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WPWebHost Affiliate iPad2 Giveaway

WPWebHost Affiliate iPad2 Giveaway    阅读原文» Guys, still remember we just gave away an iPad2 in the giveaway in the early of this month? It might sound unbelievable to you, but here's another exciting giveaway for you to walk away with a cool iPad2 again! How to Win? Join WP Hero Affiliate Programme Display a WPWebHost affiliate banner in your website/blog. Follow @WPWebHost in Twitter. Make a tweet in your Twitter account with #WPWebHost hashtag and link to this post. Sample tweet: Join #WPWebHost Affiliate Programme now to win iPad2! Submit your affiliate username, website/blog URL and tweet URL as comment like below. My affiliate username: xxxx My website/blog: My tweet:!/wpwebhost/status/73645733881987072 Check the first comment for the sample participation. Gather as many second tiers as possible to join under your affiliate account. The one who fulfills all requirements above and has most second tiers

WordPress 3.1.3 (and WordPress 3.2 Beta 2)

WordPress 3.1.3 (and WordPress 3.2 Beta 2)    阅读原文» WordPress 3.1.3 is available now and is a security update for all previous versions. It contains the following security fixes and enhancements: Various security hardening by Alexander Concha . Taxonomy query hardening by John Lamansky . Prevent sniffing out user names of non-authors by using canonical redirects. Props VerónicaValeros . Media security fixes by Richard Lundeen of Microsoft , Jesse Ou of Microsoft , and MicrosoftVulnerability Research . Improves file upload security on hosts with dangerous security settings. Cleans up old WordPress import files if the import does not finish. Introduce “clickjacking” protection in modern browsers on admin and login pages. Consult the change log for more details. Download WordPress 3.1.3 or update automatically from the Dashboard → Updates menu in your site's admin area. WordPress 3.2 Beta 2 also available In other news, our development of WordPress 3.2 development cont

AllThingsD redesign

AllThingsD redesign    阅读原文» AllThingsD, a longtime VIP ever since they launched in 2007, has unveiled a redesign to their popular site. [Visit AllThingsD and read more about the redesign ] Ready to become a VIP Services Client ? Some of the world's biggest brands rely on VIP Services. 阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

Zero downtime WordPress migration guide

Zero downtime WordPress migration guide    阅读原文» We at WPWebHost believe every seconds and minutes counts. So we pledged ourself on making sure all the migration of WordPress blogs are completed without downtime. I have compiled a short tutorial to help other WordPress users that are considering migrating their blogs from other hosting provider, custom domain , custom domain Blogspot , custom domain Posterous and custom domain Tumblr . First of all, you will need to get the IP address of your new hostname from your new hosting provider. Let say the new IP address is xx.xx.xx.xx and your domain name is Then you will need to export your blog from your existing provider. For self-hosted WordPress migration , you will need for perform a backup by following below steps. 1. Login via your FTP account to download all of your webfiles 2. Use PHPMyAdmin to backup your MySQL database as .sql file. Alternatively, you can run a cPanel full backup of your hosti