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Behold! The Invisible Car [Open Caption]

A 22 year old art student in the UK painted a crappy Skoda to blend in with her studio in Lancashire. The Telegraph Published by Original source :

The Week A Scary Thing Happened [Week In Review]

Happy May Day! Have you marched in solidarity with any workers today? No? Well, it was raining. We forgive you. So. The government sent a plane to New York to spray us all with killer Swine Flu vaccines , and now we are all autistic. This happened because some people forgot about 9/11, which why we embraced the coloring book of terror. Then a Secret Service agent caught the Swine Flu , but the president remains curiously resistant! This was all explored in an episode of 24. Portfolio died but before it did there was a brief, tense moment when we thought it'd be Adam instead! We asked where the Hipster Grifter was , but she was just still out in Brooklyn, grifting away. Grift on, sister. Tina Brown, though, should stop grifting. We are getting tired of it. This week in MEDIA: Brian Ross is an old-school hard-nosed reporter who gets everything wrong all the time because he believes everything he hears! Glenn Beck is still nuts! Oh, Barack Obama had a press confere

30 Rock Was Always a Hit [Pic Of The Day]

[ 30 Rockefeller Center in December 1933. A photograph by Samuel H. Gottscho. Via Shorpy ] Published by Original source :

More nesting

We haven't quite finished the bathroom makeover, still waiting on some hardware to be delivered and whatnot, but in the meantime we're moving on to the nursery. Last week I finally decided on the colors, and today I've got someone installing wallpaper. Some of the major accents in the room are black and pink, so I've been thinking about printing out some of our photography with notes of those colors to hang up on the walls. And then I remembered that the plum trees are blooming. Now I can point to this print and say that these exact trees were trumpeting her arrival. by dooce in Daily Photo © Armstrong Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Originally published by Heather B. Armstrong for as More nesting . This post cannot be republished without express written permission. Published by Original source :

Gwen Stefani Poses with the Ghost of No Doubt [Open Caption]

[ Gwen Stefani and that old band she used to play with on the Today Show; image via Splash ] Published by Original source :

Down to Our Last Nickel [Recessionomics]

The Way We Live Now: Miserly. Every penny's important. Any scam's a good scam. Jump the turnstiles! Carry a plastic bag wherever you go, collecting scraps! We're on our own now. So mayor Bloomberg, a billionaire, wants to make us pay a nickel for each plastic bag we get from the stores. That totally defeats the money-saving benefits of using them instead of trash bags. The environment, my butt. Those bags are the only thing keeping rain off of the average New Yorker's head. And they're the spring's hottest fashion accessory! What is this, a war on the average New Yorker? Now the fat cats in the "legal" system have taken the time to make sure everybody knows that bending metro cards to scam free rides is a crime. A felony! One guy got two years in prison for it. Good god that is an outrage. The Giuliani days are returning even without Giuliani. No plastic bags. No free rides. Harsh punishments. Watch out, minorities stopped by police! Elsew

Professor Twinklebottom Leaves His Lecture [Open Caption]

[ Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel (not pictured) leave a Cartier 100th anniversary party thing in New York; image via INF ] Published by Original source :