Apr 4, 2009

Ascari A10

Ascari A10 specs
Top Speed: 220 mph / 354 km/h
0-60 mph: 2.8 seconds
Engine: 5 liter, V8 BMW M5 4941 cc 625HP
The Ascari A10 sports car, developed by British manufacturers and similar to the Spanish GT version, is rated in the top ten supercars for 2006. Its lightweight carbon fiber body of less than 3,000 pounds is designed more for the racetrack than the road. There were only a few models of this fast car built, somewhere between 10 and 50, and although expensive, it promises incredible speed and power.

The power of the Ascari A10 comes from the modified BMW 5.0 liter V-8 engine, with the standard six-speed sequential transaxle, where the gearshifts operate as paddles, similar to other race cars. Additions and modifications to the engine, however, include cams with advanced timing, new rods, and pistons, as well as a dry sump lubrication system. It has the same steel sub-frame for the power train and rear suspension as the KZ1 sports car, but the height of the coil spring units can be adjusted hydraulically on front and rear. This is a unique feature, not found on most other supercars, where adjustments can only be made manually. Handling should be easier than before, with front and rear anti-roll bars installed, which are also adjustable. The builders of the A10, not to be outdone by their competitors and to ensure adequate braking at such high speeds, have installed ventilated ceramic disc brakes, with 6-pot calipers on the front and 4-pot calipers on the rear.

The exterior design of this luxury race car is more dramatic than its predecessor the KZ1, with wider headlamps, a different grille, and higher wheel arches to accommodate larger rear tires. In addition, it features a splitter in the front, fixed rear wing, and five detachable body panels for added race trace utility. Even with standard features such as a battery isolator, rollover cage, electric windows, and air conditioning, it still weighs 55 pounds less than the KZ1.

Klaas Zwart, the owner of Ascari, may well have designed the fastest exotic car in the UK, outperforming the Ferrari Enzo as is claimed. The A10 is certainly a rare and distinctive car, one that is much

2005 Ferrari FXX

Ferrari FXX specs
0-60 mph: 2.8 seconds
Engine: 6.2 liter V12 800 bhp @ 8500 rpm
The Ferrari FXX supercar is manufactured in Italy, along with all other Ferrari's, and was under production by the end of 2005. This sports car is a great display of new car technology, which includes innovations from Ferrari, along with other companies that have continuously contracted parts in association with the Ferrari brand. The Enzo is the supercar that the FXX is based on, but there are specific functions found on the FXX, that are not found on the Enzo, which makes the FXX a complete car of it's own accord. The engine, and other standard operating systems for the car, are modeled after the Enzo as well, but have been modified to accommodate differing fuel standards, and other technological restrictions.

The FXX boasts a very low gear shifting time (under 100 ms), which is essential for a sports car of this high magnitude. The brake pads have also been tweaked in order to create a safer atmosphere for the driver, while still making the car just as superficially viable as its predecessor. The tires are another feature that are highly touted as an individual characteristic of the car, and are custom made only for the Ferrari FXX, not for any other vehicle. Like the Enzo, the features of the Ferrari FXX's interior are custom made for the user, which means that every driver is measured specifically measured for the car upon purchase.

The Ferrari FXX is definitely a supercar that cannot be mass-produced, mainly due to production costs, but also due to the fact that only a select few are willing to purchase such an exotic car due to the extensively high $ 1,773,000 / 1,500,000 euro price. Thus only 29 units of this sports car were built. The Ferrari FXX computer technology held inside the car also makes for a great driving experience, and tells the driver how their technique can be improved to assist their ability to function along with the ca

Ferrari-Spotting: Matte Black and White 599 GTB in Singapore

Ferrari for a million dollars

Rumours that the creators of some of the most rapid and expensive cars in the world are developing a new model Ferrari, already quite long exited the Italian town of Maranello and now travel around the world, time and again competitors and willing to pay for the next few exclusive red hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to available data, constructors Ferrari now working on creating the most easy and quick car model ever to pass the test track Forano Modeneze.

According to experts vehicle manufacturers, fuel economy up to 40% without compromising the well-known throughout the world power Ferrari can only be achieved by reducing the weight of cars. Joke whether, but 600 - a strong new Italian sports weighing up to 1000 kg will be able to appear on the market after 2 years. Base models will serve for aluminum structure, similar to that used in auto F430 Scuderia.

Interestingly, the novelty will be 264 kg lighter at the Enzo and only 86 kg heavier Lotus Elise. In one can be sure even now - the easiest Ferrari buyer would cost at least a million dollars.

Forex Tester - Professional Forex Training Software for Traders.

Forex Tester is a professional software simulator of the Foreign Exchange Market. It allows you to gain and improve trading skills without risking your money. You do not need to train in real time, waiting for days and weeks to test your trading ideas and strategies, Forex Tester will pack this time in hours and minutes.
This is an excellent forex training tool that will help you to:
Study trading on the FOREX market in a fast and convenient way.
Develop and test your own trading strategies without being a programmer.
Test your trading strategies on years of historical data.
Save your money and time.
The program has extended drawing tools that allow you to test trading strategies based on technical analysis. It provides some of the most popular technical studies such as: Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Arcs, Andrews' Pitchfork and others.
Also, we added some of the most popular indicators and oscillators to Forex Tester and continue to increase their number.
For the advanced users and programmers we designed open interfaces with detalied documentation to help you create your own indicators and strategies. Thus, if you have your own ideas, you can implement them using Forex Tester API and significantly expand the program functionality.

Understanding Forex Trading

The stock markets are complicated, but you can educate yourself. If you are interested in getting involved with the stock markets then one of the first things that you will want to learn about is Forex trading. The forex market is basically the foreign stock exchange. This is where parties purchase stocks in one currency by exchanging payment in a separate currency. Forex trading is done on one of the biggest financial markets in existence. Forex trading is done between corporations, large banks, and even different governments. Forex trading is particularly challenging because it trades in such large volumes, and it is trading things from a wide geographical area. One of the greatest things about forex trading is that you can trade 24 hours a day during the business week.
Trading on any stock exchange can be a risk, and forex trading is just as risky. Though there are not typically as many losses as some of the ones found on the smaller markets they do still exist within forex trading. Additionally, given the larger volumes that are currently traded within forex trading there is the potential for investors and traders to pull down larger margins of profits from their trades

How Good are Forex Robots?

Are you confused by the number of forex robots advertised on the internet, all claiming to offer the best returns?
Have you have been looking for a single site to give you a one stop review of the top forex robots?
Can Robots Really Enhance Your Trading?
The most important feature of an automatic forex robot or expert advisor is that it removes human emotions from trading to make a rational trade decisions for you built around the trading rules encoded in the software.
85% of traders lose money, because they are overcome by their emotions. The two emotions that have over the year been at the root forex traders are greed and fear..
Greed often means traders make trades that are too big or too risky in their goal to make bigger gains. Greed also often results in traders trying to squeeze last pip out of a currency move rather than being satisfied with an acceptable profit.
Fear often results in traders not making a trade when they should based on a good signal, or to close a trade too early before the trade has had a chance to mature into a profit.
People in the know advise that there are a few key guidelines in learning to beating your emotions.
- develop a trading plan and ensure you stick it. - make sure that you use sound money management to keep your risks in check and trade within limits you have set yourself..
Of course it's easier said that done and the big problem is that we are human beings , and do find it difficult to be disciplined and stick to the rules. We naturally have a tendency to get too greedy or we become fearful and makes rash decisions and forget our strategies when the market does something that we did not expect.
I can speak from personal experience. I tried to beat the market trading with my own manual trading systems following charts and signals. I was a failure at this so turned by attention to forex robots as my main trading tool. Without question I have discovered that forex expert advisors are the only way for me to counter my emotions and stick to a plan.
Forex Robots of course don't know anything about greed or fear. They simply do as they are told in terms of the code that expert traders have programmed into them. They will only execute a trade once all the conditions and signal have been met.
There many hundred of forex robots in the retail forex market. Most of these run on the on the MT4 trading platform. If you are new to this why not try one of the free expert advisor on a demo account. This is great way to learn how expert advisors work, but do be cautious before you trade live with free automated trading software. They are generally untested in real time and there is no technical support if you need further information. I therefore suggest it is better to sign up for a proven forex robot, but do your research before buying. If you would like to know where to get hold of some free forex robots drop me a line.
Choosing a forex robot is like selecting the right club in a game of golf. The market can be pretty wild and volatile at times and different tools are required depending on market conditions. Other time it can be placid and much less volatile needed a different approach. Most forex robots are optimized for one a particular market condition.
A trend expert advisor is good for big trending markets like we have seen recently
A scalper on the other hand is geared to make a number of smaller trades seeking to make a few pips at a time. This needs a steady less volatile market and is usually better during the quieter Asian trading session.
Some robots are geared to exploit deviations or gaps between tightly correlated currency pairs e.g. EUR/CHF.This is call called arbitration, gap or correlation trading.
Others are based on laying out a grid of tiny trades within a range in order to capture gains as the currency moves within the grid.
Likewise robots will often be optimized for a single currency pair whereas other can trade multiple pairs.
You must do your own research (see chart below as an example) to establish the kind of market conditions and currencies you wish to specialise in. You should then try and find the expert advisor to manage your trading strategy. You should be able to let you robot/s run our autopilot. If choose wisely it should generate a good profit for you over time.
There are other things to consider in selecting your idea expert advisor:-
it must have a proved track record of delivering consistently profitable results over time.
should show 60% or higher number profitable trades vs losing trades and will need to include an adjustable stop losses option as well as adjustable profit targets for trade exit..
be optimized for a small number of currency pairs instead of trying to cater to all major currencies. Each currency tends to have it's own behavior patterns so on size fits all tends not to work.
be capable of adapting to market changes. The best automated forex systems will be updated for free for life by their publishers to keep them as aligned to changing market conditions.
Once set up with the right parameters Forex Robots really should be Fully automated to place trades on their own and continue without any of your own tweaking or involvement.
forex robots should have money management built into their code help you make sure that you never over leverage your account. This will allow you to maintain a profitable overall result even if you lose are large number of trades.
Automated forex robots will do nothing more than follow the strict rules programmed in the expert advisor, and will only place trades when a buy/sell signal is triggered according to the robots rules

Introduction to Forex

market FXThe Forex market, a term created by the contraction of Foreign Exchange, said often FX, is the largest, liquid and transparent financial market in the world. The average turnover exceeds 2 thousand billion dollars daily, while all U.S. stock markets does not reach the 3% of the total traded in the Forex. Unlike other financial markets by most of which can benefit only when they are rising in a Forex trader can open simultaneously a long position (purchase) on a currency and short (selling) on another, which means that unlike other financial markets, the Forex offers opportunities to gain much more numerous.
Basic ConceptsThe operation of Foreign Exchange is the simultaneous exchange of one currency into another. Since currencies are traded in pairs to win on a given exchange rate should buy the currency expected to rise and sell the other. For example, if you believe the euro (EUR) increase against the dollar (USD) will buy EUR / USD, in other words buy euros and sell dollars. Conversely, if you believe the euro against the dollar arretrerà then sell EUR / USD ie sell euros and buy dollars. It ‘clear that there is no need to wait for the market is rising to earn, any time a currency grows over another. The Forex then produces continuous investment opportunities.
Those who work in Forex?We can define two categories of traders: hedgers and speculators. Among the first we have some government agencies, companies import / export and investors usually exposed to a “foreign exchange risk.” A negative trend between their currency compared to foreign currency counterparty in business (in the exchange of goods and services) can damage considerably. These represent the core of Fx trading although constitute only 5% of the market today.Then we have the speculators, a group formed by banks, funds, FOREX or private companies that create an artificial currency exposure to benefit from changes or movements in price.
Pairs currenciesEach currency is shown as a symbol of 3 letters. The currencies are traded in pairs and displayed as such. The first currency shown is the one “base” or “guide” or “primary currency”, the second refers to the “secondary currency.” The “pair of currencies” is followed by a number, usually composed of five digits. The number represents the ratio of one currency against another, and can be read as “the amount of the second currency necessary to have a main unit of currency.”
Bid / Ask or Buy / SellThe currency pair is always followed by two numbers, the first has a value lower than the second. The first figure is known as “Bid” or “Sell” (selling price) while the second is known as “Ask”, “Offer” or “Buy” (purchase price). The number smallest Bid (Sell) represents the price at which you can sell the currency to buy the main and secondary currency. The second price, Ask (BUY) is the price they buy the main currency and sell the currency secondary.

GAIN Capital Group

Forex Execution & Clearing Services Registered FCM. IBs and White Labelwww.GainCapital.com
Are you thinking of investing in foreign currencies? Your financial consultant can tell you why forex currency trading is better over any other markets. Forex trading has some features unique to itself, like the forex day trading market. Another good feature of forex market is it has large number of traders and is also very flexible in terms of working hours. Forex market operates 24 hours a day!

Going by the name, we understand that it involves exchange of money only during daytime. Hence one buy will always be equal to one sell of foreign exchange currency. The main objective is to not let any variation at the end of the day. In case of any discrepancies, the amounts of buys are tallied with the amount of sales. In normal trading, the closing price of last day may not tally with the opening price of the present day. Forex day trading ensures that there are no such fluctuations.
We will share all the little bits of information and also the tips to day trade in the forex market. Here you go:
Decentralization of activities – Since the forex day trading market is decentralized, any one can trade from any part of the world. Take this opportunity to trade on the market, even if you are not located in the place there.
24 hours operative – The market works 24 hours a day and round the year. Hence if some currency is at low in one part of the world due to closing hours, it may be stronger in another part of the world. Hence one may trade hoping for a consistent performance throughout the schedules.
Be an early bird – Always go for early trading. Currency prices are always on the early morning base. If you invest in the morning trades, you might see fair chances of the values appreciating in the later part of the day.
Get knowledgeable – To know the trading, you should learn it! Gain knowledge on the know-how of the market. Be an avid reader of financial articles and magazines. You can also take up some courses or examinations to arm you stronger.
Be a good observer – Always keep a constant watch on the trading sessions. You can do so for every one-hour or two hours. This will get you a clear picture on the ups and downs happening in the market.
Study price movements – Check for the market trends. Always follow the market trend when you a new entrant. Go along with the market flow.
Get your own technique – Once you start following the market trends, you need to set your own analysis into them. Develop your own techniques to understand the trades. You will come up with the best approach for yourself.
Picking up this trade is not an overnight job. When you achieve brilliant results on your trades, don’t go overboard. Be consistent with the same strategies till you establish your roots into the market.

How To Ensure Forex Earnings68

Safety,Skill, Strategy and CMAA
Many of you are searching for a key ingredient to insure your forex trading results.
Active traders spend the time to learn how specific indicators can insure their forex earnings and increase there level of safety.
Explore the CMAA video at www.eztradepro.com to understand the brilliance of an anomaly hunting program that virtually insures your successes in the Foreign Exchange Market and any other market for that matter. Carefull evaluation of each currency pair or stock inevitably increases your earning potential. The work it takes to make wiser choices is completely eliminated and accomplished in far less time.
Specific correlation with multiple indicators and time frame overlays coupled with CMAA can guide you towards the perfect trade.
What is the Perfect Trade?
First and foremost the perfect trade within the forex market considers absolute safety.
Money management implements 10 or 20 day rollover time frames. Take the money you have to trade and divide the number of days in your rollover plan.
If you have $20,000.00 to trade you may want to consider 20 days of rollover for extreme safety.
Take $20,000.00 and divide by 20 days.
The above calculation provides you with the number of dollars you are willing to risk in trade on any given day. Then take the $1,000.00 you have calculated in this example and use a split ratio of 4 assuming you are trading with mini lots and controlling $25,000.00 in currency. This makes your margin requirement $250.00 for every contract. You now have flexibility and safety built into your money management strategy.
There are many examples of money management strategies included in the forex homework library located in the site listed below..
Build your safety net around the dollars you have to trade.
A good rule of thumb is that the more dollars you have with which to begin trading the more rollover time you want built into your money management plan.
Develope your abilty to read the indicators associated with a perfect trade.
www.gftforex.com has provided excellent graphics in their software package for traders in the forex market.
To learn more about the indicators that clearly define the perfect moment in the perfect trade go to www.activetradernews.com
There are many examples of the perfect trade provided in the above site that will help you be able to clearly visualize your trade and define the best buy into your trade.
Specific projected targets will insure your success in the forex market. Know what direction the trade is likely to turn to more accurately choose your entry point.
Understand that within every forex trade there is a perfect moment defined by a better buy into your trade. Bollinger bands, 15 minute bar segments, the CCI index, and the Relative Strength Index are but a few of the combined indicators that willl help you to attain mastery over the perfect trade.
Refer to the forex homework library and register to gain access via password protected pages to forex perfromance reports that will change your trading habits and dramatically increase your earnings forever....

Forex Market vs. Stock Market Useful Information

The FX market is likewise better-known as the foreign exchange market. Dealing that takes place between two nations even if they have unique currencies thanks to the foundation of the FX market as well as the backdrop for the the dealing in this marketplace The forex marketplace is over 30 years old, founded in the early 1970’s that is not established on trading stock of any single business but the trading and selling of currencies.
The main difference between the fx market and the stock market is the incredible amount of trading that takes place an amazing two trillion dollars or more can be traded each day A much higher amount than the money traded on any given country’s stock market. The forex market is one that involves multiple financial institutions within a country and those that are comparable to another countries institutions
What is sold, bought and traded on the fx market are easily liquidated which means they can be turned into cash fast often times it is cash already From one countries currency to another the cash that is available in the fx market is something that can be arranged for any investor regardless of what country they are in.
The most prevalent difference between the fx market and the stock market the first is worldwide. While the stock market is more country specific and involves the products and businesses of that country the foreign exchange market goes beyond that and involves any and all countries.
There are set business hours for the stock market this is going to follow the business day, so they will be closed on banking holidays and weekends. Whereas the FX market is open 24 hours a day due to the variety of countries that take part in trading buying and selling across different time zones. Markets open in one country other countries are closing their markets which makes this an ongoing process of how the foreign market training happens
Every country’s stock market is going to be based on only that countries currency, say for example the Japanese yen, and the Japanese stock market, or the Spanish peso and the Spanish stock market. However, in the forex market, you are involved with many types of countries, and multiple currencies. You will find currencies from all over and this is a big difference between the stock market and the foreign exchange market

Looking For Forex Markets Worldwide

Forex is also considered by the name foreign market exchange or FX. Those involved in the foreign exchange markets are usually the biggest, most wealthy business enterprises and banks from around the world. They trade in currencies from assorted nations to demonstrate a counterbalance for those who gain and others are going to lose money. The fundamental principles of forex are similar to that of most countries, only much bigger and complicated. It includes a variety of people, money and switches back and forth across the world between every last country.
Different currency rates happen and change every day so the amount of the dollar today could be higher or lower the next. Forex trading can be hard to keep track of so you must dedicate yourself to keep an eye out on your funds, especially if you have invested a great amount of them, you could lose large amounts of money. Primarily, trading in the forex exchange occurs in Tokyo in New Your and in London as well as several other spots around the globe.
The types of currency that are commonly traded are the Swiss franc, the Australian dollar, the British pound, the Eurozone dollar, the US dollar and the Japanese yen. You can cross-trade currencies and you can trade from that currency to another currency to build up additional money and interest daily.
The regions included where forex trading is taking place will open dependent on time zone then shut down as other markets start to open shop. The same variations can be seen in the global markets as transactions are starting in one time zone while making other transactions during various times. What happens in forex trading in a certain country might create various results in another forex exchange as nations run on alternate time zones. Rates of exchange will be different from a forex exchange to another, and individual traders and financial brokers will want to be informed of what the rates are on a given day before making any trades.
The stock exchange is primarily measured on the value of products as well as other components that will change the price of stocks. Whenever someone discovers a potentially company altering event before the public is aware, it is considered inside trading, utilizing secret information to buy stocks and make money - which by the way is illegal. There is not so much if any at all inside information in the markets of forex. Financial trading is a basic part of the forex exchange but very little is based on business secrets, but much more dependent on the status of the currency, economy of any given country.
Code are given to each type of currency on the forex market exchange so there cannot be any confusion regarding the country or money one is making transactions with. EUR is the symbol for the euro and the US dollar is known as the USD. The GBP is the British pound and the Japanese yen is known as the JPY. If you want to get involved in the forex market and want to contact a brokerage then you should have no problems finding and online brokerage where you can investigate the type of exchanges and profile ahead of throwing your money down the drain.

'Jiverly Voong,' the Binghamton Killer [Field Guide]

Slowly, news is starting to come out about 'Jiverly Voong,' the gunman who shot and killed more than a dozen people in a Binghamton immigration center yesterday. He was an angry gun-obsessed loner, surprise.

The Daily News tracked down this photo of Voong (some outlets give his real name as Jiverly Wong; other as Jiverly Voong; one of those is an alias, but it's unclear which) at work. The paper has the best story on the shooter so far, and here's what we know:

  • He came to the US from Vietnam when he was "young."
  • His wife and kids left him at some point.
  • He shared a home with his father in Johnson City, NY. The men were supposedly good neighbors, sharing apples and berries from their garden.
  • "Oh of course," #1: Voong hated America. "I asked him if he liked the Yanks," and "he said, 'No, I don't like that team. I don't like America. America sucks.'"
  • "Oh of course," #2: Quiet type. "He was a very nice guy, but he seemed very, very depressed."
  • "Oh of course," #3: Gun nut. "He went to target practice on Saturday. He said he had two guns, one in his glove compartment. He was always talking about his guns."
Hopefully we can skip the crazy racism backlash that often goes along with these things. It would be nice if crazy people couldn't buy guns, though. [NYDN]

Balls [Fauxcialites]

Something that should not exist, continued.

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