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Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money

Top 8 excuses that stop bloggers from making money    阅读原文» Blogging can be a passion for everyone but not everyone can turn passion into a money tree. The word blogger is definitely not a stranger to us however, to be a genuine blogger or to be more precise, to get involve in the blogging scene professionally definitely requires true dedication with proper planning and targets. Thus, when some newbies that just got their hands in the blogging scene, the first thing that comes into their mind is how do I make my blog into a profitable blog and earn some bucks for myself. To turn your blog into something profitable , definitely it requires a lot of hard work and research to understand on how you blog and how you reach to your audience but the problem with a lot of newbies is that they do not understand the meaning of patience is virtue and they want to see immediate results. When the results does not show, they will tend to come out with excuses as they feel that by updating their b

Vote for WordPress Sessions at SXSW

Vote for WordPress Sessions at SXSW    阅读原文» Each year, members of the web community from around the world submit session proposals to the South by Southwest Interactive conference, an event that played a role in the birth of WordPress. We head to Austin every year, do a BBQ or throw a party, but despite the fact that almost 15% of the web is powered by WordPress, there aren’t many sessions related to WordPress on the schedule. This year, more than 3200 proposals are competing for about 350 slots, and who has time to read through, vote, and comment on 3200 proposals? Out of those 3200+ proposals, only 8 relate to WordPress! I thought it would be handy to post a guide to the WordPressy proposals for SXSWi 2012, so that if you would like to check them out and vote on them it woud be fast and easy. Leaving a comment in addition to your thumbs up/down vote helps the staff and advisory board know which sessions are likely to have an interested audience, so make sure to leave comments on th

New Theme: Selecta

New Theme: Selecta    阅读原文» Today we’ve got a treat for you — a new theme called Selecta. This might be the theme you’ve been waiting for if videos or images will be the primary focus of your blog. The design, originally created by Obox Design , fuses the modern with the retro ― a bold, striking color palette (in six color schemes), rounded edges, and wider-than-usual frames around content. Click to view slideshow. Selecta is loaded with elements that highlight your images and videos. First, there’s the featured slider that showcases your sticky posts at the top of the front page. Next, there’s the “Latest Posts” row that places your four most recent posts in fun, rounded boxes, also on the front page. That’s not all ― if you create a post with the video or image Post Format , Selecta will display your content in a wide, one-column template on the single post view. This ensures that your images and videos receive your readers’ undivided attention. Talk about showing off! I certainly

WordCamp San Francisco videos available

WordCamp San Francisco videos available    阅读原文» If you weren’t able to make it to the annual WordPress conference at WordCamp San Francisco, never fear! Videos from WordCamp San Francisco 2011 are steadily being added to (where you can find a lot of of videos from past conferences and WordCamps, too) If you only have time to watch one presentation, make sure you watch Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word where he tells you how WordPress is doing and shares some great statistics from the 2011 user survey (video embedded below). 阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

Giving the support site a refresh

Giving the support site a refresh    阅读原文» Keeping’s documentation up to date and accessible is one part of what the Happiness Team works on. We’ve long had lots of documentation, but we realized that the design and flow of the support site spoke more to us Happiness Engineers. How backward is that? That all changes today. Before, you saw a long page filled with lists. Now you see eight content groupings on the homepage. Before After! We looked at a lot of data about where people run into problems with Using this we redesigned the site by weeding back overgrown lists, eliminating overly complicated jargon, and putting the answers to the questions you’ve asked most front and center. If those new sections don’t have the answers you seek, we prominently placed a very effective search option at the top right that is perfect for pinpointing an answer to an obscure issue. There’s more coming too so keep an eye out. We’ll keep working hard to make it eve