Aug 19, 2009

Which Starlet is Going Crazy Because of a Miscarriage? [Blind Items]

Sometimes famous people have problems, and that's why they're crazy. So, who is the actress blaming her behavior on lady troubles? Speaking of troubles, here's a celeb coke-induced nose rebuilding and reality stars behaving badly. Celebrities: they're just like us!

1. "This celeb couple have been on the rocks lately. The female is taking the brunt of the gossip and getting criticized quite a bit for her behavior. Maybe everyone should give her a break. We hear her wacky antics are due to her dealing with a recent miscarriage. Not Vanessa Hudgens." [BuzzFoto via Blind Gossip]

2. "This C- list actress with B list name recognition used to be a B or B+ movie star. She then got into drugs and basically withered away her career. It happens. She had begun making a comeback last year but had to drop out of a movie because she needed surgery. What kind of surgery? Because of her past nose candy use, her entire nose had to be reconstructed and then had to have surgery on both of her cheeks as well. After taking almost an entire year off to recover she is back working and is in a big fall movie." [CDaN]

3. "Even though cameras seem to follow reality stars constantly, there are still many incidents that never make it to your small screen. For example, it wasn't until recently that you learned that this reality couple split up last year, but continued to act like a couple for the cameras for at least eight months after the breakup. With the encouragement of the show's producers, they covered up the truth for the sake of ratings and dollars.

Here's another example: It seems that one star of the same show was involved in a hit and run last year, but managed to completely skirt any legal ramifications. She hit a parked car, causing substantial damage, but continued on her way without stopping. Well, witnesses wrote down the license number - which was not difficult to remember as it was a vanity plate - and the police soon came knocking at her door. According to two different neighbors, the reality star began yelling "I did not stop because I'm a public figure! You can't charge me, I'm a public figure!" Despite this admission of guilt, she was never charged with a crime, nor was it ever mentioned on the reality show. Fast payouts to the municipality and to the car's owner may have had the effect of soothing ruffled feathers and rumpled fenders" [Blind Gossip]

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