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Pictures Probably Not TK [Health Care]

Summit update: Someone's phone went off, and Senator Dodd is doodling. Published by Original source :

Citibank Picks Fight with Gay Lifestyle Website, Pretends It Didn't [Evil Corporations In Action]

Jason Goldberg didn't have trouble with his bankers back when he was the " Terrible Tyrant " of boring old Jobster. But now that Goldberg's flamboyantly broken free from his buttoned-down, heteronormative look , Citibank's giving his gay lifestyle business a hard time. We think Goldberg's celebratory gay-networking website Fabulis looks much more fun than Jobster ever could have been. But Citibank wasn't such a fan: the despised bank blocked Fabulis's account because, reps repeatedly told Fabulis, of its " objectional content ." Which presumably meant general gayness since, as others have noted, Fabulis has " zero porn , nothing even mildly suggestive or risque." Now Citi claims the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and that the company never cared about anyone's content. Uh, sure. Fabulous doing business with you. (Pic of Goldberg via Fabulis ) Published by Original source :

London Mourns Alexander McQueen Fabulously [Sad Things]

[ Kate Moss (pictured), Naomi Campbell , Daphne Guinness , and Stella McCartney joined McQueen's family for his funeral earlier today at St. Paul's church in London. All were in black, many were in McQueen. A fitting tribute, indeed. Image via Flynet ] Published by Original source :

New Jersey's GOP Governor Puts Sexxxpert in Charge of Little Boys and Girls [Sextoys]

Gov. Chris Christie , whose red-candidate-in-a-blue-state election as governor of New Jersey was a victory for Teabagging culture warriors everywhere, named sex doctor to head the state's Department of Children and Family Services. And her sex toys are illegal in Mexico. Earlier this month, Christie nominated Janet Rosenzweig to head up New Jersey's DCFS . Rosenzweig has an extensive and distinguished career in human and mental health services. She's also the acting executive director of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality . Oh, stop giggling! The SSSS is a legitimate scholarly organization that seeks a more deep and rigorous understanding of our sexual lives. Just because the group tried, and failed, to smuggle a dazzling array of sex toys into Mexico to hand out at its 2009 board meeting in Puerto Vallarta is no reason to snicker. This page from the group's January 2010 newsletter gets some laughs out of the fact that its party favors were "to

Live Health Care Summit Action! [The Theatre]

The White House has its official Health Care Summit Twitter hash tag. The video is streaming. Soon, America will have a compromise health care bill that consists of tort reform and a capital gains tax cut. Republicans demanded the public, on-camera summit, and then they dismissed it as political theater. (It was a refreshingly honest self-assessment of their strategy, actually.) Republicans also demanded that Barack Obama post his compromise bill online before the summit, and then they blasted him for posting a bill online before the summit. This whole thing is a waste of time. It's only purpose: embarrass Republicans and give political cover to House Democrats to vote for this thing that they're terrified of voting for, even though they already did. Unfortunately it may actually legitimize their obstruction, and present the false idea that they have a health care plan. (They used to have a health care plan, actually. It is now the Senate Health Insurance Reform bill.)

Charlie Sheen's Wife Allegedly a Crackhead [Sad]

The whole Charlie Sheen - Brooke Mueller saga just keeps getting sadder. Now Radar is reporting that Mueller is addicted to crack and has been in rehab more than five times. Question: Who is watching their 11-month-old twin sons these days? [ Radar ] Published by Original source :