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Showing posts from July 19, 2009

This Just In: Hollywood Still Out of New Ideas [Under The Sun]

Word from Comic-Con is that Warner Bros. has made a live-action version of Akira , the granddaddy of all anime, a "priority project." We smell another Watchmen in the making. And remember how well that went . [iFMagazine] Published by Original source :

Behold, The World's Oldest Living Tranny! [Girl Talk]

The nightly news loves stories about trannies. People think they're odd and don't understand them and don't want to talk to them. Just like old people! This story about a 77-year-old transgender woman is going to freak everyone out! Renee Ramsey lives outside Philadelphia and very well may be the oldest person to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Which is pretty newsworthy on it's own, but CBS station KYW has to try to link it to a celebrity trend. Recently Chastity Bono announced she was having surgery to become a man. A transgender center in Montgomery County is busier than ever. That is their lede for the story, showing that Cher's daughter son Chaz has already had a huge influence on what people do to their bodies. Renee is the second "aren't trannies crazy!" subject for the station in just three years. In their dispatch on Ramsey (with video), they reference the last story they did, about a military man (!) who had gender reassignm

Breaking: Hollywood Still Out of New Ideas [Under The Sun]

Word out of Comic-Con is that the movie biz is spending their precious resources on Pirates of the Caribbean 4 , Batman 3 , Wanted 2 (sans Angelina Jolie ), and The Strangers 2 . Suddenly, K-Pax sequel has fingers crossed for greenlight. [Popwrap] Published by Original source :

The Week We Forged Our Birth Certificates So We Can Become President in Forty-Six Years [Week In Review]

This week everyone was racist forever. There is nothing to be said to deny it. Absolutely everyone was racist and awful but some people were more racist than others. OMG people would not shut up about Barack Obama's weird, mysterious birth. Did he come out of the sea borne on a giant shell? Was he found in an old tree stump burl kind of thing like in that Cranberries "Dreams" video? But most importantly who are these crazy people who buy into the crazy conspiracy theories? Oh dear. They are Lou Dobbs. Also they are sad lonely Delawareans . Give them their country back! Lydia Hearst was murdered this week (not really), as was Condé Nast , sort of. How will anyone survive that bloodbath? Alex Pareene finally launched his War on Space , while Cambridge police officers continued their war on black men sitting in their own houses. Speaking of crime! Even pretty white finance ladies are turning to the game to make ends meet. Pretty white politics ladies are poss

Have the Rockettes Kicked Their Last Can-Can? [Mixed Signals]

CityFile seems to think so! They ran a story saying that Jim Dolan, whose Cablevision runs Radio City Music Hall , is considering shutting down the long-running Christmas variety spectacular. But now the Rockettes have said that CityFile's got it wrong. A Madison Square Garden spokesman tells Daily Intel that the show isn't, in fact, suffering perilously low sales this year (economy died, 'member?) and that the Christmas clusterfuck will continue forever and ever: This story is fundamentally false, completely irresponsible, and preposterous on its face. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will go on this year and every year for the foreseeable future. We anticipate 2009 will be a successful season and look forward to creating memories for families for years to come. He also reminded doomsayers that a million people see the damn thing every damn year, so the eerily similarly-heighted dancing automatons will keep on kicking until further notice. CityFile stands

'Controversial Sign' [Bias]

The TV station identifies this as a "Controversial Sign," but controversial to who ? To the liberal media of Azle, Texas. Think, sheeple. [ Guanabee ] Published by Original source :