Aug 18, 2009

Which Celebrity is Living a Life Built on Lies? [Blind Items]

Who hasn't fibbed about their age, salary, or penis size, but there is one A-list out there who has made up an entire mythology for her past. Up next, a reality show host who steals ideas. Do tell!

1. "You would think that in the Internet age it would be very difficult for a well-known person to fabricate their history. However, that is exactly what this youngish multi-hyphenate has done. She is approximately five years older than she claims to be, and she did not grow up in an upper middle class neighborhood, nor go to private school. She has been known to dabble in some unsavory substances that are in direct contradiction to her public persona. Perhaps as long as she maintains A-list status she has the power to convince people that her alternate identity is the truth." [Blind Gossip]

2. "I guess this guy is a reality show host. The show is not really scripted although it does manage to usually bring out the tears. Anyway, the host likes to make it seem like everything on the show is all his idea when actually it is a team of people and he shows up for five minutes and takes the credit. He is also trying to sell the ideas that the other people have created and pass them off as his own." [CDaN]

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