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Happily Ever After [Weddings]

On Tuesday, the New York Times ' hosted a party for same-sex couples whose weddings have been featured in the Times ' Weddings pages. has a wonderful, picturesque gallery of the attendees (including former NJ Governor Jim McGreevy). [ Published by Original source :

All Y'All Other Beaches Better Know [Pic Of The Day]

[ A fan of Barack Obama leaves a message near the shore in Colleville-sur-Mer while the 65th anniversary of D-Day is being commemorated; via Mandal Ngan/AFP/ Getty Images ] Published by Original source :

Is Chelsea Clinton Getting Hitched On Martha's Vineyard This Summer? [Ultimate Altarcations]

Chelsea Clinton may be getting married this summer to beau Marc Mezvinsky on Martha's Vineyard . Involved in this small tidbit of information: Ted Danson , Touré, the Obama's summer vacay plans, and a "democratic powerbroker." Rumors about Chelsea's wedding to her longtime mans ("boyfriend") Mezvinsky are swirling again, now; it was last reported by the Boston Globe in May that the pair were to tie the knot this summer on Martha's Vineyard at Ted Danson's crib. A Clinton spokesman issued a denial, saying that "She's not getting married on the Vineyard or anywhere else this summer. It's absolutely not true." Yesterday came a report from former MTV VJ Touré, of all people, via New York Magazine, of all places (to find Touré, demonstrating his deep knowledge of both weddings and sources who are "well-connected residents of Martha's Vineyard"!) that the two are getting married in a different location on the Vin

The Least Salacious Hookers With Rock N' Roll Story You'll Read This Week, But A Sweet One No Less [Nuptials]

File under "Probably Not In This Week's Altarcations ": the founder of "Hookers For Jesus" and some guy in a Christian rock band got married in Vegas. The name of the band? "Stryper." +4 [ CNN ] Published by Original source :

Video: On Slow News Days, Ridiculous Blowhard Bill O'Reilly Targets Parents Of Cute Kids [He Hates Your Kids]

Not that it's news, but jesus, O'Reilly, you're a dick. It's Friday night, everyone's about to enjoy their weekend, and what do you do? You bring on the parent of some cute YouTube sensation kid, and skewer him. As any good editor will tell you, a "slow news day" is never a good excuse for any kind of slacking it, hacking it, or general tomfoolery. Bill O'Reilly sure knows this rule good and true! So: How better to fuck up everyone's fairly nice Friday evening than by trying to humiliate a parent who had fun with his kid? Background: this kid went to the dentist and got wasted on some nitrous. His dad buckled him in the backseat and interviewed him, and it got 22 million YouTube hits (not a joke). The entire thing is hysterical, except, not to the morally outraged. Bill got a little "queasy" himself towards the end there, as you can see. Little does he know that "David After Dentist" is becoming a full-on fashion tren

Fine For Parking Under The BQE: Death By Ticketing [Nypd]

New York's Finest: ticketed a van for a month before finding a corpse inside . Published by Original source :