Sep 22, 2009

The Jane Hotel's Neighbors Take Their "Get Off My Lawn" to the Internet [Nightlife]

Yes, the Jane Hotel's annoyed neighbors will eventually get Manhattan's current hotspot closed down. Until then, they've taken the war to their fancy Twitter page and blog. Know what? Their complaints are pretty funny!

A tipster let us know that the concerned citizens on the block have started both a blog and a Twitter feed, both called "Nightmare on Jane Street." Both are very well designed in an NY Mag style with yellow backgrounds and a roach motif. Not only do they look great, but their bitchiness is pretty amusing as well. Some of our favorite tweets:

"Jane Hotel guards traded in the absurd orange hazmat trench coats for slightly less offensive, but still utterly ridiculous yellow jumpers."

"Wall St 2 filming has begun at Jane Hotel this morning. Perhaps they will be quieter than the hotel's usual crowd."

"Another night at Jane Hotel: 'No one got hurt….except that one girl who had to be carried out by security.'"

"Jane Hotel street patrol debuting their neon orange coats. Perhaps to celebrate Fashion Week b/c it certainly isn't helping with traffic."

"Looks like the Sex and the City mobs from earlier today have started sauntering west to the Jane. oh joy."

The blog is a little long-winded and sincere, but it gives a good account of what goes on every night at the club and just how loud it gets. Also great commentary on the nightly melee outside the front door which, face it, is all that most of us will ever see of the Jane. And, hey, if we're going to have to listen to complaints, they might as well be entertaining ones. @NightmareOnJane, consider yourself followed.

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