Sep 24, 2009

Which Famous Actor Gives His Famous Fiancee License to Cheat? [Blind Items]

Like snowflakes of dysfunction, every relationship is different. In Hollywood they can include the wife sleeping with other men under her husband's nose. Must be great to be famous! It also helps that people hide your drinking binges. Yay celebrity!

1. "This engagement is fairly new, but I definitely smell trouble. This Golden Globe nominated/winner B list movie actress has been entertaining a fairly steady stream of men at her fiance's home. Her fiance is a B list television actor on a very hit show. He must know this is going on as our actress doesn't hide what she has been doing and with whom but our actor doesn't seem to care."[<a href="" [CDaN]

2. "This entertainer was a presenter at the Emmy Awards. Nice person, very talented, slightly drunk. They didn't weave on stage or slur their words, but they did down three alcoholic drinks just before going on stage. Their co-presenter saw this go down and responded "Oh, s*" when told by a stage hand that they should be prepared to handle all the dialogue solo." [Blind Gossip]

3. "Remember how we told you about the two celebrity couples who were good buddies until a little ‘incident' happened that split the friendship up? We're now finding out there's a little more to the story. Apparently the incident wasn't so one sided. The female involved and her male buddy were once caught in a heavy make-out session by the spouse of another. This was prior to the story that happened in the item mentioned here! Not Victoria Beckham and Becks." [BuzzFoto]

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