Mar 8, 2014

Who is the best university in China

The best university in China?
Which university is the best university in China? "Others scoldnot, only oneself scold" Alma mater or of choice for manygraduates.
Ningbo university, of course, the students may not think youruniversity is the best, but must also won't let others scold theirschools are bad. Most people may think Peking University is one ofthe best, but the tsinghua university students wouldn't disagree.Of course books even the teacher agreed to, such as wu book even2014 comprehensive strength ranking of the top 10 Chineseuniversities is: first name: Beijing university, the second:zhejiang university, third: tsinghua university, the fourth:Shanghai jiaotong university, the fifth: fudan university, 6:nanjing university, the seventh: wuhan university, 8th: sichuanuniversity, 9th: sun yat-sen university, 10th: shandonguniversity.
So talking about which university is the best university in Chinabefore, we need to define the ranking criteria. Wu book even rankdown for so many years, has become a standard of the industry, soalthough there are a lot of controversy, people basic or byreference to this standard. In 2013, wu book even will bephotographed, zhejiang university ranked the first, caused a lot ofquestions, but the data is there. Data of Peking University thisyear, so the top three of Peking University, zhejiang university,tsinghua university. Here I'd like to propose a different standard,for showing by reference. I don't remember when I graduated fromuniversity of popular the headmaster shook hands with all graduatesfarewell, this is a test of physical strength. But why did theheadmaster shook hands with all graduates? Besides blessing allfuture like scene, there is hope the apprentice after graduate, cangive money. The so-called "today you are proud of his Alma mater,Alma mater proud of you" in the future, schools may have differentsigns, but generally means rich please donate money.
China university foundation fundraising is not very professional,including the operation of the foundation, value, and how to fundprojects, etc., while running for many years, but compared to sucha big player, and Harvard University foundation is weak. But alsorapidly in the recent years to catch up. Wu book even looked at alot of things in the teacher's university rankings, such aspersonnel training and scientific research, personnel training issubdivided into training in both the undergraduate and graduateeducation, research, respectively, the specific provisions ofnatural science and social science, and so on. But does not includea consideration of alumni donations. To some extent, students aftergraduation, also willing to donate money, this may be reflected theAlma mater of appeal to the greatest extent. From this Angle to seethe university ranking will be very interesting. I am referring tothe data of foundation center network (CFC), listed in 2012 (thisis the latest data) every university foundation to attractdonations, as ranking to see who is the best university in China,as a reference for interested.

from:李华芳 谁才是中国最好的大学

Mar 5, 2014

Wearable devices start exploring, China or overhauling

Google glasses appeared in the scene of the two journalists, let people attention to a wearable device market again.
In today, if a company, not into wearable equipment market, you are a poor company; As a wet person, if you haven't played wearable devices, you are a Outman.
Last week, spent a week in Barcelona, where there is the blue sky white clouds, more mobile market, and make a person dazzling wearable devices. MWC2014, samsung, SONY, huawei, qualcomm, Fujitsu, Intel and other companies shows the wearable device or solution, which makes the original has been a leading role in MWC smartphone become foil.
On MWC2014, we see huawei, even including lenovo has a wearable device product or corresponding plan, as well as many did not attend MWC2014 show some startups, if shell GeakWatch, inWatch have also emerged, with hardware for the main business of Chinese companies are trying to catch up.

Chinese manufacturers: Just participate?
Chen Xudong nasty.
Seems Chen Xudong force is nasty, from the jacket pocket and mobile phone, click a few, very reluctantly handed me, and said to have a look.
This is on the MWC2014, lenovo group, senior vice President, China Chen Xudong facing global media repeatedly cross-examine "MWC2014, samsung, SONY, huawei has released a new wearable devices, why can't see the hardware giant lenovo's move?" , "leaked" the image of necessity.
I see, this is a photograph of an engineer in the shape of a wooden frame intelligent glasses. After about 5 seconds, Chen Xudong leaving a mobile phone. This is a movement in the field of lenovo in wearable device, but he refused to let the media take pictures, because this is lenovo's secrets.
Barcelona Fira Gran Via exhibition center hall no. 3, is the competition of the present and the future, lenovo, samsung, SONY, nokia, LG, huawei, zte, Intel, qualcomm, such as manufacturers, shows its current and future technologies and products.
Mobile phones and tablets have been unable to meet people's attention, more avant-garde products such as smart watches, smart glasses is the people to be bestowed favor on newly.
This is the first time lenovo in "public" show its wearable devices, and by this photo can be concluded that lenovo's first wearable devices will most likely is smart glasses.
Separated by nokia, by contrast, exhibited manufacturers such as huawei was the first wearable devices TalkBand B1, looks at first sight, this bracelet similar Nike Nike + FuelBand, they can record, synchronization, the movement of people and health information, such as huawei TalkBand B1 bright spot is that it can be regarded as a bluetooth headset.
This is the first time Chinese manufacturers in the international arena show their wearable devices, but on the whole, no matter from the morphology of the product variety, product maturity, industrial design ways, such as Chinese manufacturers is far from the international giant.

International giants:Leading
Lenovo and Huawei's booth has been relatively big, but compared to the Samsung booth feeling glad, seem a lot smaller. Samsung on MWC2014, in addition to publishing Galaxy S5 smartphone, but also released its second-generation smart watches Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and smart bracelet Gear Fit. 

It is worth mentioning that these two products are not currently used in the industry popular Android operating system, the second is the use of Samsung and Intel jointly develop Tizen OS. According to Samsung official said, using the Tizen operating system Gear 2 smart watches life time increased to two days, while the first-generation Android system Gear smart watches life only one day.

Samsung smart hand ring Gear, in contrast, the Fit is a simplified version of the Gear 2, it removed the camera and microphone, using Super AMOLED material flexible display screen, it is more narrow thinner, also appear more attractive.
Samsung on the exhibition launched three new wearable devices, one of the most distinctive is the adopted advanced Super AMOLED display of material surface, while the relative to Gear 2, Gear Fit cancelled the camera and microphone and other components, but it has a lighter weight and narrower size, let the user get more comfortable to wear in the process of movement experience more comfortable Fit. Gear Fit can real-time monitor and collect the user's heart rate and frequency data, such as to provide reference for the healthy.
In addition, SONY on MWC2014 shows SmartBand intelligent bracelet (actually at CES) have been issued and the SmartWatch 2 smart watches. Can SmatBand visualization to record the user's daily life and social entertainment, trajectory, and can alert users to find activities and information on the phone, with its function, compared to similar Jawbone UP SmartBand appearance appear flat, material and color is more rich. Based on SmartWatch 2 smart watches, SONY released SmartWatch joint Garmin SW2 navigation application, the user can put SONY Xperia smartphones and SartWatch 2 to connect, which can directly see the navigation on the watch.
In addition, Fujitsu in MWC2014 issued a smart gloves, let a person shine at the moment. The gloves with built-in NFC and gyroscope, which can identify the user's gestures, so as to realize human-machine interaction. But this kind of gloves that fit the appearance of some laboratory is not very beautiful.
Finally want to mention is Intel and qualcomm, Intel at CES is touting their going into wearable equipment market and the Internet of things, and exhibited this time before the release of its patents Toq smart watches. Two chip companies and manufacturers involved in this field, is definitely a good thing.
Cold thinking: product variety of immature
Now a lot of companies, manufacturers, and small producers, the wearable device market flowers, especially lively. Two years ago, high wearable device with 3 d printing, but 3 d printing bubble soon broke, and wearable equipment rollerblading. But when you try too much product after, you will find all those created beauty is illusory, or have a distance, ideal and reality, the gap is too big. Count down, today's wearable device has the following charges:
Lost traditions: today's smart watches, function a lot, but it should be a watch first, standby time extremely short, and various design a look is very low, ah, love is not.
Hang sheep head sell vinegar: here is a big samsung it. Feel it's Gear and other products, is a sham, you bought it, if you do not have the brand of smart phones and other devices to match, that really is the decoration.
The good and bad are intermingled, now listed wearable devices, in some sense, but some really is a strange flower. I have been using a product, the first period doesn't even have the app store offers, subsequent to upgrade system.
Technology companies involved in less: the above said various high-profile Intel and qualcomm, and Google has already launched two generations of intelligent glasses, this several giant participation and investment is very big. In addition to the above listed companies such as samsung, SONY, in the most prosperous wearable do sports brand Nike and Adidas, Nike + and Adidas miCoach logo shoes have been the star of the wearable equipment market.
Don't want to trial and error: true, a lot of wearable device is still in the concept formation, none of the products is perfect. Overall, many giant or walk and see the stage, or they have secret concept of churning out a lot of products in the laboratory, but is not willing to bear the cost of trial and error, and have been waiting for.
Impact: or trigger hardware Renaissance
Mentioned above, many people may sneer, but you don't look down upon Chinese forces such as lenovo, huawei in wearable equipment market potential.
Lenovo, can be seen as the most confidence and potential in the field of hardware company, this is you, no doubt.
Gear Fit

Lenovo in the second quarter of 2013 as the global PC first, and then became the second in the global PC + market, and by early 2014, and announced the acquisition of IBM X86 servers and MOTOROLA's handset business, because lenovo acquisition of IBM PC and smooth a loss-making brand into profit and make people sit up and take notice, then on this basis, one would expect, lenovo has the ability to at least have the potential to integrate IBM well X86 servers and MOTOROLA's smartphone business.
Millet pattern is popular in China, and compared with millet pattern more bidding spree is lenovo model, lenovo seems to be a very heavy company, it has its own research and development, production, manufacturing, and so on all links of the millet is a new Internet companies, is very light, it has no manufacturing link, but with good ability of integrated marketing.
Lenovo and millet now has not yet decided, therefore, for both patterns.
Mr Yang said a words: evaluation of these two kinds of mode of heaven won't fall off for no reason.
Personally, I agree with, in the field of hardware, only functioning of the company, more competitive, not people in Taipei. Wearable devices, may be able to cause the revival of the hardware market.
Forces can thus torture: China?
Digress, said back to wearable devices. After many times, Chen Xudong facing media inquiry, always words flashing, vague. Acknowledging wearable equipment is a major trend, but on the other hand, lenovo has always take any real information.
Cool the Chen Xudong to old active show lenovo's wearable device prototype figure, lenovo has been on the road. But after all, the PC and represented by smartphones, tablet PC + is lenovo's main business, exactly when lenovo can descend on the market, is still unknown.
Say huawei, as if is huawei's home in Spain, whether it is in the heart of the city, or outlet, or at the scene of the MWC2014, everywhere you can meet all huawei, huawei's advertising, huawei. Huawei's internationalization and even stronger than lenovo, the huawei released blockbuster TalkBand B1 let people shine at the moment, although its function is not beyond the predecessor Jawbone, Nike products related to how much, but at least let people see Chinese manufacturers and efforts in wearable equipment market.
Domestic also active with a multitude of wearable equipment companies, entrepreneurs and so on, than if the shell, inWatch and so on. Nowadays, in China, wearable device is a popular keywords, on baidu, which has 31200000 search results. In a few days, Shanghai has held there will be a wearable device BBS, wearable equipment domestic atmosphere is strong.
Is MWC2014 flagship last week, I listen to a joke, in shenzhen watches about dozens of dollars, a smart and the sales price at around $300, which is promising space.
If Chinese manufacturers can play their own advantages of the supply chain, manufacturing, certainly will can usher in spring in wearable equipment market, in addition, with the further advance of China an aging society, wearable equipment market in the areas of health claims will have great development, Chinese manufacturers and the Chinese market will be welcomed.
However, we must see that giants are market meanwhile keep them. It is said that the current wearable equipment manufacturers, especially a few small manufacturers, in the future will become cannon fodder, big companies are quietly waiting for the product form mature or quietly xu li, once when markets mature, immediately come out to occupy the market, or in the form of capital operation to reach their goals.
Trial and error, can truly hold the pulse of The Times; Trial and error, can really beyond the self. Wearable equipment industry in China, come on!

from:文/CNET 《IT娱乐周刊》梁钦 @老凉

Mar 3, 2014

The unwritten rules of Chinese people

It seems to many people, especially in a lot of foreigners, Chinese is not speak rules, is very mysterious, don't you know that the Chinese have few CARDS in his pocket, you also don't know Chinese play, in what way are you still don't know whether the Chinese hid a card in his hand. In some time ago, therefore, the Chinese academy of social sciences released a survey report, the evaluation for Chinese to foreigners, is the first Chinese mystery.
I'm afraid this kind of "mysterious" has long before the reform and opening doors did not open, do you think China is a mysterious country, what the hell is going on this land of life, how ideas, do not know the land. Certainly is not the case, more is not in the middle ages, is the Ming and qing dynasty, when western people view of Chinese, it is more mysterious. In medieval Europe people's eyes, including in those big scholars eyes, every Chinese is elegant, is moral, academic accomplishment is very good. But, this kind of good is established on the basis of mysterious, once these foreigners came into China, in close contact with Chinese people at that time, the mystery of the Chinese disappeared. So, westerners find Chinese is not as good as they think, instead of the Chinese people left a very bad impression, that this kind of bad impression still unsolved until now.
For example, at the time of the book written by some foreigners, the Chinese the cunning and treachery, lazy, delicious, and whatever you do anything, let a person always scratching their temper. , of course, these westerners described the image of the Chinese, there are some discrimination, there are some insults, but if a lot of this book is so written, we really have to admit that at the time of the Ming and qing dynasty, our predecessors live not so aboveboard. In fact, a lot of people live at that time is very nasty, whether ordinary or dignitaries, when they do things like hidden rules are the same, always love o doors, when do anything before o doors, of course, is to run doors, namely to curry favor with trying to enter through the back door. Don't go with the front door, he must enter through the back door; Also don't walk or even the back door, favorite drill slant the door; China disabled people "is a large number, outstanding features, special socia Although there is a poem said: "people in and out of the door locked, climbed out of the hole open for a dog, a high voice cried: climb out! Give, free!" But, this is the modern revolutionary wrote a poem. In fact, if put the poem in the Ming and qing dynasty, also still apt image, even very apt, because many people like to climb a dog hole, instead of into the door.
People at that time already thinks like box, is so not aboveboard. In their religion, the unwritten rules is faith. Historical development today, we'll look at side, Chinese people, including our own behavior, values and methods and means to deal with problems, and the Ming dynasty, the qing people at that time is not much difference? Whether we are doing some things, in thinking about the solution of some problems, not always from the positive thinking, that is always not in from the gate, and always want to find a relationship, running a back door, send a gift. Even, some people in order to make their official when get bigger, gave his wife and daughter to large amount of sleep than they are. This news is also common occurance in today.
Some people, in order to become famous in the entertainment industry, simply even to his own flesh, so in the entertainment circle, everyone understand what is the prevailing hidden rules. In fact, our entire Chinese society is not a big entertainment? In this big entertainment, also is the prevailing hidden rules? In order to satisfy their own desires, for their own purposes, and always want to use a variety of hidden rules, always want to play all kinds of politics, always want to make all sorts of conspiracy. Think of it, such a play of hidden rules, the rules as a rule to do, how ugly! The hidden rule, the prevalence of let our society at the expense of how ah! Because the reason is very simple, if a thing can be done on the tooling, can be placed in the sun, open and aboveboard to do not need to hide, do not need to decorate, more do not need to hide, do not need to steal, hide, so both transaction cost and social cost, must be the lowest. Hiding, on the other hand, we always think about anything, hide, transaction cost and social cost is not high to blame?
The qing dynasty, the Ming dynasty dynasty people pay attention to hidden rules, we are now? Still pay attention to hidden rules, seems to be in hidden rules. But, did you find that we paid so additional social costs not only money, it is more time consuming is our soul. Although it let us get the secular fame among fortune, but lost? Is self-esteem. We for the sake of fame fortune at prostrate on the ground, do not hesitate to interrupt their own backbone, imagine, such people have what hope? Such life and pig in life, what's the difference? So someone will ask, why Chinese people are just so like rules? Don't foreigners don't like rules?
I must admit that every legal system is not sound, must be the prevailing hidden rules. The rules will make it a nation, will make this a country's national character, become very dirty, poor. In a few years ago, I traveled to India with a bunch of friends, I saw in the streets of India's police holding the stick around, they want to do? To knock the pedicab driver at any time, and the pedicab driver is also very good, saw the police directly put money into the hands of the police already prepared. So, I see, said the policeman waved the stick, go, go, go.
What is this? This is obviously hidden rules. I have also seen on the local media, many Indian people the hidden rules. This kind of tired is a bitter ah. India's corruption index has always been high, most of the time can tell our corruption index. Why will form the corruption? Don't is to believe in the hidden rules as well. So, we don't say how hateful corrupt officials, all day how hateful, pieces don't knot heart of hate, think calmly, we ourselves also created such and such conditions for this kind of corruption?
If corruption is a flowers of evil, so our culture, beliefs, values, ideas, rules, etc., are the flowers of evil soil for the growth of, sun and water. If we are able to do things done aboveboard, can do not count to three meters, open, supercilious, the hidden rules will prevail? In the hidden rule, those interests chain can also get the interests of the he shouldn't have?
Then again, why will be prevailing hidden rules? Everywhere, it and power control of everything, has an inseparable relationship. , so to speak, in a society, the more power on, uninhibited, hidden rules are the more popular. Because people always take money to do deals and power, if no money will be coloring and power. If your non-ferrous, their sacrifice; If he has no color, sent his wife and children as a tribute. This kind of situation, in the Chinese history can say, in real life are everywhere.
As a result, under the rules, everyone sat down at the feet of power, everyone is proud of can feet threw themselves in power. Then, slowly, natural power is more and more big, and people of power superstition, nature is more and more crazy, also more and more crazy, thus formed a vicious circle. The more power can't be controlled, the more power the head of warcraft out indiscriminately harm society, rape and violence in society, the more people fear, the more the more afraid, and knelt down in front of it, and looked down.
Power comes from where? In fact the power comes from the people. At the time of emperor taizong, there was a famous minister Wei Zheng, he had not said to the emperor taizong "water can carry the boat, can sink it? What is water? Water is to the people. Emperor Wei Zheng is in fact a warning, you don't feel the power in the hand, can do everything, although "wheresoever murphy wang soil," servants "", but you have to cherish" soil ", you should cherish "I", only in this way can let water float a boat. Otherwise, once too JiaoKuang, people will kill you, that is "water can sink it." In our Chinese history, when power is so great? When power can make people put down the dignity, and willing to grovel on it? Have a look at our ancient China, let's return to the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, when you look at the strategists, such as shu qin, hung with five of the six phase, more cattle! Now, and I'm glad to hang your match, to do things for you; I'm not happy, I can't stay here stay ye, little guilty I can't walk, wave sleeves, not even your a wisp of cloud will I bring away.
Shu qin such person has pursuit of power, however, is through the power to realize the dream of their own country, rather than having power after disposal. Let's has always been regarded as the Confucius of the saints, in so many countries, is not the same in order to pursue power? But, what is the purpose of the pursuit of power of Confucius? Don't pursue to the power of Confucius, he can rape a female student at will? He can put all the beauty in your own bed? No. Confucius was so obsessed with power, because he wants to have power, can favor for more people, to build an ideal and civilized, every nation of the etiquette. And the pursuit of power is not cover of Confucius, is to tell you, I just want to go to the pursuit of power, and with much traveled to many countries, the disciple to universal net, focus on the fish to open the pursuit of power.
Comparison of The Times people, how much we were today! Their pursuit of public power, the power in the sunshine to do, and at that time the power of the owner, the great monarch, down to the ordinary people, everyone knows exactly how to use power, where is the boundary of the power. If you use the power of the hand, just for their own profit, historical records will write down the truth, then, write your SINS one page a page full of history. Because there is some historians are standing there, indomitable spirit, the owner of the power to dare not to do everything. Such a fear of heart, for us today, that is how precious.
I remember a story. In Qin Qiu qi when the warring states period, there was a man called Zhu cui, he killed the king JiZhuang male. Cui qi too history Mr Truthfully recorded this matter Zhu great anger, seeks the sword. Seeks the two younger brother TaiShiZhong and seeks to uncle also truthfully recorded, were killed cui Zhu. TaiShiJi Zhu cui told seeks the third brother said: "you three elder brother is dead, don't you not afraid dead? You still according to my requirements, written in the death of the ZhuangGong have to write diseased and die." TaiShiJi primly answered: "according to the truth, is the official duty, dereliction of duty, not to die. You do it, will be known sooner or later, I even don't write, also can not cover your guilt, instead a laughingstock ages". Cui Zhu have nothing to say and had to let him go. TaiShiJi walked out, facing south shi's board of Jane and come, south shi's thought he was killed, was volunteered to continue to write it, see TaiShiJi not killed, and turned away.
This courageously spirit, this spirit, responsible for the history of the great spirit, terrified cui Zhu the LianGuoJun dare to kill the guy, he had to say, calculate calculate, you love how to write how to write.
Contrast this era seeks, you ah, we how many historians today, dare to write down the truth like this? How many historians, dare after his beheading, let their loved ones and then write according to the facts? I'm afraid not. Even too history Mr Sima qian in the prison by castration, also still write down the truth. Now, however, many historians, not by others to move castration, it picks up the sword and yourself to move castration. That is to say, these historians have made self castration.
Having said that, I even more regrets, self castration historians are towering is! How much our writers, also in castrate myself? We how many media people, isn't it the same in castrate myself? How much our thinkers, also or in self castration? Can say, in many industries, people are self castration. This self castration, becomes everybody is eunuch, everyone stand up, everyone can not straighten his back, as a result, it caused the whole China's social rules, the evil of flowers blooming everywhere.
Since even can sell one's own soul, now that they can move to castration to himself, what do evil and dirty things don't come out? So, under the rules, up to the temple of the high, to the rise of power at all; Down to the river's lake away, in order to make a hollowing out, do not hesitate to do bad food is a bit processing sold openly, at due to bad bread tear on the label of the new, at processing melamine in the milk and give children eat, born at sprouts when combined with such as chemical drugs. Why is that? Many plausibly, everyone to do this, I also want to do this, this is the hidden rules, but rules are rules.
Prevalence of hidden rules ruined our national quality, also say that fundamentally make the root of our nation has been eroded. When we relish in can function in the hidden rules, when we do anything is always thinking of hidden rules can get, how could such a national civilization? Even it rich, how may be respected by others? So, since we've had enough of hidden rules, so today, you need to hidden rules do more reflection and criticism.
Shouldn't we according to the rules, life is really not live? Don't we go through the back door, but leave the front door open, it must not reap what want? In fact I'm afraid not. Although now a lot of social problems, but also have to admit that, since reform and opening up, in the whole process of legal construction, Chinese society has made great progress. Although there are a lot of judicial corruption, also have to admit that, in most of the time the balance of the law is fair. We can pick up bit by bit, therefore, the rules of the sport, bit by bit to throw away those dark, dirty, cuts hurt yourself hidden rules.
We could from a dark corner of the hidden rules, bit by bit to sunlight, without or hiding in the dark whispering in the corner. When a society is more and more attention to the legal system, pay attention to civilization, pay attention to rules, when the whole human world is becoming a real small village, what we need to think about that, we need to do is to put those noble, kind, good rule, as our true beliefs, rather than the mean, poor, nasty, dirty and gross rules, as our faith. Only have such true faith, only when the rules and is a good thing, to regulate our society as a whole, we can say at this time, we are a great country, every one of us live like a man; Otherwise, even if we will have a rich, the rich, is also extremely humiliation and pain? , of course, I know that many people already do not feel the pain, the pain under this kind of hidden rules as enjoyment, such person is the maggots on the dunghill, they think shit is the best food under the sun, they think that wallow in the dunghill, is his life.
I believe that you are watching the show, is not that one is willing to wallow in the dunghill maggots, and hope to do a certain just is in the sun, back straight. So, although our society has such and such rules, but I believe that justice will ultimately prevail over evil, the evil things after thousands of years of history, also will eventually be eliminated civilization. This is I have been the highlights of have faith, as long as don't despair, we there is hope. Stage so I though about the nationality, phase of our national character criticism, but in fact, I am for our citizens, to our national character, to our own infinite hope. Because of that, at the time of criticism, I do not despair, but can draw more power from criticism.
So, love the unwritten rules of Chinese, wake up! Don't let those hidden rules again dirty of our body, also don't let those hidden rules again dirty of our soul. Clean personhood, TanTanDangDang personhood, aboveboard personhood, stalked through the front door into the head high, and never climb through the back door. Even if we don't have much money, but in our hearts, but has a noble, the soul of gold. With such a soul, can be the envy of the whole world. When every Chinese with such a soul, our China really can be admired, and foreign talent can really feel the Chinese are not a bit mysterious, because the Chinese are in accordance with the rules of the people, is in accordance with the rules of card of the people, is TanTanDangDang capitals.
In order to do a of the Chinese, from today, let us abandon those rules, the rules under the sunshine of life, let the spring of our nation's civilization, and the nature of the spring is coming.

CarPlay is the beginning of Apple to conservative

Media reports, apple said its integration function CarPlay cars will be appear. Using Carplay, users can use in the car a more intuitive way to make a phone call, navigation operation, listening to music and access information (like text messages, etc.).
Many people for such a feat immediately began Shouting "long live", in fact, CarPlay is not a complete vehicle operating system, built CarPlay is essentially on the iPhone interface layer, on the surface of the driver in manipulating CarPlay, in essence or in the manipulation of the iPhone.
The system and iOS apple had previously vowed to launch vehicle system in the Car go backwards a lot, not in the Car as the core of innovative applications, but will the device or IPHONE on Car products, though covered with auto smart coat, essentially just made a connection to their products and enterprises.
And, more importantly, if the system is not add the label "apple", almost no what impact in the society, because it is not many creative composition, more won't let a person shine at the moment, similar products have a lot in the market, the so-called touch screen is not much in the car.
From the apple into the car, also all of high-tech enterprises, and history spent their innovation trends in gold period after, gradually in the industry in the development of the die-hards, conservative, wanted to transform others with their mature products, and to forget you once it is only a revolutionary innovation would beat those stubborn predecessors.
Of course, this is the history of law, whether business or academic powerhouse, are regularly. Nokia this fall, kodak disappeared, so Microsoft so weak, and that Newton and Einstein also without exception, from the start of the reverse the hinder others to eventually become a forward.
Apple with Steve jobs, with ground-breaking products conquered the world, but their jobs, after the launch apple computer has failed to move on, almost led to the bankruptcy of the apple, so, today's apple, not the results of jobs's death, no matter who, in the history of apple and other great companies, will slowly on the path of industry obstacles.
We want to again, the trajectory is not affect apple's great, great belong to an era, is not eternal. Any expectations or believe apple always on time's ideas are not realistic, new innovators and overthrown, is having another great era is about to open.

Ali, Tencent's strategic and Game

"Only know what you are, what, you want what to give up, we don't lost". It was not long ago, jack ma, a word from the internal email, aims to remind employees, ali is also encouraging. Ali and tencent's competition, is the hottest topic in the current Internet, now is when I ali and tencent.

The investing public comments, one-sidedly "micro letter" was declared bankruptcy, Mr. Ma's email, is some kind of introspection.

I tried from ali and tencent strategy game of the two companies, and to analyze the two market value of billions of dollars the Internet giant dark war, as well as the evolution in the future.

First of all, ali and tencent, different style between the two companies, have their own enterprise genes and path dependence. Ali is a strategic, operating first, proactive, subversion of the company; Tencent's strategy is not clear, the heavy products, exquisite process, backwardness advantage, its business philosophy is pragmatism.

A, the core assets: ali is, tencent is user data

Then talk about the two companies' strategic evolution, the first is about ali. Ali was born from the beginning of the sentence "there is no difficult to do business" this sentence, some idealism color, however, from the perspective of the development of ali for so many years, its strategy has not been too much deviation. No jump out this sentence, that is, to do business, the business world "of water, electricity, coal".

Ali from the earliest information flow, do the electric business platform, and then cut into the flow distribution (ali mother, taobao union) and payment (paypal), then cut into logistics (such as a rookie), cloud computing cloud (ali), it's always doing business is based around the business service. Ali's business, is a cat, 1688 large taobao, day trading as power traction, into various business infrastructure services, known as "water, electricity, coal". Data, especially the transaction data, is ali's core assets.

Tencent company, its strategy evolution, or evolution of business, are in the development of middle school. Tencent's strategy is difficult to clarify, whether it is a game, or the media business, as well as electricity, video, search, tencent is backwardness cuts in hindsight.

Tencent in the PC era, with QQ chain of social relations, and pop-up binding, all the way, regardless of deities, business in game, portal, browser, input method, and so on, almost drawbacks. Tencent in the study of competing goods at the same time, also performed countless micro innovation. In a word, tencent's success, not by copying, but by product and social tool. Tencent's core assets, it is the user, interaction and lock in tencent platform from its users.

Ali's core assets, is the data, transaction data, tencent's core asset is the user, the user interaction. It also makes the two companies have a different understanding on the business model: ali was around the businessmen to make money, tencent is around the user to make money, the former is rent, the latter is the stream of people.

Ali is better than that of tencent B and strategic and tactical tencent front-runner, ali

Ali and tencent two companies' competition, and at the strategic level, ali is better than that of tencent, specific tactics, but the current because of the advantage of micro letter, get tencent temporarily leading.

Why do you say, ali strategic leading tencent. For one reason, cloud computing and big data. Ma said in his E-mail, now is the era of IT to DT (video), cloud computing, ali cloud has a commanding lead tencent clouds, even tencent clouds can catch up ali cloud, but behind the clouds, and even the data, is there is a hierarchy. Data from the transaction, the nearer the money, the more valuable.

The old saying goes "is recognized, observe its", really reflect the personal preferences, is action. Tencent, baidu, ali, and other Internet services, produces a large amount of data, but these data in production is a sort of. Sequence number is tencent and sina weibo, behind baidu search data, baidu's data as ali trading data of the tencent weibo and data is a reflection of the individual behavior, at the beginning of a certain preference, and search, at least means that at least know you can search, this is a personal preference further defined, as for taobao order purchase, this is the most showed a clear preference.

Data from two platforms, ali's data value far beyond tencent platform, the future can be mining, can expand the value of space.

From IT to DT, is not only a technological upgrading, and, more importantly, to the Internet of Chinese Internet companies - to paraphrase of baidu, the Internet is accelerating out traditional industries, so baidu investment strategy determine the middle page. Ali and tencent are also actively has Internet: ali's go to the Internet, the rookie network, investment performance is day by day along the logistics, and balance the treasure, pay treasure to purse; Go to the Internet, tencent is micro letter to pay, the investing public comment.

Go to the Internet, ma called "links to everything". Ali and tencent in all "link" dark war, one of the most obvious case, pay treasure to purse with money FuTong micro letter is the edition pay, another case, is little known logistics dark war, ali investment haier day along the logistics, tencent has a stake in south China city.

Ali led made a rookie logistics, across the country had a lot of ground, in fact, tencent also had a lot of land, second only to ali. However, the battle is not on an order of magnitude, ali novice advantage too obvious, the core of this, ali have taobao, cat 2013 turnover in 1.5 trillion days as a locomotive traction, more ten years accumulated trading data. As for tencent, recently came out of the wind that give up electricity, independent development in jingdong, in fact, a big reason is that trying to pull through jingdong transactions. Rookie logistics ambition was to build a based on electricity, nationwide logistics network, is the innovation and upgrading of existing logistics system, but tencent electric business with taobao, day cat gap too far, separated by 10 jingdong, long long way to go, not one day work.

In specific tactics, of course, tencent micro letter is a great advantage. So, micro letter pay upstage wallet during the Spring Festival can swamp the alipay purse red envelopes, so, on March 8, mobile phone taobao to so-called please north to guangzhou, and other 10 cities consumers beer and skittles, because mobile electricity just rise, micro letter is high frequency applications, development soon, ali need to fight.

Electrical business is a cornerstone of ali strategy, the electricity business pattern of PC, mobile power is still in development, there is no deal, become a commercial infrastructure services lose their strong power.

C, the two companies investment strategy and future evolution

Ali and tencent's game, but also in the field of investment. Two companies' investment philosophy, however, it is very different: ali is based on the data acquisition, investment in infrastructure services, tencent's investment, is more of a complementary business, long short board.

Ali investment strategy, on the one hand, is based on data acquisition, investment in basic services, on the other hand is to form a business alliance. Ali investment case, the two most representative one is their Allies, one is gold, au is based on the demand of the mobile data, and Scott, is because of map and data, is a mobile electricity must be cornerstone. So-called business alliance, it is based on traffic entrance - trading buy - social sharing, three steps of alliance form, sina weibo is so, and 360 of the legendary.

Specific to the actual competition, ali's investment also has a lot of factors to tencent. Such as devoted to devoted to music, shrimp, stranger is devoted to the social, dried shrimp is entertainment, is tencent's core business. This year devoted to stranger will list, it's main income comes from the game, even though it's hard to overthrow tencent can knock vibration tiger mountain.

Tencent's investment strategy, it is complementary business, long short board. Typical representative is the public comments and sogou. Investment review, because their business is difficult to win in the competition in the future, F group, gaopeng, micro life decline, in the field of O2O investment sogou, too, search do not search, rather than relying on others.

Tencent's recent performance, tencent is actually doing subtraction. Investment sogou, give up the search, the investment review, abandon O2O, gossip investment jingdong recently, is to give up power. Of course, the subtraction, also some addition to entrance lock business, with users to give their own investment company specific business contract.

Ma used in practical action to learn ma email that sentence: "only know what you are, what, you want what to give up, we don't lost".

In the future, ali and tencent, the two companies will become ubiquitous. Is ali's ubiquitous, sank to the ground, become the financial, medical, government affairs, traffic, weather, and other industries as well as the massive Internet users based services and applications, like ali cloud, pay treasure to become the world's "point, water, coal," you are using a variety of services, but don't know, this is the Power by Alibaba.

Tencent is ubiquitous, performance on the specific business, treasure, browser, application of tencent's play QQ game, with micro letter shopping, tencent will be involved in various business, to tell you that it's a penguin to provide for you.

Of course, this is just assumption, this hypothesis is the premise of ali and tencent are not to make mistakes.

Ali and tencent's competition, in the short term I like tencent, micro letter has been in power, the company lack of ideals, but more a grasp today; If put the time dimension, ali is at least three times the value of tencent, ali have business ideal or ambition, pay attention to gathering, ali group to losses for many years, but in the past two years explosive growth, it has experience as a platform. More importantly, the layout of the ali, closer to trading