours ago via Reply Retweet Favorite This improvement takes effect immediately for all tweets on, so there’s no action necessary on your part. Enjoy! Bonus Tip: Drive Traffic to Your Twitter Account To gain additional exposure on Twitter, add your account as a verified external service in your public profil now iPad Optimized now iPad Optimized    阅读原文» All users, including all VIP Hosting clients , just got a boost up when their site is being viewed with an iPad thanks to the Onswipe theme. More details on how users can customize the Onswipe experience on the blog. Astralwerks Relaunches on WordPress    阅读原文» Astralwerks Records ―home of recording artists Brian Eno, The B-52s, Air, and more―has relaunched their website on WordPress. The site is richly designed and features news, tour dates, biographies, and videos for their artists. 阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

WordPress Summer of Code 2011

WordPress Summer of Code 2011    阅读原文» For the past several years, WordPress has been a proud participant in the Google Summer of Code program (aka GSoC). We’ve been accepted as a mentoring organization again this year , and are looking forward to working with a select handful of talented college students who are interested in developing for WordPress. Student applications are currently being accepted, and the deadline to apply is April 8. Are you a college student/developer looking for a summer challenge (or do you know one)? If so, read on to find out how you (or your friend) can make $5,000 developing for WordPress this summer. (Best. Summer. Job. Ever.) GSoC Logistics: 175 mentoring organizations (including WordPress) Highly competitive and prestigious program (in 2010,5539 proposals were submitted by 3464 students, and 1026 were accepted) You must be enrolled in an accredited college/university Coding period is May-August Successful completion of project = $5,000 GSoC FAQ


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