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Who is the best university in China

The best university in China? Which university is the best university in China? "Others scoldnot, only oneself scold" Alma mater or of choice for manygraduates. Ningbo university, of course, the students may not think youruniversity is the best, but must also won't let others scold theirschools are bad. Most people may think Peking University is one ofthe best, but the tsinghua university students wouldn't disagree.Of course books even the teacher agreed to, such as wu book even2014 comprehensive strength ranking of the top 10 Chineseuniversities is: first name: Beijing university, the second:zhejiang university, third: tsinghua university, the fourth:Shanghai jiaotong university, the fifth: fudan university, 6:nanjing university, the seventh: wuhan university, 8th: sichuanuniversity, 9th: sun yat-sen university, 10th: shandonguniversity. So talking about which university is the best university in Chinabefore, we need to define the ranking criteria. Wu book even rankd

Wearable devices start exploring, China or overhauling

Google glasses appeared in the scene of the two journalists, let people attention to a wearable device market again. In today, if a company, not into wearable equipment market, you are a poor company; As a wet person, if you haven't played wearable devices, you are a Outman. Last week, spent a week in Barcelona, where there is the blue sky white clouds, more mobile market, and make a person dazzling wearable devices. MWC2014, samsung, SONY, huawei, qualcomm, Fujitsu, Intel and other companies shows the wearable device or solution, which makes the original has been a leading role in MWC smartphone become foil. On MWC2014, we see huawei, even including lenovo has a wearable device product or corresponding plan, as well as many did not attend MWC2014 show some startups, if shell GeakWatch, inWatch have also emerged, with hardware for the main business of Chinese companies are trying to catch up. Chinese manufacturers: Just participate? Chen Xudong nasty. Seems Chen Xudong force is nas

The unwritten rules of Chinese people

It seems to many people, especially in a lot of foreigners, Chinese is not speak rules, is very mysterious, don't you know that the Chinese have few CARDS in his pocket, you also don't know Chinese play, in what way are you still don't know whether the Chinese hid a card in his hand. In some time ago, therefore, the Chinese academy of social sciences released a survey report, the evaluation for Chinese to foreigners, is the first Chinese mystery. I'm afraid this kind of "mysterious" has long before the reform and opening doors did not open, do you think China is a mysterious country, what the hell is going on this land of life, how ideas, do not know the land. Certainly is not the case, more is not in the middle ages, is the Ming and qing dynasty, when western people view of Chinese, it is more mysterious. In medieval Europe people's eyes, including in those big scholars eyes, every Chinese is elegant, is moral, academic accomplishment is very good. But, t

CarPlay is the beginning of Apple to conservative

Media reports, apple said its integration function CarPlay cars will be appear. Using Carplay, users can use in the car a more intuitive way to make a phone call, navigation operation, listening to music and access information (like text messages, etc.). Many people for such a feat immediately began Shouting "long live", in fact, CarPlay is not a complete vehicle operating system, built CarPlay is essentially on the iPhone interface layer, on the surface of the driver in manipulating CarPlay, in essence or in the manipulation of the iPhone. The system and iOS apple had previously vowed to launch vehicle system in the Car go backwards a lot, not in the Car as the core of innovative applications, but will the device or IPHONE on Car products, though covered with auto smart coat, essentially just made a connection to their products and enterprises. And, more importantly, if the system is not add the label "apple", almost no what impact in the society, because it is not

Ali, Tencent's strategic and Game

"Only know what you are, what, you want what to give up, we don't lost". It was not long ago, jack ma, a word from the internal email, aims to remind employees, ali is also encouraging. Ali and tencent's competition, is the hottest topic in the current Internet, now is when I ali and tencent. The investing public comments, one-sidedly "micro letter" was declared bankruptcy, Mr. Ma's email, is some kind of introspection. I tried from ali and tencent strategy game of the two companies, and to analyze the two market value of billions of dollars the Internet giant dark war, as well as the evolution in the future. First of all, ali and tencent, different style between the two companies, have their own enterprise genes and path dependence. Ali is a strategic, operating first, proactive, subversion of the company; Tencent's strategy is not clear, the heavy products, exquisite process, backwardness advantage, its business philosophy is pragmatism. A, the cor