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Likonomics,Watch It

From Chinese to English-speaking world the world, Li Keqiang Economics (Likonomics) This time finally realized export. Abe Economics (Abenomics) hot on the occasion, I looked in the English-speaking world found no Li Keqiang Economics (Likonomics) this assertion (until now still show misspelled word software), but it was in the Chinese world has considered overwhelming, It is said that the earliest from the "Southern Weekend" reported in March this year. Days of the New Deal Prime Minister on the occasion comes, the bank created by the Barclays English popular Chinese hot new word, then Likonomics how to define? Barclays reports that there are three pillars: Not introduced stimulus measures, deleveraging and structural reforms. First of all, never introduced to stimulate policy, official apparently suffered no small pressure. China's current economy is clearly in a downward trend, the official June Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 50.1%, slightly higher than the 50 bal

Print media: hundreds of Chinese soldiers crossed the line of control carried banners demanding the withdrawal of India

The original title: print media stir-fried PLA new "intrusion" worry war Prelude [Global Times special correspondent in India Lu Fangming Li Yuan] in Xiaoting not after a few days, the India media hype up the Liberation Army 21 days once more "transgression events".   "India times" announced the same day, July 16th and 17, two days, about 100 people a Chinese troops crossed the "east line of control" in Ladakh, carrying banners asked India to withdraw from "occupation" region.   India CNN-IBN news said, the April to May in Ladakh had the similar incident, "confrontation" time for 21 days, but the number is not the more the pla.   India concerns China, "repeated invasions" war "prelude" upcoming India; also has India's military source said, not a neighboring with India, unless New Delhi a sensible foreign policy. "India times" 21 days of exclusive reports, "cross-border" Liberation Ar

Four smoke! Russia's 160000 National People's Congress

The original title: four smoke! 160000 of Russia's military field exposure (from Beijing)    Introduction : Recently, Russian troops held a large scale in the Far East Military Exercise, a total of 160000 participants, over the years rare.   This atlas for exercises in Eastern military force in the Zugor range of water barrier of the tactical exercises scene picture.   The picture from the Russian world arms trade center director "defense" magazine editor-in-chief coronation publicly in person on the log.   Russian President Dmitry Putin also flew to visit the scene of the exercise. Click to see more pictures President Putin took a helicopter ride to Zugor 247th armies to synthetic training field, watching the July 17th evening by Novosibirsk and zabaykalsky Krai into this aggregation (Chita, thirty-sixth (twenty-ninth), forty-first (Yule Ulan-Ude) plus) Army Corps were forced to cross the river bilateral tactical exercises, to oversee the troops move, air reconnaissance,

China has been surrounded by the Japanese submarine 18 boat look at fiercely as a tiger does

Commissioned in 2009, "black dragon" class submarine underwater drainage volume reached 4100 tons, is the world's largest conventional submarine. According to the international authoritative organization statistics, the next 10 years, the Asia-Pacific region will have at least 9 countries and regions to implement the 18 submarine construction projects, involving 83 submarines, of which at least half of AIP submarine. With the increasingly fierce competition of sea rights, in recent years China's neighboring countries have been trying to increase its military power, especially naval strength.   Many countries have paid great attention to the construction of the submarine force, and it has the potential of race each other.      Japan: submarine service life short, new model After the surrender of Japan's defeat in World War II, the military capacity was almost completely destroyed, due to the "Peace Constitution" and the international treaty limitations, i

Japanese media said the Chinese or anti-satellite weapons to U.S. involvement the Diaoyu Islands

On China's anti-access / area-denial strategy, as a popular theory, China will "best" -- launch missile saturation attack mass to the United States and Japan base, to occupy the advantage, win quickly. [Japan "foreign scholars" magazine website July 19th article] title: anti-access strategy the United States airsea battle for China: who is the winner?   (author of the magazine editor Harry Kaziyanis) recently, a colleague asked me a very simple question: if the United States of America the airsea battle (ASB) really and China's anti-access / area-denial strategy (A2/AD) duke it out, who will win? The answer is very simple: who never win. However, please allow me to my back a few words.   These two concepts are a key point to be blurred out, that is, the possibility of conflict and conflict situations in which may upgrade to what extent.   If the air - war and anti-access strategies should really hard, the key problem lies in the details.   Although experts a

The good news! The United Nations suddenly a large territory of China

China won the 3000 square kilometers of the International Seabed Area In July 19, 2013, in Jamaica the capital city of Kingston at the International Seabed Authority nineteenth session Council approval, put forward China Ocean association international submarine cobalt-rich crust resources exploration and mining claims.   China Ocean International Seabed Mining Association of success The exclusive rights of exploration And Priority of mining right , The mining area in the West Pacific Ocean, an area of 3000 square kilometers Following the 2001 Association, is the ocean polymetallic nodule exploration area in 2011, in the eastern Pacific Ocean Polymetallic Sulfide prospecting area in southwest India ocean, third exclusive exploration and mining in the international seabed area. According to foreign ministry web site reported, in the Chinese government guarantees, China Ocean Association in 2012 July to the International Seabed Authority proposed cobalt crust mining claims. The meeting a

The PLA fighter -20 continuous flight of difficult moves show mobility

The following picture is the latest in the network exposure of the 2002 f -20 stealth fighter flight photos.   Map f -20 fighter planes in the air continuously made more difficult maneuvers, show its excellent air mobility.   But this group photo shoot time is not clear.   The original picture: J -20 difficult flight show flexibility. The original picture: J -20 difficult flight show flexibility.

The Chinese military exposure of the East Sea Fleet battleship

PLA pictorial: at the beginning of 6, the East Sea Fleet organized a field full system of all elements of the whole process of military training exercises in the east of Zhejiang pull out quietly.   Since the formation of the East China Sea fleet, equipment department, give full play to the advantage of the new system, close to the mission to actively explore the new way of equipment support, accurate, fast, efficient equipment support, provide strong support for the forces to fulfill the mission of the task.   Figure is a new type of missile boats and repair. At the beginning of the year, found the East Sea Fleet equipment department leadership to a submarine force research, individual, because there is no in-depth understanding of equipment of equipment performance, "whether I can do" there are concerns with a sense of security, lack of confidence, leading to install.   Equipment department leader was a serious problem, they think, not only to grasp equipment hardware maint