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Why do people need to take a bath

The world really have such a tree-trunk. Said before, titian unwrapped a face points to, use in three to five picture; Monet in the 19th century 60 s to 70 s, the total in their first wife card meters. Jas, tiffany pendant in recent ten years, painting, caitlin Newton, a person only. But compared to the Angle of chi jin, he three also. See the following three pictures, such as the same woman back: When he was first in 1808, ingres 28 years old; Twenty years later, he drew the second picture; And 34 years later, his old man's house is 82 years old, finally he painted the naked woman, to a pack a circle son, and the leading role, and he drew the plane bare back more than half a century. Words in the early 19th century, Turkish bath in the European heart is idleness and alcohol wine, sexy manul. Turkish bath, along with Turkish coffee, Turkey pipe, as sweet, luxuries, mysterious, Bohemian, sensual, decadent, exotic, "Oriental palace luxury to enjoy," he swallow

In china:House prices fell, the poor the most hurt

High prices problem is a hot topic in the annual national "two sessions", many people are eager to house prices plummeted, some experts and scholars more think prices tumbled by thirty percent or more, to help people to buy a house. Property prices collapse has become not buyers want to hear "Gospel". But, if house prices plunged, as many people wish that far from "good news", it is "bad news", the general public assets will be severely damaged, economy would hit, it was the most benefit from the real estate developers, his reasons are as follows. The poor have the benefit to be hurt by them First of all, house prices fell, the people's nightmare began. Every time the stock market crash, gold prices tumbling, poor people of the spring is coming? Promise is not obviously, the poor or the poor. Slump in housing prices and the stock market crash, gold prices tumbling, there is no benefit not only the poor, but also hurt. On the surface,

The wizard could find the horse boat lost in the flight?

A wizard to join Malaysia looking for lost in the horse boat airliner team, let people already in the mood of anxiety, pain, a little more skeptical. According to reports, this is called Ibrahim (Ibrahim Mat Zin) is the famous wizard should be prime minister in charge of the religious affairs department minister jia m gere (Jamil Khir Baharom) invited and involved in the rescue work. The locally referred to as "Raja Bomoh sorcerer-kings ()" the wizard, in Kuala Lumpur international airport, said he through his "Bubu" (a kind of traditional fishing tools, usually by the bamboo woven, Malaysia's east coast, jia state fishermen's main tool) to cast spells, found the plane still stay in midair. According to the normal speculate that aircraft navigation after such a long time, China aviation oil has already been used, how can stay in the air? "The plane was hijacked by spirits," he said, "a huge eagle over the in plane", then "the plane s

Two women's Boston marathon

E.g., the name of the Boston marathon, running circles: it is one of the world's six marathon grand slam (another five to New York, Chicago, London, Berlin and Tokyo), is famous for its registration threshold high, is considered a "runner's mecca". Last year's terrorist bombings added a bit more it pathetique. Since 1897 the first wave of the horse, however, a 75 - year long years, it is a stubborn bastion of male chauvinism, women have no qualification to compete. Of course, this is also a reflection of the society as a whole concept at that time. The time it is generally believed that women are biologically cannot afford the marathon such a long run. When the amateur athletic federation recognition of women's longest distance, race was only 1.5 miles (2400 meters)! In 1967, a man named Catherine, wei ce, 19, a female college student sex discrimination determined to break through the net. The Syracuse, New York university journalism student and athlete to per

Video advertising is a uninternet dinosaur

Navigate the browser gives users a "fast forward" button for video AD. Peak elder brother very happy. Every time I see a climax plot suddenly come in a series of long and boring ads, see again not willing to, and not enough time on the trip to the toilet, feeling really kind of insulted, be forced. Whatsapp, founder of the advertising said no reason: "advertising is not only the destruction of the aesthetic, it can insult your intelligence quotient (IQ) and interrupt your thought process." Cows break company disdain by insulting users to earn money. The user is not the way to the Internet. YY li3 xue2 ling2 interpretation of the first Internet thought: "always be on the user side, rather than the opposite." But China's video ads go too far in the opposite, to the point of larger foe. First, the pictures on the Internet advertising usually have a button, let users can always X off advertising. Second, the Youtube video commercials on 5 seconds after the

CarPlay:Apple no longer think we overthrow

Always closed iOS finally began to extended beyond the mobile terminal, this time not wearable devices, nor the iTV, but a so-called "CarPlay" auto products. Familiar with apple's friends must know that over the past few years in March is the season to update, but 2014 this spring, Swiss motor show on the eve of the apple made an exception. From the perspective of a release CarPlay products, apple not only not to be "subversive" any one enterprise, instead more like active to automakers out an olive branch. Is different from the traditional operating system, vehicle system concept, apple CarPlay OS is not strictly, in short, it is just an iPhone to vest in the car, like Airplay, CarPlay can be understood as iOS link car a protocol, by this agreement, the user can call in the car on the screen, text messaging, listening to music, called Siri, use the navigation, and even open a part of a custom APP. Why is apple gave an olive branch? House car founder li

You can also run a marathon

In the vast majority of people view, running a marathon was one of those "in this life I what matter" feat, very far-fetched. And fly into space, mount Everest, actually visited the seven wonders of the world compared to those aspirations, the difficulty of running a marathon much smaller - does not need to spend a lot of money, don't have to wait a long time. In fact, you can say that: even if you are zero starting point, just prepare one or two years time, you can run a marathon. But there are three prerequisites: not too fat; Cardiovascular and leg injuries; Guarantee of mileage. If a year ago, you told me, I will think you are kidding me; If you to half a year ago, I think you don't understand me. But now I am convinced that running a marathon is really easy, most people can do it. Gu: we call it "the first law of running". Next from belong to the kind of person who lack of exercise cells: fear of gym class at school, always struggling on the edge of the