Sep 21, 2009

Penn State Freshman Joe Dado Dead After Frat Party [Sad Things]

There's another big campus death. It doesn't appear to be murder, but it definitely qualifies as unfortunate and unnecessary.

A repairman today found the body of 18-year old Joseph Dado, a Penn State freshman last seen leaving a frat party early Sunday morning. at a frat party. His new college friends reported him missing a few hours later and the school launched a helicopter search and everything.

Sadly, the repair man found Dado's body in a stairwell between two university buildings. It looks like he was drunk and fell over the edge to the platform 15-feet below.

University Police director Steve Shelow, naturally, released a statement saying that Dado's death appears to be an accident, but they'll continue to investigate. Some frat boys are about to have a lot of explaining to do...

Image via KDKA.

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