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Tweet and Win Themefuse Original WordPress Themes Giveaway by WPWebHost

Tweet and Win Themefuse Original WordPress Themes Giveaway by WPWebHost    阅读原文»   It’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday !!! This is the time where WordPress users are busy looking for some freebies and WPWebHost are proud to present you one of the goodies which is by our esteemed partner ThemeFuse . They are willing to sponsor 3 standard licence themes worth $49 each for 3 different users ( one for each ). This means we are gonna have another 3 lucky winners and you’ll be able to walk away with this original WordPress Themes provided by ThemeFuse . ThemeFuse is one of the top premium WordPress themes provider and this is a giveaway you do not want to miss.   How to win? 1. Follow @WPWebHost Twitter 2. Tweet/Retweet the following message and paste your tweet url in the comment section below . I am walking away with Themefuse original WordPress themes for this Thanksgiving from best WordPress Hosting provider@WPWebHost 3. You may enter this giveaway multiple times by t

WordPress 3.3 Beta 4 Available Now

WordPress 3.3 Beta 4 Available Now    阅读原文» The march toward 3.3 continues! With all our major tickets closed, we are very close to a release candidate. In Beta 4 we’ve fixed a bunch of bugs, cleaned up the UI, added real text in some of the screens that still had placeholder text in Beta 3 (post-update screen, the Dashboard welcome area, new feature pointers), and generally tightened things up. We updated to jQuery 1.7.1 and addressed a LOT of bugs. If you are a plugin or theme developer (or distributor), please test against Beta 4 to ensure there are no issues. If you find any problems, please report them as usual. Many thanks! Thought 3 was the last? Ha ha! Beta 4 is here – Better get testing! Download WordPress 3.3 Beta 4 阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

Theme Junkie Premium WordPress Themes Giveaway : Winner Announced

Theme Junkie Premium WordPress Themes Giveaway : Winner Announced    阅读原文»   Our latest Tweet and Win Giveaway which we collaborated with Theme Junkie that was held on 9th November has ended. It’s time to announce the lucky winners for this game. We, WPWebHost team would like to congratulate the lucky 3 winners and they are: @phuongtruc0705 (Freshlife Theme) winner @webuniwu (Daily Theme) winner @dementia (Newspaper Theme) winner Congratulations to this 3 lucky winners again and you will receive our email shortly for further details. To those who did not manage to win this giveaway, stay tuned as there will be next giveaway in a few days time and also there will be more surprises from WPWebHost. Thanks to all who participated this contest.       Follow us on Twitter or Like our Facebook page for more surprises and also exclusive giveaways.       阅读更多内容 该邮件由 QQ邮件列表 推送。 如果您不想继续收到该邮件,可点此 退订 。

Wherefore Art Thou, Widgets?

Wherefore Art Thou, Widgets?    阅读原文» We need your opinion! One of the features we’re adding to WordPress 3.3 (currently in beta 3) is intended to reduce widget pain. Say you’re using Theme A and you have a handful of widgets set up. You switch to Theme B, and it has different widget areas, so you add/remove/edit your widgets. Then you realize that you hate Theme B. “This theme doesn’t represent my innermost soul!” you cry to the heavens. You switch back to Theme A, but because it had different widget areas, now your widgets are messed up. Argh, right? Not for long! Imagine being able to change themes and modify widgets as needed, and if you decided to go back to your old theme, it would return your widgets to how they were the last time you had that theme activated. Sounds good, yeah? The problem we’re facing is deciding how long to save the old widget configuration, since there are so many potential workflows. If you changed From Theme A to Theme B and added more widgets over the ne