Sep 20, 2009

Essex House Murder the Latest Chapter in American Horror [Crime]

Sigh. What's going on here? First there was poor Annie Le's murder at Yale. And now there's another murder anequally storied spot: New York's ritzy Essex Hotel. It's gruesome, sad and mindbogglingly familiar.

The latest victim of the nation's descent into madness is Andree Bejjani, a 44-year old real estate executive from Dubai. She's been working in good old New York since August and staying at the Essex House. If you've heard of it, that's because it boasts a celebrated clientele, like Ms. Angelina and Sam Jackson.

That said, one would hope the place would be secure, but that's not the case: Andree was found dead Saturday with a knife sticking out of her neck and sweatpants tied around her neck. Not a very pleasant image.

But, there is what could be good news: cops arrested 29-year old Derrick Praileau for the murder. Relieved? Well, don't be: he's the hotel's housekeeping manager. Cops say he used his access card to get into Bejjani's room. Creepy.

Even the highest ivory towers, where our leaders and celebrities live and work, have been infiltrated by the nation's insanity. No one is safe. America, we're doomed.

Image via Diego_3336's flickr.

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