Sep 2, 2011

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money  阅读原文»

Blogging can be a passion for everyone but not everyone can turn passion into a money tree. The word blogger is definitely not a stranger to us however, to be a genuine blogger or to be more precise, to get involve in the blogging scene professionally definitely requires true dedication with proper planning and targets.

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

Thus, when some newbies that just got their hands in the blogging scene, the first thing that comes into their mind is how do I make my blog into a profitable blog and earn some bucks for myself. To turn your blog into something profitable, definitely it requires a lot of hard work and research to understand on how you blog and how you reach to your audience but the problem with a lot of newbies is that they do not understand the meaning of patience is virtue and they want to see immediate results.

When the results does not show, they will tend to come out with excuses as they feel that by updating their blogs, the result will still be the same. Some feel that by updating once a week is sufficient and others may feel that updating everyday will be sufficient. The key to be successful in blogging is not to hold back and be consistent and do it in a mannered way and be persistent as well.

Some of the famous excuses or “Quotes” from bloggers that tend to hold back :

1. I will write the post tomorrow

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

As a matter of fact, this excuse can be branched out to so many other such as today I am not in the mood, or lack of inspiration or I am tired so I shall do it tomorrow. Let’s face it, we all know that tomorrow never dies and this excuse is by far one of the most common excuse from bloggers that clearly shows you tend to take things for granted and leave it as unfinished business.


2. Cost too much money

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

Does hosting or purchasing a domain name cost you too much money? If you are just in the beginning stage, I don’t see a reason why you should purchase the most high end hosting. A simple basic hosting that can cater your site and that can ensure your site is up at 99% all the time is fairly good. If you are in the beginning stage and you want to do like pros where you implement things like guest blogging or outsource someone to write your article simply defines your character that you are lazy. If you are newbie in the blogging scene, you should treat every aspect as your learning curve opportunity.


3. Not enough time

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

Everyone have the same 24 hours a day. Ihave a full time job and I am blogging as part time or I just don’t have adequate time to maintain my blog. These are a few tips and advises for those who doesn’t have the time.

If you think you can’t, what about the really successful bloggers? (And some does it as part time too) Do they have extra hours in a day and you don’t? The most important thing to stop using this excuse would be thediscipline. Make yourself a schedule and be punctual to that deadline that you make.

4. Get active in social medias first

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

A lot of newbies think that they should spread their blog in social networking sites and hopefully it will go viral as social networking sites have unlimited potential of visitors. The problem is that some of these blogs from newbies don’t even have a proper article, how is it gonna be viral? Your post/article is like your MAIN COURSE and your other factors such as spreading it through social medias are just your side dish.

5. Blog earning is zero. I’d rather quit

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

This is by far the most common problem faced by new bloggers. They don’t know the real way to make money and they just throw as many Google Ads as they expect every visitor to click the ads. One thing that you have to bear in mind is that your blog isn’t a classified so even if you have 1000 Ads in the beginning, you will go nowhere. Earning from blog is relatively a slow process and requires time and your patience. Once you have the frequency of the amount of visitors, you will slowly see the result. Nobody can be rich in months.


6. Can’t compete with the pro-blogger

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

You may be very new in this blogging scene but do not hold back thinking that you are a small fish and you can’t compete with these big fishes. You have to remember that these big fishes were once a small fish just like you. Instead of being afraid and feel helpless, you may try to provide review and compliment their products or their post’s selling point and you might turn your competition into your affiliate.


7.Can’t stare in front of my computer all day

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

Being a blogger doesn’t mean you have to be in front of your computer all day. You can incorporate your hobbies or daily routine such as snapping great photographs and blog about it. With the rapid growth of technological gadgets, you can blog in your notepad such as iPad or even in your smartphone when there’s a real time event happenings.


8. Blogging is not my thing

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

After so many attempts and it still doesn’t work out, you decide to quit. If you are a quitter, you’ll never be successful in whatever you do. Perhaps after reading some of the basic tips from this post, you might change your mind, but if you were to accept the fact the blogging is not your thing, all your efforts of making your blog something big will be like something that is being flushed away and down to the sewage system.


To give some newbies out there a glimpse of light to earn some money, you can check out the details and click here to join our WPWebHost Affiliate as your appetizer.


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Sep 1, 2011

Vote for WordPress Sessions at SXSW

Vote for WordPress Sessions at SXSW  阅读原文»

Each year, members of the web community from around the world submit session proposals to the South by Southwest Interactive conference, an event that played a role in the birth of WordPress. We head to Austin every year, do a BBQ or throw a party, but despite the fact that almost 15% of the web is powered by WordPress, there aren’t many sessions related to WordPress on the schedule. This year, more than 3200 proposals are competing for about 350 slots, and who has time to read through, vote, and comment on 3200 proposals? Out of those 3200+ proposals, only 8 relate to WordPress! I thought it would be handy to post a guide to the WordPressy proposals for SXSWi 2012, so that if you would like to check them out and vote on them it woud be fast and easy. Leaving a comment in addition to your thumbs up/down vote helps the staff and advisory board know which sessions are likely to have an interested audience, so make sure to leave comments on the sessions you think would be cool (remember, they also publish the podcasts afterward). Voting ends in about 24 hours, so if you want to weigh in, now’s the time. Thanks for helping spread the word!

WordPress-specific Sessions

This list is based on searching for “WordPress” in proposal titles, descriptions, and tags. Clicking the proposal title will take you to that page in the SXSW PanelPicker, where you can vote and comment. Names that are linked go to those people’s profiles.

Blog Wars: Movable Type vs. WordPress Revisited

Mark Jaquith�WordPress Lead Developer
Byrne Reese�Endevver
These days people tend to pit us against Drupal rather than Movable Type, but looking back at the early rivalry and learning from the positive and negative aspects of it would be cool as we position ourselves in competition with new platforms. I like seeing Mark present at conferences, he always prepares well and does a good job. Though I’m guessing these guys will be all friendly and collaborative, I might take a nostalgia hit and imagine them in a fistfight just to liven things up. :)

Designing WordPress

Jane Wells�WordPress User Experience Lead
Disclosure: This is me! Balancing the desire for truly open and participatory design processes against the often more efficient and consistent results of a more curated design method is something we’ve been working on for the past year or so in WordPress core. I’d use the design process for several recent core features (like the UI refresh and internal linking) to illustrate the issues we’ve faced and the results we’ve achieved.

Open Source Social Networking

John James JacobyBuddyPress Lead Developer
J-trip (as John James Jacoby is fondly known by many in the community) is the lead dev for BuddyPress and the new bbPress plugin. He’s proposing a panel discussion among reps from several open source social network platforms. It’s always cool hearing more about BuddyPress, but it would be even cooler to figure out how it fits in with and/or stacks up against other platforms.

Welcome to the Chaos � the Distributed Workplace

Nikolay Bachiyski�WordPress Core Developer, GlotPress Lead Developer
Lori McLeese�Automattic
This one isn’t about WordPress per se, though using WordPress as a communication tool is one of the topics and Automattic is obviously a WordPress-based business. The main reason I think people should vote for this session is because Nikolay, core committing developer for internationalization and lead developer of GlotPress, our translation tool, is an awesome speaker. He is hysterically funny when he presents. I would bet money this presentation will involve a bear.

Deploying WordPress: From Zero to Ninja

Grant Norwood�Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
When Mark Jaquith says a presentation on security and deployment is on his short list, I’m impressed. (He said it in the comments on the proposal.)

Beyond the Theme – Using WordPress as an API

David Tufts�
Obviously a hot topic in the community right now, seems like a no-brainer to choose.

Local Government Online: WordPress Beats Drupal

Jase Wilson�Luminopolis
There was a presentation at WordCamp San Francisco this month on moving a news site from Drupal to WordPress. More and more the question comes up of which tool is best for various situations and requirements. And obviously getting government to use more open source software would be a cost-saver in these tough economic times.

WordPress website built live in 45 minutes

Glenn Todd�Dvize Creative
Live walkthroughs are always fun, and help prove to the uninitiated how easy WordPress can be.

So: go vote on these session proposals and help spread the WordPress love. If you know of any WordPress-related proposals that didn’t come up in my search, let me know in a comment and I’ll update this post. Thanks, and maybe we’ll see you in Austin in March!


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Aug 31, 2011

New Theme: Selecta

New Theme: Selecta  阅读原文»

Today we’ve got a treat for you — a new theme called Selecta. This might be the theme you’ve been waiting for if videos or images will be the primary focus of your blog. The design, originally created by Obox Design, fuses the modern with the retro ― a bold, striking color palette (in six color schemes), rounded edges, and wider-than-usual frames around content.

Click to view slideshow.

Selecta is loaded with elements that highlight your images and videos. First, there’s the featured slider that showcases your sticky posts at the top of the front page. Next, there’s the “Latest Posts” row that places your four most recent posts in fun, rounded boxes, also on the front page. That’s not all ― if you create a post with the video or image Post Format, Selecta will display your content in a wide, one-column template on the single post view. This ensures that your images and videos receive your readers’ undivided attention. Talk about showing off!

I certainly haven’t revealed everything this theme has to offer. Click on over to the Theme Showcase to read more about Selecta and all of its great features.

New Theme: Minimum  阅读原文»

Minimum, a stunning execution of "less is more," is a new premium theme developed by StudioPress and available for your blog today.

The Minimum Theme

Part of Minimum’s charm is the option for customizing the look of your site. With many layouts to choose from, optional porfolio and featured sections, custom header, and custom background, you have plenty to create with.

Minimum is available for a lifetime subscription of $75. Read more about what this theme offers or preview it live on your blog from Appearance → Themes.


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WordCamp San Francisco videos available

WordCamp San Francisco videos available  阅读原文»

If you weren’t able to make it to the annual WordPress conference at WordCamp San Francisco, never fear! Videos from WordCamp San Francisco 2011 are steadily being added to (where you can find a lot of of videos from past conferences and WordCamps, too)

If you only have time to watch one presentation, make sure you watch Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word where he tells you how WordPress is doing and shares some great statistics from the 2011 user survey (video embedded below).

Matt Mullenweg: State of the Word 2011


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Aug 30, 2011

Giving the support site a refresh

Giving the support site a refresh  阅读原文»

Keeping’s documentation up to date and accessible is one part of what the Happiness Team works on. We’ve long had lots of documentation, but we realized that the design and flow of the support site spoke more to us Happiness Engineers. How backward is that?

That all changes today. :) Before, you saw a long page filled with lists. Now you see eight content groupings on the homepage.



We looked at a lot of data about where people run into problems with Using this we redesigned the site by weeding back overgrown lists, eliminating overly complicated jargon, and putting the answers to the questions you’ve asked most front and center.

If those new sections don’t have the answers you seek, we prominently placed a very effective search option at the top right that is perfect for pinpointing an answer to an obscure issue.

There’s more coming too so keep an eye out. We’ll keep working hard to make it even easier to find the information you need.


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